Each Day a New Beginning Daily Meditations for Women by Karen Casey


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Each Day A New Beginning is an exceptional book that is highly motivational and inspirational. I read this book each day and have been doing so since 2000, the year I decided to become sober. With inspirational quotes for every single day, you would not get bored by reading it. One quirk I noted in the book was the reliance on the word “program/path.” A little digging and I was able to get the reason. She wrote this book from the standpoint of a recovering addict, hence the use of these words.

However, it does not overshadow what the book is intended to do, and that is motivating you. One need not be an addict to read Each Day A New Beginning; it has so many gems that will inspire everyone who reads it. The moot point is diving into one’s mind and seeking own spiritual divinity.

A must read for all the beautiful ladies out there, addict or not an addict, spiritual or not spiritual.


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I last picked up a glass of alcohol on 08/25/1999. I was given this book as part of my rehab. I must admit that I did not read the book completely at that time and always looked for excuses to stop or avoid reading. Not that I wanted to take alcohol again, but it was more of an aversion to books in general.

However, all that changed after I attended one AA meeting in 2000. During this meeting, a member talked about how Each Day A New Beginning influenced her and how she was happy with her life ever since she changed her outlook towards life after reading this book. Now that got me thinking, and the first thing I did after reaching home was search for the book and start reading it.

That day I just glanced over it and fell asleep. The next morning, I hunkered down and completed the book in one sitting. Though it did not make any sense to me at that moment, rereading it over a few days helped me to understand the book’s value. After that, I started reading it every day and the excitement of finding out a new quote each day motivated me, and unknowingly I started changing my outlook towards life. Nowadays, my morning is devoted to a cup of coffee and this book.

Has the book made an impact on my life---Yes of course. I have not touched a glass of alcohol for nearly two decades now. Now that is something for a person who could not have a good night of sleep without a few shots of hard liquor.


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I stumbled upon the book while searching for some motivational books on the net. I am not an addict nor was ever in my life. But this book had some inspirational quotes from some truly inspirational people. I enjoyed reading it and have reread the book many times. One thing to keep in mind when reading Each Day A New Beginning is to keep an open mind and allow the book to grow on you. You will feel a magical touch by the time you reach the end of the book.


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This book is not for me. Please do not get me wrong. Inspirational quotes do touch me sometimes, but I feel that these types of books are a big farce. Motivational quotes are good, but real life stories are always the best motivator. I am an ex-heroin addict and seeing my family go through hell because of my habit was the only inspiration I needed to quit. This book might be useful for others, but not for me.


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I have the copy of the first edition of Each Day A New Beginning that my aunt had bought. She passed it down to me. I must admit that the book has been worn and the original paperback has started falling off. Over time, I got few other editions but even those have become worn.

Why and how you might ask?

Reading this book has become a daily ritual for me. I read a page of this book first thing in the morning. It sets up my whole day. I have been doing this for past a few years now, and my life has definitely taken a turn for the good. Recommend this book for every woman.


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Each Day A New Beginning is a lovely little book filled with daily quotes, quotes which makes you think. My only problem with the book is the use of the word program. The excessive focus on the word “program” took out all the fun of reading the book. Yes, it is for addicts and ex-addicts, but it need not be reinforced every time.

Some people might like it since it might reinforce the fact that they are recovering, but the word “program” shuts off a wider audience as it creates a subconscious feeling that we are reading a book for addicts.

Don’t misunderstand me, but less attention on “program” and more focus on general and generic things might have worked more wonders for this book.


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This is a great book which has got some beautiful and inspirational quotes. But the word women on the title could have been avoided. Even men should know thought patterns of a woman. They should know that women think differently from men and what goes on in their mind when they start recovering from an addiction. That said, reading things from a different set of eyes has been an eye-opener for me.


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I've been reading Each Day a New Beginning for more than ten years now, after it was given to me as part of my rehab process. This book has allowed me to see things from a different perspective. It helped me realize I can act proactively when faced with certain situations rather than reacting to it, something which I was doing for many years. Each Day a New Beginning has helped me to recover completely.

I would recommend this book to everyone.


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Karen Casey’s Each Day A New Beginning has been the next best thing in my life after I became sober. This book has helped me to get through some of the most difficult days in my life. My recovery process involved reading a page and then going ahead with the day’s routine. I have gone through the same ritual for the past five years, and whenever I feel stuck in life, I reach for this book. Highly recommended!!!!


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This book was first published in 1982, and even after nearly four decades, the book continues to inspire people. My mother had got it in 1983, and it had a profound impact on her. Though she passed away a few years back, she gave me one parting gift---Each Day A New Beginning.

I am not an addict, but I have always found this book very inspirational. Thanks, momma for the lovely gift!!!


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Karen Casey’s book is an ideal aid for recovering from addiction. Do not go by the size of it. The book is a powerful book. It has helped me in becoming a new me, one who believes in spirituality and one who is ready to face the world with a smile, something which I could not even dream off a few years back.


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I got this book as a gift from my boyfriend when he heard that I was planning to become sober. The book was an excellent book, and many quotes inspired me a lot. I used to attend many meetings, but these were not working. Once I started reading the book and participate in the meetings, I began to understand the concept of being sober, and now I can proudly say that I am sober for a decade now.


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Each Day a New Beginning is excellent. You will not be able to get the import of this book immediately. You have to allow this book to grow on you. Take each day as it comes. Each day is different and brings a new promise with it. The book acts as a perfect foil if you are willing to allow it to be. Go ahead and get your copy. You would not regret it.


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Karen Casey’s book is good for addicts and ex-addicts. Period. I read this book once or twice. The book, to be fair, does have some inspirational quotes, but it failed to either inspire me or motivate me. I am happy with old-age methods of getting sober. It has worked fine with me. I think I will take a pass with Each Day a New Beginning.