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Eat This Not That! Original Fast Food Cookbook



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Dedicated forum page for the book - Eat This Not That! Original Fast Food Cookbook. Here you may ask questions, discuss book summary and post reviews of the book.. If you have read this as a book or audiobook or in an ebook/pdf format, please leave your opinions. PS: This is a Staff post moved to top.



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When I bought this book and started reading it, I could see that I kind of knew most of the information given in this book but the problem in my case was I did not know how to put them to use in a proper way. And this book showed me how to do it so that my efforts wouldn’t go futile.

I started off and within a week’s time, I could see and feel some good results. I started appreciating the book in front of my friends and family so much that one fine day, I found someone had stolen it from me.

So, now you know how good the book is and I can assure that if you have the mind to put slow and steady efforts in the direction the book tells you, you are definitely gonna get some solid results.


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Losing that excess pounds of weight I had gained due to unhealthy eating was my aim since long but I was not able to do it because I lacked the will power or let’s say the motivation to do it. And at the same time, I made many eating mistakes and thought that I was eating right and healthy when I was actually making a mess of the whole thing.

It was this book that made me see what I had done wrong and why the whole process of weight loss was not working for me. It guided me in the right direction and here I am; lost 15kgs in just 5 months of meticulous hard work.

But a flaw that I noticed was, it hardly had anything for those who are vegetarians. I am not a pure veg person but most of the time, I prefer veg over non-veg. So, I struggled a lot because of this.

I would definitely recommend this book to every non-vegetarian I know, especially to those like me who are struggling with weight loss.

Northern Glory

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I found the book to be really helpful, informative and a wonderful read. And the best thing I liked about it is, I need not sit and read through the entire thing deeply as the important things are highlighted and it is more than enough even if you just flip through them. That is what I did and I put those tips or theories into action which in turn yielded me very good results.

Ever since I have read it, I am more conscious about what I eat and what exactly goes into what I eat and the nutrition it provides to my body. So, this way I have been able to monitor what exactly I am eating and if it is doing any good to my body at all.


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I have to travel a lot across the globe because of the nature of my work and somewhere in between all this, my eating habits went to the dogs. I always indulged in the food I was served and never ever was I bothered about how it could affect my health in an adverse manner.

And I wouldn’t have cared about it if my cholesterol levels hadn’t shot up too high. That’s when the alarm bells rang in my head and I felt I had to bring about a change in my eating habits so that I could regain my health back.

I explained my problem to my brother who is a fitness freak and he was the one who suggested I take the help of this book. I took his advice, bought a copy and started following the tips written in the book right away so that my blood cholesterol levels would come back to normal.

In a month’s time, I felt healthier from inside and my health conditions had improved drastically along with some weight loss too. This book shall be my guiding light when it comes to opting what I should eat.


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The book is not bad I suppose but it did not help me at all because I am a vegetarian. The book has nothing to offer for people like me who do not have non-veg. The authors are biased and did not meet the expectations of people like me.

I am highly disappointed in the book but it gets a 3 star rating from me because it helped my wife make healthier choices as she consumes non-vegetarian food. And those healthier choices have visible results on her too.

So, for people who have non-veg, I think it should suit them but care should have been taken by the authors to address the needs of both vegetarians and vegans.


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I don’t think this book is worth one’s time or money. There is nothing special about this book and I would honestly call it just another diet book.

There is lot of information over the internet about the same thing and I would suggest one look over there and follow something that suits them the most than wasting money on this stupid book.

I made the mistake of buying this book and when I checked online I got to know so many other things that was not made a mention of in the book but was easier to follow. That is when I realized my folly of spending money on this book.
Dolly Dolphin

Dolly Dolphin

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The book is a great one when it comes to all the information it has on eating healthy and picking the right things when you choose to or have to eat out frequently. I was so damn happy to know that eating out could be healthy too of we take the pain of picking out the right things for our meals. I had a misconception that home cooked meals are the only healthy ones but this book changed my opinion about the whole thing.

It has some great tips and secrets that I never knew before which one could use to choose what they eat when they decide to dine out. Apart from the generalized information, they also have provided great insights one could make use of when it comes to particular restaurants like McDonalds, Olive Garden etc.

