Anatomy and Physiology Coloring Workbook by Elaine N. Marieb


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I feel the book is for those who already have a great deal of knowledge on the subject and want to go further in learning them. It is an amazing book for those who have a sound knowledge in the area and are looking for general info.

But those who are just starting off, I would suggest that you buy a textbook along with this book. It will help you with the detailing if the concepts and this book can simply serve as an add on to help you remember that information which you have already studied.


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I am studying at a nursing school and I ordered this book online after I saw it with a few of my friends. They said it was a great book and it helped them get their concepts right quite well.

I could see that in their grades too, the ones who used to flunk in the subject were now scoring better grades than me and all thanks to that book.

I received the book in great condition and since I ordered it online, I got great discounts too.

Plus, it took me much less time to get the concept right into my head and I scored better grades too.


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I had opted for anatomy and physiology in my high school and now I have opted for the same subjects to become a medical assistant too. I wish I had known about this book when I was in high school because during the initial days, I had to struggle a lot with these subjects and understand all the concepts.

Now, it is better than before but I really wish I had the book back then. The book is not a mere coloring book but is a goldmine of questions and answers related to the subject which healthcare workers are expected to know.

I have used other coloring books and kept them aside as they were useless but this one has pictures really clear for one to label and color.


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When I first laid my hands on this coloring workbook, I had a feeling it would go hand in hand with Marieb’s A&P textbook and that’s the main reason why I bought it. And as I started practicing in it, I found out that I like it way better than other anatomy and physiology coloring books that are available in the market.

This one might be a little costlier than those but way better than those that are available for half the price. The picture quality is so much better in the sense they are clearer and the question answer sections definitely help you understand the basic concepts.

So, if you wish to learn anatomy and physiology in a play way method, this particular coloring book is the best bet you have and I highly recommend it over other coloring books that are there.

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I bought this book when I saw it in a bookstore. I wasn’t sure of it would help me but I am glad that it did. It was incredibly helpful in understanding the various concepts related to the human body, especially the basics of bones and muscles.

Not only that, having the book helped me with my presentations in the anatomy and physiology class too and with the help of the book, I could come up with a few not so common questions for my class review after the presentation.

I got an A+; couldn’t have asked for anything more!


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My son was struggling with the concepts of anatomy and physiology and would hardly get any good marks in his tests. Even though I am myself a doctor, I couldn’t help him out in any way and we would end up fighting if I tried to teach him.

This book was my last hope. I bought this for my son and I stopped poking my nose into his studies and it actually paid off. He would sit and color with great interest and now he doesn’t hesitate at all in taking my help too here and there. His grades have improved too.

I wish I had bought this book much earlier for him. The poor boy had a tough time initially and was really upset because of his anatomy and physiology grades.

If not for this book, I do not know how he would have done it!


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I am in high school and my mom got me this book because I had opted for these subjects but I was finding it really difficult to understand and remember the concepts.

I find it to be a great supplement for my text book and I keep coloring and learning things in a fun way whenever I take breaks in between the real boring studies.

This is actually an interesting method to learn and it will help reinforce the concepts in your brain because it makes use of the visual method.

It has been greatly helpful in my case and I know for others too out there who are just like me, it would help them too.

And, it has improved my test grades too!!!


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I think the book would be great for those students who are still at their undergraduate level. I am in a medical school right now and for my standard, this book seems really basic.

I had bought the book just because many told me that it is very helpful and it is extraordinary and if one needs to know about the human anatomy and physiology, they need to have this book, but I would say it is good enough only for those who have started learning about anatomy and physiology and not suitable for one who is studying in a med school.

So, it is important to analyse your level first and then go in for the book.

I am giving it an extra 0.5 star just because I know for sure this book would have been really helpful at the time when I had started off.