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Cooking Keto With Kristie Recipes Book


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Dedicated forum page for the book - Cooking Keto With Kristie Recipes Book. Here you may ask questions, discuss book summary and post reviews of the book.. If you have read this as a book or audiobook or in an ebook/pdf format, please leave your opinions. PS: This is a Staff post moved to top.



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The keto diet is trending these days and personally I have seen many people benefit a lot from this diet not just for weight loss purpose but for also bringing diabetes under control and lowering the bad cholesterol levels etc.

So, when I expressed my desire to know about Keto and follow it, my friend suggested this book to me saying it is the best you have in markets.

But to my disappointment, I could hardly follow the jargons the author has used in her book nor the instructions she gives while making the recipes. I tried following this book for 3 weeks but instead of losing weight, I put on 2kgs more.

So, I am not sure if should recommend this book or not; it didn’t work for me at all and did more harm than good.


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There are many delicious and tongue smacking recipes that the author has managed to share with all of this. I am in awe of her creativity and the experiments she made with Keto friendly food items and ingredients and came up with such amazing recipes that not only help you lose weight but satisfy your cravings too.

The book is class apart with simple and easy to find ingredients, good substitutions for the actual ones, great flexibility and nothing non-sensical.

No matter how much I thank the author for writing such an amazing book on Keto diet plan, it wouldn’t be enough. It was something that I needed since a very long time.


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Thank you so much Kristie for sharing such good Keto recipes with everyone through this book. They are too good and completely out of the world!!!

My personal favourite among all are Hero Peanut Butter cookies and The Crack Slaw. I am a sweet tooth and so glad that keto allows you to eat sweets (although made the keto way).

My joy knew no bounds when I discovered this book and realized how easily one can be on keto, eat healthy, lose weight and not be worried about one’s health.


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It is one of the best keto books with some astounding recipes and I was so impressed by the book that it has become one of my best friends now.

I achieved my weight loss goals a few years back just because of this book and now, every time I want to go back on Keto for a month or so, this book as my guiding bible.

I would surely recommend this book and I will myself keep using it time and again.


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I found Keto to be really tough until this book, Cooking Keto with Kristie came my way. It has provided me great help in eating the Keto way.

The recipes are too good and the dishes not only look great but they taste wonderful too. Her way of explaining things is also very understandable and motivating.


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There are many things in the book which I do not completely agree with but the recipes I have tried so far are really amazing. I had started following the author on twitter and kept noting down the tips she gave from time to time.

But it was not until two and a half months ago, that I was completely convinced about this diet and started following it. It is been going fine till now and I have managed to lose 20 pounds.

I think it should work for most people.


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I hate buying cookbooks but I am in awe of this particular one. I went through this book in detail and loved the way she has explained everything in the book.

It is a great buy and I don’t think anyone would ever regret buying and following this book for their own well-being.


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No other book has been as helpful as this one in my journey to eating healthy the Keto method. The book has some astounding recipes with common day to day ingredients being used in a different way to create an out of the world dish that not just appeals to your taste buds but also to your waistline.

Kristie has also uploaded the videos of the same on YouTube and they are all super easy to follow.


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This lady, Kristine Sullivan is a great keto teacher and she teaches right from her heart. She puts out her heart and soul into everything she does and that is easily reflected in the recipes she has included in this book. A lot of work and thought would have definitely gone into coming up with such extraordinary recipes.

You can trust her as she will always guide you onto the right path of health.


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I particularly love the way this book has been written. It is not the first book on keto I read and following the previous books have been an ordeal. It was extremely tough for me to find the ingredients required for following a keto diet and even if I did, their prices were sky rocketing.

But this wonderful lady out here has managed to do a great job without making a huge fuss of using too many ingredients and the instructions in the book are really easy to follow.

So, if you are thinking keto, you should unquestionably think about buying Cooking Keto with Kristie.


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I don’t agree with anything the author has talked about in her book. How can fat burn fat???? If at all that is true, then what we were told all these years are blatant lies…

Lets agree that these things mentioned in the book about eating fats and losing weight are true but it is definitely not suitable for those who have high cholesterol or suffer from heart ailments to eat them. I think such a diet can create havoc to one’s health and this book is promoting an unhealthy diet.

I would never recommend anyone to follow this book or keto diet.


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If you are someone interested in following the keto diet or want to make keto your lifestyle, then this is the perfect book on earth for your guidance to the same.

One need not be worried or keep thinking about what they will eat because the book has already done that job for you. All you need to do now is follow it religiously and make most of the book.

I would thank the author from the bottom of my heart for sharing her story as well as for telling us how to eat and stay healthy through this book of hers.

I followed this book for 3 months when I desperately wanted to lose weight gained by careless eating of mine and unlike many other diet plans and books on nutrition which did no help; cooking with Kristie actually yielded me good results and it still helps me control my appetite.


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I would call it the best book on Keto . It has some excellent recipes which are simple to make and healthy for our body too.

I don’t think there could be a better way out there to lose weight that too by eat different kinds of food that are tasty and good for your body too.

I would any day recommend this book to anyone who wants to lose weight without having to worry about it again.


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Cooking keto with Kristie is such an amazing book. I was always under the impression that keto diet is a very tough diet to follow. But I think I was completely wrong. This book made me realize that there are so many recipes and amusing ways to make this diet so interesting that now I feel it is the easiest diet one can follow.

I went through the ideas in her book carefully and I strongly feel that following keto diet might even help me reverse my diabetes and also make me lose weight without having to suffer too much.


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My mother avoided using any kind of oil most of the time for cooking; she rather used fats like bacon fat, butter, clarified butter etc. for most of her cooking. And every time she used to do that, I always thought it was a lousy idea and pestered her to use healthy oils like olive oil. But after reading this book, I guess I was wrong too and mother was right in using those healthy fats.

Keto is a very high fat diet and may not be suitable for all. I strongly believe one should consult their doctor before going ahead with this diet. It may seem like we have to go against all what we have been told for ages and it might seem really wrong but trust me, keto is the right way to do it.