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Dropping Acid Book


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As someone who has suffered from extreme discomfort and bloating every time I have pasta and a glass of wine, this book was a great read! The information is so descriptive and easy to understand!

Although the recipes are a little loopy and long, I've been following it, and I can really see the difference! I'd especially recommend it to someone who wants to know more about the disease itself because this book has it ALL explained in such detail. Leaves you so much more aware of your condition!

I was on Zantac before this diet and though some of these recipes are not quite in my comfort zone, I stuck with it and I have been off my meds for months! Don't have to frequent the Doctor's office either. Really helped me save up those bucks I would have wasted on pills and Doctor's appointments.


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I was suggested this book by a friend of mine and while I was skeptical at first, it has changed my life. As a chef, I found it really hard to minimize my diet to accommodate my condition. This book has some unique recipes.

While personally, I feel some of them were a bit questionable, I decided to give it a whirl. My symptoms have drastically reduced and I have been able to actually rustle up some recipes of my own. I'm glad I decided to at least give it a try. Not disappointed.


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As someone who has suffered from severe acid reflux, I turned to this book instead of going on Nexium, that my doctor prescribed. I am not big on taking drugs and wanted to try this healthier alternative. Although the diet restricts a lot of ingredients that can provoke my body to act up, I followed it to the dime and in just a few weeks, I could see a noticeable difference!

I am telling you. Stick to this diet and see your body's tolerance increase! I can now enjoy a much larger range of food I was previously stopped from having.


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I have been looking for a good read on Acid Reflux, to help me understand how I can better my diet so that it doesn't become such a painful ordeal, each time.

I have heard great things about Dr. Koufman and her relevance in this field and so took it upon myself to give it a shot. I gained a lot of valuable information about the condition. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who would like to understand the condition.


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I was given this book and told it had some great recipes that are Acid Reflux friendly. Although it attempts to explain the condition, I found the book to be a little beyond my area of expertise.

The book is riddled with technical terms and the cookbook is full of ingredients you would probably not have on you on a given day. Was it useful? Yes. But it just wasn't what I was looking for. I wanted something a little more my pace.


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My husband had been suffering from persistent coughing for months and the doctors kept dismissing Reflux as a possible condition. I finally got a second opinion and this time, the doctor clarified that these were classic reflux symptoms.

I started reading this book so I could know what to cook for him and boy was it informative! It really helps you understand the anatomical mechanism behind Acid Reflux and it really helped me get a better picture of what my husband was going through. Granted, the recipes are not the most convenient, but I made sure he stuck to it and there was a huge difference in him! It helps you control the condition, and in the meantime, you keep your eyes open for the food that triggers you.

Once you know that, you just have to stay clear of those foods. It's close to 2 years now and the condition is under control. He can even get a little wild sometimes and eat something he shouldn't (in moderation, of course) and still be able to handle the after-effects. Do try this book.


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I am not someone who eats a lot of junk, to begin with, so I was a little apprehensive to accept that I needed to change my diet to feel better.

However, this book was an eye-opener. It's really a two-part process if you ask me. I first had to learn WHAT my symptoms meant and come to terms with the fact that I had GERD. Once that part was done, I needed to switch up my diet. I realized that though I was on a strictly healthy diet, there were still a lot of things, of the highly acidic variety, that I needed to avoid. The cookbook played a great role there.

While some may find the recipes very restrictive, I was already on a restricted diet and so that part did not bother me. Just reading the book helped me realized what needed to change in my diet. I stuck to the recipes, learned the faults in my previous diet and after noticing great improvements in my health, went back to my previous diet, but with necessary changes. I am now off the drugs, happily back on my diet (although modified) and have even lost weight without planning to. In a great place in my life and this book really changed it for me.


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Honestly, I was a little overwhelmed when I saw the recipes in this book because it did not look like something I could stick to, long-term. So instead, I took it more like a detox for my body, where I learned what I could consume and what was a huge no-no. This learning curve really helped me plan my meals accordingly so that I didn't have to stick to the recipes mentioned, but still, learn tactics to make my meals Reflux-Friendly.