Best Books on Nutrition that are Scientifically Backed

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  1. Can someone please suggest some book nutrition books that are scientifically backed, please? There is so much information on the internet, and I’ve been on Google for about 2 hours now, but to no avail. Nothing is backed up with scientific proof, and that’s what I’m looking for.
  2. Memory Mask

    Memory Mask New Member

    Good for you @Honey bear Snowflakes. I too was looking for a nice cookbook that could help me change up my diet, but honestly, most of what I’d found tried to push fad diet programs, which did not help one bit.

    That’s when one of my close friends recommended I read “Eat Less, Live Longer” by the brilliant Anca Lovita! What I love most about this book was how inspired the author was starting out this book, and the amount of research that went into its making (which can be easily made out). It also proves how calorie intake and longevity of one’s life is directly related (and that’s a good way to keep your diet in check). Of course, apart from all of this, she also does provide recipes that will help you get there!

    Wonderfully written: precisely what I was in search of.

    AWESOME LYK THaT New Member

    Good for you @Honey bear Snowflakes. Honestly, I didn’t even realize how much my life would change by developing clean eating habits. My favorite read was “How not to die” by Dr. Greger after stumbling upon one of his interviews. A brilliant man, no doubt, and his book made so much sense to me.

    This book addresses the main reasons why premature death occurs in America, but more importantly, how this can be prevented. Weirdly enough, my skin has cleared up (despite years of trying different tedious medications), and my weight is finally on par with my BMI. I bought this book for my sister who has had some heart episodes in the past, and she said she feels different already (even though it’s been only 2 months).
  4. Snap Zip

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    When it comes to books on proper nutrition, there’s nothing quite like “The Paleo Cure.” This book by Chris Kresser is a pure genius for so many reasons, but my favorite is that the diet is not a “one fix for all” kind of cure. Sure, that is the first step, but in the second step, you get to customize (with full-fat dairy foods, that too). And trust me, I was skeptical about that too, but after I saw results, I knew I could put my confidence in Kresser!
  5. Pink prank

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    The book, “Eat less, live longer” changed my life, and that’s not even an overstatement!

    I got this book as a prank gift from one of my friends and had no intention of reading it (until I did), and what can I say, I am a changed person forever. I didn’t even realize how unhealthy my eating habits were until I read this book. I adhered to the rules she lays out brilliantly in this book, and without even intending to, I lost 20 lbs in 2 months! Her sound ideas and creative recipes will get anyone excited to follow this regime.
  6. Pasty

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    I wasn’t sure what the Paleo diet consisted of, but everyone around me was doing it. Most of them seemed miserable, but at the end of the first phase, one of them had lost about 15 lbs!

    This got me curious and I bought myself, “The Paleo Cure” and decided to follow it religiously. Thank heavens I did, because right after the “30-day restart” alone, I looked-but more importantly-felt so much better. I had more energy, felt less lethargic, and my mind seemed more in the game, than ever! I know that most people who have lost weight keep saying it’s not even about losing weight, it’s about how you feel!

    This always felt a little corny to me, but honestly, I am one of those people now! And all thanks to the amazing Kresser who changed my life for the better! No turning back, and I can’t wait for the next stage of my amazing diet plan.
  7. Zero Charisma

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    Since everyone was raving about, I had to voice in my opinion. The book, “The Paleo Cure” was a waste of my money, energy and time. I guess the “Paleo” diet is not for everyone!
  8. Fabulous

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    I am all for buying books on nutrition, but only if they are backed up scientifically by the authors. That’s why I blindly bought the book, “Nourishing traditions: Cookbook that challenges politically correct nutrition”.

    Both authors are well renowned in the field of human nutrition, and this book is worth its price. It has a very in-depth take on different aspects of food, and its science. This book is pretty old to be honest, and it’s a shame it hasn’t received the acclamation it deserves. After I read this, I realized all the nutrients that the body actually requires to remain healthy. Eye-opening, to say the least.

    Another great thing about this book is that it focuses on the diet from years ago-back when heart disease and vascular irregularities did not play such a big role in our lives. It was terrifying to see why! Toss out your vegetable oil now; I have replaced mine with Lard (to be honest I didn’t even know that could be a replacement). But definitely changed my life for the better.
  9. Little Miss Piggy

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    For people that are looking for a good cook book (diabetes-wise), I think there’s no better book than “The 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet!” It goes through why there’s a skyrocketing rate of increase in heart/vascular diseases, and of course, ways in which they can be prevented.

    More importantly (and specifically) how to prevent/reverse type 2 diabetes. All it requires is a basic diet change which honestly wasn’t even that drastic of a change (I barely complained). As always, Michael Mosley didn’t disappoint and I’d recommend for almost anybody!

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