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A lot of skin tags



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Is this ok that I have about 50 of skin tags on the body?
How to get rid of them?


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Not so long ago I noticed some skin tags on my mom's body, I started to get cautious about them. We started to count them, and we've found about 25 of them... Since my mom is a little scared about visiting a doctor I started to look for home removing methods, I eventually found how to remove skin tags at home, a paragraph wrote by skin tags remover specialists, there you can find a safe way, and pretty much painless, how I understood by reading the information, they are not really dangerous, and you could try to remove them at home, there are plenty of methods you could use, just try to find the one you are not so afraid of, and before removing read about skin tags to be sure the ones you have are not a marker for some skin disease, even tho this is pretty rare, just get to know what you are dealing with
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I don't advise you to carry out any home procedures with these skin tags. You can harm yourself and badly enough, even provoke a cancer. A surgeon can help you if you want to remove it. In general, the reason for their occurrence is either age or liver problems.