Don't Let Your Emotions Run Your Life by Scott Spradlin


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I am very disappointed, to say the least. I had got this book in hopes that it would help me in controlling my emotions (I get irritated at the drop of a hat), but it was of no help. Some of the content was ridiculous. I mean there is a question which asks how much does it take for a person to recover after getting upset. Is the question even relevant? IMO, how to stop getting emotional or angry or whatever is important, not the recovery time.

The exercises mentioned in the book was very boring and least helpful in addressing my condition. I have to say, the book is overhyped, and I am thankful that I got it from my library and did not spend money on purchasing it.


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The book involves actual therapy, and that is a big plus. My first impression of this book was that this book would be a boring stuff (got it at the insistence of my therapist), but I was pleasantly surprised once I started doing the various exercises mentioned in it. I have to be frank here, I did not do all the tasks, but whatever I have done, it has been helpful to me. Thanks to the book, I am now able to think rationally and not get influenced by my emotions. Also, my performance at my workplace has improved tremendously. Hope to complete the book and overhaul my life.

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I had learned dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) many years ago. Don’t Let Your Emotions Run Your Life helped me to refurbish my skills and refresh my memory. The book has plenty of exercises, and once you complete these exercises, you can definitely see a change in your mood and life. Highly recommend this book to anyone.
Scott E. Spradlin’s Don’t Let Your Emotions Run Your Life is useless and worthless. Period. What angered me the most was lack of knowledge on the part of the author. How can someone use descriptors like “outburst” and “intense emotion” in the same breath? He also does not seem to have any appreciation for his audience. Scott assumes that his reader either has or would experience a particular circumstance, as well as exhibit dysfunctional symptoms. He is, kind of, tarring his entire targeted audience with the same brush, which is not how it should work.

AVOID THIS BOOK AT ALL COST. If you want to learn about emotional issues and how to control them, I think you would be better served by reading self-help books penned by authors who are masters in their field or at least know what they are talking about.

That said, it is just my opinion, and your experience might be completely different. Left to me, I would not recommend this useless piece of garbage to anyone.

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Spradlin’s book on ways to interpret one’s emotions is an interesting book. It surely would challenge the way you think. It did to me, and I am hoping it would do the same to you.


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Don’t Let Your Emotions Run Your Life by Scott E. Spradlin is a good book. It is insightful and easily understandable. I went over the book numerous times for doing the exercises again and again. The first time I did the exercise, I was not happy with the results, so started working on it again. What I loved the most in this book was the way the author treats his readers. For Scott, you are an intelligent person and not some dumb idiot as it is portrayed in other self-help books.

Thanks to the book, I was able to learn the reason for my emotions being the way they are, how they work and how can it be controlled. The exercises are practical, and the results would start showing up after some time.

I also want to add something here. I am neither a behavioral disorder patient nor have I any sort of mental health issues. I am just an ordinary guy who sometimes cannot control his emotions and let it speak for you, which has often ended with disastrous consequences for me. I thank Scott for thinking about people like me when he wrote his book.

My only issue with this book is that I have to do the exercises, again and again, to reinforce what I have learned, which is something I hate. I agree there is no magic cure, but something simpler to reinforce what I have learned would have been better.

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Those who have got Scott’s Don’t Let Your Emotions Run Your Life or planning to get it must use this book with Marsha Linehan’s workbook on DBT skills. I have done it, and each exercise which I did was an eye-opener for me. If you use only Scott’s book then I am sorry to say, it would make no sense to you, and you won’t be able to get any meaningful help from it.

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I have read both Scott’s book and Marsha Linehan's book. Marsha’s book is far superior that one written by Mr. Spradlin. If you want help in controlling your emotions, then it would be better if you go for the original and that is Marsha Linehan's book.

Coming to Scott’s book, the guy could have considered the option of using the services of a good editor. I think he knows that he is not a good writer (can consider him mediocre at best), so using a good editor would have done no harm. The book, on the whole, does not have any depth and needed more detailed explanations.


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I am sorry that I got controlled by emotions and ended up reading this book. It was a shocker. How could I end up making such a big mistake? Seriously, this book is not for the common man who suffers from an emotional outburst now and then. This book is best suited for very serious readers who want to delve deep and know how their emotions work.

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Scott Spradlin’s book falls way beyond expectations. I went over a few chapters and felt that it lacked clarity. It seems the author cavalierly wrote this book. He treated complex psychological situations as if they were some silly problems which could be easily handled by ordinary people. I am sorry Scott, serious medical cases have to be treated by either a counselor or a psychiatrist or both. I would suggest avoiding this book.

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I have read both Scott Spradlin’s and Marsha Linehan’s books, and while both were excellent, I sort of liked Spradlin’s book. I have tried to implement the skills that I have learned from the book in my life, and I can see positive results. Compared to earlier times, I have much better control over my emotions now. But a lot of work is yet to be done, and I'm sure as I go ahead, my life would be much better. I thank Scoot Spradlin for coming out with such a wonderful book.


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I have to admit that this book review might be a bit biased since I have not gone through the entire book and am basing my review on the few pages that I have read.

This book is wonderful and must-have for all those people who would like to have some control over their emotions. The book does contain some probing questions and is an excellent resource material for people wanting to learn more about emotions. However, for ordinary people like me, it is a waste of time and energy.

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This is an easy to understand and a well-written book. This book can be useful in an individual setting or can act as a wonderful tool in groups.