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Dr Gundry's Diet Evolution Book



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Dedicated forum page for the book - Dr Gundry's Diet Evolution Book. Here you may ask questions, discuss book summary and post reviews of the book.. If you have read this as a book or audiobook or in an ebook/pdf format, please leave your opinions. PS: This is a Staff post moved to top.



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I was not completely sure of how things would turn out to be when I bought this book with an intention of managing my weight. And I followed it sincerely with all my heart for like 3 months, I changed my crappy eating habits and I saw that not only had I lost weight, my overall health had improved too.


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Just because I bought this book, I finished reading it and I read it well from scratch till the end. But I am damn sure that I am never ever gonna go on a strict diet like that. I do completely agree with the science behind what it is written in the book and I do know that gene theory is actually true.

I have also seen it doing a great job for people who want to lose weight and completely get rid of all kinds of disease. It is an excellent cure for sure because I have seen it work wonders on people and that is the reason I bought it too but I would like to be honest with myself and not simply jump onto a diet just because it promises to put your life back in order.

I just can’t think and I know for sure that I can’t stop eating sugar for the rest of my life. It is a bog sacrifice for a sweet tooth like me and I wouldn’t be able to do it.

When I go in for something, I want something that I can sustain throughout my life. So, I have decided that I would eat more veggies, cut down on my sugar intake and exercise regularly.

Moreover a plus point here is the author has described in an extremely clear but unusual yet interesting manner how our bodies work and I think it makes total sense.

So, I would like to wish good luck to those who think have the will power to follow this diet but I am not one of you for sure. Be healthier!


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I have previously read other books by names The Plant Paradox and the Longevity Paradox written by none other than Dr Gundry. Those books have started making some sense now when I read his book on diet evolution. He seems to have updated the use of a few ingredients in this book.

This book helped me change my attitude towards the lifestyle I lead now and it inspired me to improve my health. Diet evolution is definitely up to date and I would recommend reading both Plant Paradox and Diet Evolution. I am sure no one is ever gonna regret reading that.


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This is not the first book by Dr Gundry that I have read. I have read many others too but in this one I found some new pieces of information on anthropology, food science and our evolution. I could see absolute and total sense in each and every thing that the doctor has written in the book and hypothetically it could be true but at least in my case I do not have that high hopes to sustain this kind of a lifestyle for a very long time; at least not for now.

It is also not the first lifestyle transformation book that I am reading. So, I am able to find many similarities to information that I already read in other books.

So, I have decided to give it a try for a month as of now just for the sake of my health. But it’s a tough one to follow and keep up with.


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I am not sure if the author quite understands what he says. I make this statement because I found him to be contradicting to what he said previously, many a times in the book.

I am not sure how many of you have ever had a chance to listen to his audio sessions but I had. In one of those sessions he makes a mention about nightshade vegetables for example tomato being extremely bad for you and in the book, almost every second recipe of his contains tomatoes. Surprised!!!

And the same goes for a few other ingredients too like Splenda but there are recipes again that asks you to use Splenda in them.

Additionally, it is definitely tough to read through each and every chapter in it especially for a person like me with tight schedules. The facts are just facts and have been mentioned as is and there is absolutely nothing that has been done to make it interesting. So, one can easily get tempted to jump off all that boring factual to the recipes.


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This is I think the best book on diets and human body that I have ever read. The book is so versatile and covers almost all aspects that are related to our body. One gets to learn a lot about their own body and the book is not just plain information, it offers you solutions too to see what works the best for you and what does not work at all.

I had a very wonderful experience reading it.


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I do not quite agree to the diet that has been mentioned in this book because it is entirely plant and protein based with no carbs at all. I don’t think it is a good idea to make a diet into a lifestyle with absolutely no carbs and fats in it.

I definitely do agree that it is effective for those who want to shed a few pounds and it does give you results but I fear in the long run, a body with zero carb supply to it can get torn down.

Plus I do have my own doubts about a few conclusions that the author has derived and I don’t buy the scientific back up that he has provided to those conclusions.

I am not sure if people are able to understand my concern but I think I am right here.


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I bought this book a few years back with an intention of following it which kept on getting postponed due to various reasons. I had a rough glance when the book had first arrived and I am truly excited to follow the things mentioned in the book especially the six week plan.

I suppose it would be a great change in my lifestyle and I hope that this decision of mine will reflecting in the body I am going to have a few months later.

I have decided to take notes, key points and make a plan on how I should go about with incorporating the pieces of information written in the book to my day to day life.

I am sure I will be able to do it all because it doesn’t seem to be a Herculean task and be the change I want to see.


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The concepts elucidated in the book are good but I really have no clue how far they might help me or how far I will be able to stick to them. I ordered for a copy recently as this book was on to do list for a few years now and I was happy to find some very good information about various supplements which could help me, that I couldn’t find anywhere else.

So, I am gonna start off as soon as my copy arrives as the one I have now is borrowed from my friend.


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The book provides you with a perfect overview of what you need to have in order to thrive smoothly through your life. If one has an open mind to what the doctor has to say and is willing to experiment, then the suggestions given in the book comes real handy.

The recipes that have been included are amazing and the ones I have tried till now definitely taste completely out of the world and I am looking forward to trying all of them.

Finally there is some variety and spice in my life with all those extraordinarily lip smacking yet healthy recipes.


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This book gives you a new perspective on how your genes work and what you should do to make things go inside your body in your favor. It is all about your genes and how they react to the outside environment you live in, the food that you consume on a day to day basis and your daily workouts.

It has been written in an easy to understand and simple manner and what you need to do is also written down in the most methodical way I have ever seen. It is a complete guide to what foods to buy, how to make them and in case of any difficulties how to alter the recipes to suit yourself.

The book is a complete package in itself! I am sure anyone would have a great time following it and see a sea change in their lives.