Eat to Live (6 week plan) by Dr Joel Fuhrman


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This is a wonderful book. I would recommend this book to all those who want to lose weight but have failed to do so. You might have tried various fad diets including paleo diet, meal plans that promote weight loss, etc. This book shows that one does not need powders, pills, buy diet food or even starve to death to lose their weight. All you need to do is add more fruits, vegetables, and nuts to your diet. Some of the things mentioned in the book would blow your mind off. It throws light on hidden aspects of our biology and culture, which I bet most of us would not have known nor cared to know. By following the steps given in the book, I have been able to kick off nearly 25lbs.


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One thing that I do not like fad diet books is the contradictory research. There is no balance; it is either one extreme or other. Dr. Joel Fuhrman advocates a diet that is not balanced. He advocates loading up a lot of fruits and vegetables, which might not be acceptable to everybody. I tried the plan for three weeks, and though I did not like it a wee bit, I lost around 8lbs. But I used a lot of vinegar and olive oil, and these are things which Dr. Fuhrman does not like.


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I had gone to my doctor for severe back pain, and she recommended reducing my weight. She suggested Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. I was cautious at first and did not want to believe in something I have not seen. Prodded by my doctor, I started the reading this book. This book is a real gem. It had some great points, and the plan was very easy to follow. I liked the “what not to eat” tips, without preaching people to lose weight. I am waiting for this plan to get over and then see how many pounds have I lost.


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Positives: Good recipes, wonderful case studies.

Negatives: On the whole, this book was very disappointing. It did not give answers to any of my questions. The book is a push for vegetarianism. The facts mentioned in the book is nothing new, and at places, I felt it was quite contradictory. The book asks us to shun meats but does not address the issue in depth. Yes adding fruits, vegetables, etc. is good for health and would help in many ways but would not give a properly balanced diet. If you eat only these things, you are bound to lose weight; it is not rocket science. But I do not feel this is the best way forward. A good try, but a waste of my time and money….


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This book is worth the money spent. I enjoyed the book a lot. It gave me valuable insights about the food that we eat. There were places where I felt the data was made to match his research, and the conclusion from these data was made without providing any adequate information. However, I think it can be overlooked for the simple fact that my family has started to change the way we eat after reading this book and there have no complaints till now….


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The takeaway from this book... avoid processed food and eat lots of veggies and lose weight.

If one wanted to know more about diets etc. one quick search on the internet is enough. You will get plenty of suggestions.

My main gripe about this book is the fact that there is a lot of negativity in this book. The author behaves as if he knows everything and others who talk about diet and food are idiots. This author thrashes every other approach to diet and way one eats. Major portions of the book could scare a person to death. The case studies have been forced upon us. If we go by what this fellow says, everybody who eats meat will get cancer.

Eat to Live profess that you eat tons and tons of veggies and you will start feeling the change. Yes if we eat a lot of vegetables, we surely would lose weight. We do not need a doctor to come and tell us that. But the doctor forgot to mention that this is not sustainable in the long run. I know a lot of my friends who are healthy, and they eat meat, but they eat in moderation. They do not overfeed themselves. That I feel is the best way to go forward rather than loading up on one kind of food.

One need not change the food they eat, they only need to change the attitude towards food, and that will solve most of the problems.


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Eat to Live By Dr. Joel Fuhrman is a good book. I am a diabetic and can certainly relate to it. A fast read, it makes a lot of sense to those who want to understand how food plays a role in our life. Eating four to five servings of fruits, eating nearly one pound of cooked as well as raw vegetables, etc. might be difficult at first, but it is not something that one could not get adjusted too. I switched to almond milk and started munching on nuts whenever I got hungry. This diet plan not only started filling my stomach but I could feel a glow and radiance on my face and skin was much healthier. I surely intend to continue on this diet, but I would check with my doctor and add some source of carbs and proteins.

I recommend this book to all those who want to take a right turn towards having a healthy life.


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The book dishes out the same old stuff. It is the primary diet rule to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, and this book could have been condensed into five to ten pages. I find these diet books full of fluff. After a certain point, it becomes a big bore. I have seen and read many cookbooks, but have n0t yet come across a book which makes a good sense from the first page to the last page. I am still waiting for that book.


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The idea of having nutrient dense food is a good one and would help in not only reducing a person’s weight but also make the body feel lighter and fresh for a more extended period. This book, however, leans very heavily on stories which I sadly felt was thrust upon us. The book also does not offer any scientific evidence.


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One of the key takeaways that I got from this book is eating a lot of fruits and vegetables and eating them first before any other food. This would not only cleanse the body naturally but also reduce appetite for unhealthy food. If anybody still has got any doubt regarding this book, consider this…I have lost nearly 15% of my body weight after undergoing this diet, and I weigh 180 pounds.