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Dr Becker's Real Food For Healthy Dogs & Cats Cookbook



New Member
I have two poodles, and I have always wanted to give them the best I can. During my search for some good pet foods, I came across this book and was pleased with the reviews. Though the book is a bit dated, the content is still practical. I have come across many other books for pets, and almost all of them make you believe that you should feed better food even if you are doing so. This book, on the other hand, tells how to feed your pet real food, which I think is more important.

Highly recommended.

Pill Head

New Member
Dr. Becker’s book is wonderful and provides some real insights on how to feed your pets. The only problem with the book is that one has to spend a lot of time just trying to understand what the author is saying.

That said, with a little bit of patience one can easily arrange some good food for our pets. One suggestion that I would like to give Dr. Becker is increasing the number of of recipes in the veggies mixture.

Napalm Bomb

New Member
Despite all the issues, Dr. Becker’s Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats is a good book and a must read for all those who love their pets. It tells you, in a simple manner, the method of feeding your pets some real pet food. The recipes that are mentioned can be given either raw or cooked, but it is recommended that you preferably cook it. I am telling this from personal experience.

With regard to the book itself, things are mentioned haphazardly. My copy has a lot of highlighted portions and dogear pages.

I wanted to make two suggestions. It would be helpful to have a chapter on some of the reputed brands for mineral and vitamin supplements present in the market. Secondly, a section for presenting all the content written in the form of a chart, as well as ratios needed when it comes to veggies, fruits, organ or muscle meat, among others.
Gobble Crying

Gobble Crying

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Dr. Becker’s book is okay. Nothing extraordinary. Given her fame, I was expecting something out of this world, but this book has left me disappointed. The contents are disorganized, and one cannot jump chapters. If you do, then the next chapter won’t make any sense to you. I learned it the hard way. As if these problems were not enough, the author also tends to repeat herself. What she mentions in the dog's section, the same is found in the cat section.

However, it is not all bad. She gives an excellent idea of shuffling the proteins around so that the pets do not get bored. I also liked her idea about making own supplements.

Kingdom Warrior

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Dr. Becker’s reputation is well known, so when I stumbled upon this book on the internet, I went ahead and bought the paperback version. After reading the book, I felt cheated. The book did not have any innovations in the field of pet foods. The latest version should have at least included some well-known brands that offer supplements. That aside, the biggest flaw in the book is the disorganized manner in which the content has been presented. It seems that the author thinks that those who get this copy have loads of time on their hand and would sit down and try to understand what has been mentioned and organize it on their own.

Rainbow Pearls

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I have watched Dr. Becker's YouTube videos and have liked the way she presented her ideas and thoughts. So when she released this book, I lapped it up hoping that it would be great. However, I was wrong. The book was terrible, and one could not get a recipe fast. One would have to go over sheaves of paper to get one decent recipe. I will not recommend this book to anybody.

Angel Snowflakes

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I am an avid fan of Dr. Becker and watch her videos regularly. Impressed by her videos, I went ahead and bought my copy of Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats. Yes, there are some flaws in the book, but I can overlook it due to the presence of some wonderful content in the book. It is a boon to all those who have a limited source of income and yet want to feed their pets some healthy food.

A well-written book, it gives insights on how to feed your pets. Recommend this book to all those who love their pets.


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I was suggested this book by nearly 10 to 15 friends when I was inquiring about a good book for my newly bought beagles. This book was also trending on Facebook. Convinced, I went ahead and decided to buy this book. I got a shock of my life when I saw the price. The book does not even contain around 100 pages, and there was nothing new in the book. It is daylight robbery. Deeply disappointed with this book.

White Storm

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I loaned this book from my library in pursuit of giving my pets some homemade food. I was disappointed after reading the book. I was not able to understand what the author wanted to say. For example, why should one make their supplements when a lot of good supplements are present in the market? The format is also confusing. If the author had spent some money on hiring an editor and put some mind in arranging some easy to prepare recipes, then the book would have become a bestseller.


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Dr. Becker’s book was written in 2011, so it is dated. Agreed some of the concepts wouldn’t change but a lot of discoveries and innovations have taken place since that time and persisting on the old stuff might not be a good idea. If one has the patience, then they could get a lot more useful and latest information on pets and their food from the internet. The price is also ridiculous.