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    Not to burst your bubble here @Cookie Bear, but I beg to differ. I remember reading this book and waffling between whether to give it a 3-star or a 4-star rating. Yeah, I won’t lie, it’s been written really well and Dr. Fung does have his way around people, but I don’t completely agree with this premise.

    The fact that diabetes type 2 can be approached with a low-carb diet is factually valid, but it goes further to say that frequent prolonged fasts act as a potential cure for it too. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t like the intermittent fast that people have been hooked on now, this is 30-35 hours of fasting at a stretch, up to three times a week! Who could possibly advocate this?

    The non-fasting days are sketched out fine (they are on a low-carb diet) and a 2-week long meal plan has been provided. Even though no one has actually complained about the fasting (not sure myself whether it works or not) but I guess I will just have to wait for the underlying science to check out.
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    Hi guys, I just got back from my doc and found out I have diabetes type 2!

    I was quite surprised to see how many people in America are actually affected by diabetes, and never really thought I’d have to worry about it. Anyway, what’s happened has happened and now I’d like to move forward while keeping my diabetes in check.

    Does anyone have any good books I can read up on that explains the condition elaborately? Also, a good cookbook that I can learn easy recipes from?
  3. Cookie Bear

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    Hi @pooldude, sorry to hear the bad news. But like you said, yes, it’s quite common in today’s day and age!

    The first book I recommend you read for diabetes type 2 is “The diabetes code” by Dr. Jason Fung. I was diagnosed with diabetes at a young age and really wished for some guidance back then, but didn’t have any. My mother helped me keep a controlled low-carb diet, but here and there I would suffer from symptoms associated with the side effects of Diabetes. While Dr. Fung has always sort of been a personal savior for me in the past (I lost over 20 pounds following his fasting regime), this was a game changer.

    This book is a great way to get over the fear of diabetes too because he explains how it can be defeated (I kid you not). The amount of hard work and research he has done on the subject can reverberate through the pages of this book. I can now look at this disease from a completely different (and healthy) perspective. Dr. Fung, I owe you big!
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    Why don’t you try “Diabetes Recipes: Over 350 diabetes type-2 quick and easy gluten-free…” by Don Orwell?

    This cookbook basically saved my life. I figured I’d lose my mind going by the diet my doctor recommended for me but thank god for this book (THE 13th EDITION). When I started reading this book, I figured it was just a random cookbook with a bunch of boring recipes that I’d have to learn to make, but it actually explains why we are the way we are: constant headaches, skin problems, high BP, cholesterol, etc. It’s because of the modern western diet, and something needs to be done about it.

    The author calls the cure for this modern diet “the superfoods”, and explains that by simply changing your diet, you can change your entire lifestyle. This was an eye-opener for me. Besides, the recipes in this book are RAD! Haven’t tried them all, but can’t wait to. Great book for motivation and guidance (and some yummy food).
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    If you’re worrying that your disease may one day kill you, read “Goodbye, Pins and Needles” by Tom Jelinek, who basically saved my life. This book is all the motivation you’ll ever need to get over the idea of your disease killing you.

    He explains in depth how western medicine for diabetes 2 increases the risk of heart disease, and how to get over it naturally. In fact, the author himself beat diabetes 2 using his own methods. What’s best is, there’s no one diet that you need to religiously follow, he makes it so easy.

    You will eventually learn everything there is to know about health and nutrition while your blood sugar normalizes naturally. That’s right, everything about this book promotes NATURAL HEALING. I know I sound like a marketing ad pitch (lol) but it’s only because of how positive of an impact this book had on my life.
  6. Trumphant Loser

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    @Problem Repeater, OMG I was just going to post about this book. This cookbook is not like your ordinary cookbooks that bombards you with recipes, it explains the science behind the disease and how we can cure it with a simple change in heart. Go for it, highly recommend!
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    Why hasn’t anyone suggested “The end of Diabetes: The Eat to Live Plan To Prevent/Reverse Diabetes” by Joel Fuhrman M.D? This is yet another great way to beat diabetes without having to rely on modern medicine, which (let’s face it) is bound to have various side effects on your body.

    The author does a brilliant job in explaining how simple it is: he thinks that we don’t have to “control” diabetes. By simply following slightly better (trust me, not a big change), diabetes gets automatically controlled for you.
  8. qwert

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    @Makesmewonderwhy, YES this book was an actual game changer. My husband recently got diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and he became extremely despondent. I didn’t know how to help, but Dr. Fuhrman to the rescue! This book not only changed my outlook on diabetes, but improved my husband’s health at an alarming rate! Love this book.
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