The authors have done a great job and I would surely recommend this book to anyone who loves to eat out.


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I love to eat out and try out new cuisines and dishes but of late I noticed that it has been taking a toll on my health too. I had started becoming like a balloon which I never want to happen but at the same time, I did not want to give up eating outside as well.

That’s when I came across this book in a bookstore and I wondered what its contents might be. I bought it out of sheer curiosity because I wanted to know if this book could help make things easier for me.

And I was surprised to learn from this book that I need not give up on my habit of eating outside; I only needed to make a few changes and ask the restaurant to customize my meals accordingly so that I don’t end up having things that are not so good for my body if had on a daily basis.

I now know how to choose the ingredients and make the right choices when I am out somewhere eating.


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I thought of reading this book because somewhere in the back of my mind I always felt that drastic changes had happened to my body after I made some unhealthy choices and stuck to it for years together.

I was never fat as a child or as an adult in my early 20s but when I started working things changed and I started indulging in unhealthy but good to taste food items on a daily basis instead of home cooked meals. I started eating fried snacks almost every evening and that is all when my weight problems started.

And as I am in my mid 30s now, I felt it is high time to make a change again and go back to healthier options like before, get back to my ideal weight so that I can lead a healthy life without lifestyle diseases in my 40s and 50s.

This book guided me well and it made me see the fact that healthy meals can be yummy too.


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I bought Eat This Not That and Cook This not That so that I could bring about some kind of improvement in my daughter’s diet and it really helped. I insisted that she make slight changes in her diet, for example, switch over to fresh juices instead of canned ones and from yogurt to Greek yogurt etc.

I also started making her breakfasts that the book recommended without letting her know and she seemed to really enjoy them. A couple of weeks and she lost 2 pounds!! She was really happy with the results because being a chubby kid, she always got taunted by her schoolmates and her weight loss motivated her to be slim once again.

The book was really helpful and I totally loved every bit of it and I am so happy that it made my daughter aware of what is going into her body when she eats all that junk.

I shall forever be grateful to the author.


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We are a family of fast food addicts and no matter how much we tried, we could never opt for healthier options because every time, one of us would want to have something junk and when one does, the whole family would end up doing the same.

When I explained my problem to a friend of mine, she gave me her personal copy of this book and asked me to see if I could have the suggestions of this book included in my daily life.

I started doing it bit by bit by replacing the junk food with healthier options mentioned in the book and to my amazement everyone in my family accepted it soon and started enjoying the healthier version of the meals too.

We sat down and had a discussion about the way we felt about the change in our eating habits after a month and all of us agreed that we felt good about ourselves internally and the change in our diet made us healthy too. We also lost a few pounds though we could not see a major change in our weight. I think if we continue the same way with our diet and spare some time for exercises too, we might lose that extra weight we have gained because of all that unhealthy eating over the years.


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When I bought this book, I thought it could give me a broad spectrum view of how to eat healthy when we are out in a restaurant by talking about the general principles of food preparation and address the nutritional concerns.

But after reading, I found that the book gives limited knowledge about specific restaurants and there are only limited choices available which I think may not even be relevant now because the book was written ages ago and I see that the restaurants have revised their menu to suit the needs of the current times.

So, if you ask me, I feel this to be an outdated book with hardly any relevance today.


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I bought this book for my son because he is a hard core fast food fan. He seemed excited when he started reading the book because it simply did not tell him to quit eating fast foods; it gave him healthier yet yummy replacements for the fast foods he was fond of and also made him realize the harm he was doing to his body by indulging in those unhealthy fast food items almost every single day.


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When I started off with this book, I felt that it is one big pocket dictionary for food which helps you make the right choices instead of the unhealthy ones. It is very informative and easy to read at the same time.

And I must admit that it gave me real good lessons about what I should eat and gave me amazing ideas on how I can order healthy things when I eat out.

I have been following the information in this book for the past 3 months and it has indeed helped me have a positive change in my health and to my surprise I managed to lose weight around my tummy area as well.

The book is a must recommend from my side especially for those who have a healthy lifestyle in their mind.