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Books That Changed My Life!


As founder of, I have been asked what books actually influenced me and changed my life for the better. And so I have decided to write this article. I hope people find this useful.

I am a reasonable success today. I am probably in the top 10% earners and I am also pretty well know in my area of work. Today, I am an entrepreneur and investor while also having time for myself and my family – Time, so precious!

But fate was not this kind, a decade back. You see, right from my teens, I have suffered from debilitating anxiety and self-doubt. My social anxiety was crippling. It affected my education, my relationships and my profession.

My ongoing anxiety and depression meant I couldn’t make much progress in my career. I was into Research and Development for a game development company. I was doing long commutes, putting in long hours, but unable to get the recognition I wanted, almost entirely due to my personality issues. I was unhappy…

But things changed, fast!
The difference between where you are today and where you will be 5 years from now, will be found in the quality of books you've read...

The Manifestation Miracle Program

If there’s one book or program that positively transformed my life the MOST, it is the ‘Manifestation Miracle. It helped me understand the power of positive thinking and how to be fiercely focused on a goal and also to feel like I could achieve that goal.

The book and the audio tracks are great motivators. It helped lift my spirits and freed me from my own web of negativity. I worked towards developing good habits. It taught me how to shed bad habits and how to develop good habits. Life is all about good habits. Developing good habits can be simple, but not easy, if you know what I mean.
  • The first part talks about success and destiny’s role.
  • The second part is about getting in tune with your personal destiny.
  • Part three focuses on using energetic vibrations and affirmations to manifest and attract good things in life.
  • The fourth part talks about the happiness factor!
  • Part five is where the manifestation comes through…
Manifestation Miracle is more than a book. It’s a complete program. There is an audio book that is basically an audio version of the book.

Then there are other audio tracks about succeeding in love, weight-loss, health, vitality, abundance and wealth. Each has a separate audio track, just few minutes long.

Then there are 27 videos that are basically recap of each chapter where Mark Ling and Heather Matthews share their thoughts and delve deeper into the subject.

The videos are pure gold and helps us understand and absorb the chapters better. I would advise watching the corresponding videos after reading each chapter of the book. Things will start falling in place and you will start feeling like you have a real chance.

Nothing else has made such an impact in my life. I started getting up early, I started getting things done, overcame my anxiety and depression and became a winner. I say this with much responsibiloty, so if you are inrterested - here's the best offer of your life
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Vijay Janardhan
My name is Vijay Janardhan. I am the Chief Editor at BookRabbit, a software engineer with a deep love for reading. I have read hundreds of books, most of them non-fiction & self help oriented. I love to write and develop websites.

I have special interest in researching about nutrition and health. I like to keep learning, and in 2017, I also completed Diplomas in Nursing and Human Nutrition. I have experience in documenting cancer research papers and simplifying clinical studies for the masses.

Currently working with 2 Nutrition Scientists on a book that aims to simplify the documented clinical studies on health & nutrition and give actionable quick options to readers who want to improve their health.
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