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  1. Monk reviewed a Book in the category Fitness, Weight Loss & Nutrition Books.

    Cooking Keto With Kristie Recipes Book

    "Mom was right"
    My mother avoided using any kind of oil most of the time for cooking; she rather used fats like bacon fat, butter, clarified butter etc. for most of her cooking. And every time she used to do that, I always thought it was a lousy idea and pestered her to use healthy oils like olive oil. But after reading this book, I guess I was wrong too and mother was right in using those healthy fats. Keto is a very high fat diet and may not be suitable for all. I strongly believe one should consult...
  2. Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition

    "Simply awesome"
    This book is simply awesome. Colin Campbell has done a wonderful job of exposing reductionist approach by monetary motivated scientific community which ultimately is used by other giants in dairy, meat and pharma industries. The footnotes presented to support the arguments also does a good convincing job. If you love your health, have questions regarding your diet and nutrition, or want to know how the scientific community is working to further its interests, then read this book.
  3. consuelo reviewed a Book in the category General Health Books.

    Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection by John Sarno

    "Life changer"
    I have read mixed reactions about this book but since it worked for me, I am definitely going to vouch for it. It is a little dragging but when something works for you and helps you heal, it doesn’t seem a big deal. The book is not just about back pain, although it is the main aspect that is covered in it. It also talks about identifying different kinds of physical manifestations which causes ailments. Once the physical aspect is done, the author Dr Sarno stresses that it is imperative to...
  4. amara reviewed a Book in the category Fitness, Weight Loss & Nutrition Books.

    Zero Belly Diet by David Zinczenko

    "Includes everything relevant"
    I am cent percent convinced about the ideas and the diet plan written in this book and I very soon plan to try them out with my spouse. There are suggestions on every single thing concerning one’s fitness like one’s meals, snacks, workout schedules and much more. I think the diet should work significantly well and show good results if it is followed properly. Although I have not personally tried it out on myself but I have seen many others who worked hard on this diet and they ended up...
  5. marine reviewed a Book in the category Fitness, Weight Loss & Nutrition Books.

    A Funeral for My Fat by Sharee Samuels

    "Loved this book"
    This is my favorite quote from the book – “Rock bottom is not a permanent place unless you decide you want to stay there.” The first time I came across this author was when she was not even an author of a book; that dates back to a few years when she started writing on Tumblr and ever since I have been following her fitness and weight loss journey. The author has the capability to inspire through her works, with her realistic plans and her practical and doable advices. This book could be a...
  6. kendra reviewed a Book in the category Motivation/Self Improvement & Self Help Books.

    Too Fat to Fish by Artie Lange

    "A phenomenal read"
    I had received many positive reviews about the book when I expressed my interest in it but most of them were from the fans, and since I had never watched the show, I was not sure if I would like the book the same way as the fans did. But to my surprise, this one very quickly made its way to my list of highly recommended books. I must say it is a fantastically written book and one must definitely give it read at least once. The author is a master storyteller and the book is all about the...