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Extreme Transformation: Lifelong Weight Loss in 21 Days

Plot Racer

New Member
Extreme Transformation by Heidi and Chris Powell is one helluva book. It made me look at dieting from a completely different perspective. Extreme Transformation shows the way to transition our outlook towards food and how much one should push to attain the desired goal. I did a quick read of this book and started implementing some of the ideas which I felt were suitable for me and after nearly four weeks, I could definitely see a change in my body and outlook (took four weeks because I cheated a few days and wanted to make up for that). Highly recommended for those who want to lose that stubborn fat and remain fit as a fiddle forever.


New Member
I loaned Extreme Transformations from my friend as part of my goal to lose around 30 pounds before Halloween. I read this book once and liked the whole concept, especially the Carb-cycling which is something I am very interested. The book wants me to make five meals a day, and this is the thing which is holding me back from starting the diet. I work in shifts at a nearby hospital and spending my waking hours prepping for meals is not something that I am very keen on.

But as they say, in order to achieve the ultimate goal, I have to sacrifice something and if it has to be some waking hours, so be it.

Mike Adamle

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I am a regular watcher of Extreme Transformation, so when I heard that Powells are launching a book based on the TV show, I did not waste any time and got my copy. I love the way the Powells look after each contestant (talking about the show), and I am sure it would be the same in the book. I am neither a fitness freak nor want to lose tons and tons of weight. I am just an average Joe who would like to stay fit and lose some of the unwanted fat that has popped up around my waist.

What attracted me to this book is the details. The way each stage and day was discussed is what beginners like me would need. Beginners need handholding when it comes to deciding on what to eat and what to avoid, what type of exercises has to be done etc. and this book does that.

I have to add that if you are already into some serious exercise routines, then this book is not ideal for you.

Lemon Honeypie

New Member
I read Extreme Transformation and was very disappointed. I am a big fan of the TV show with the same name and had hoped that the same quality would be present in the book. Alas, I was wrong. The book was very poorly written. It had a lot of feel-good content that could be easily found on the internet. My two stars are for the exercise and eating plans.

Get a book from your library, note down the plans and return it. Do not waste your money on buying it.


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I have seen Extreme Transformation show on the telly and loved the way the Powells help the contestants to achieve their desired goals. Hoping that the same thing would be reflected in the book, I went ahead and bought a copy. My initial reaction was WOW!!!! The book had a lot of content, some well thought out diet and exercise plans and an overall feel-good factor. I was happy with the common-sense approach of the Powells when it came to exercises and diet. The day-wise approach also made sense.

However, after a detailed read, there are some things which I liked a lot and some which I would like to change. The things that I loved a lot:

Things are not sugar-coated. Heidi and Chris are blunt when it comes to saying things, maybe “straightforward” would be the ideal word.
The book looks to address the physiological and psychological issues which often accompanies the weight loss.
Chapters on maintaining the weight as well as dealing with failures. Diet books generally show how to lose weight, but very rarely show how to maintain the physique that one gets after losing the weight. The authors’ book falls into the latter category.
Things I want to change:

Using childish words like "peeps." We are talking about grown-ups so the cutey-cutey words can be thrashed into the bin.
Need more clarity on planning own recipes that could fit into the carb structure. The calorie chart only speaks about general calorie counts, and if one wants to make a mixed dish, then the person would have a horrid time in finding an accurate calorie count.
Need long-term workout plans. The book does have workout plans that would fit into the 21-day scheme of things. After that, what does one do? The authors should have added a few long-term workout plans.
All in all, a book worth reading.

You are so Wonk

New Member
I am happy that I have a copy of this book. The plans are simple and can be done easily. Reading Extreme Transformations showed me the path that I had to take if I wanted to lose weight and stay fit. I have lost around 15 pounds and have another 25 to go, but I am sure that with the guidance of Chris and Heidi Powell, I will reach that mark soon.


New Member
Extreme Transformation is my first weight loss book, so do not have any idea whether it is a good book or a bad book in comparison to other books of the same genre. I have read the book and found the diet plans and exercise plans were doable and straightforward. The only issue you have with this book is the amount of time that one has to spend on prepping for the meal. If one can get past that, I can say this is the best book for losing weight and maintaining it for a long period!

Honey Pot

New Member
This is a mixed bag. The content is good and programs challenging. I always prefer workouts without any equipment, and this book allows me to do so. There were also some eating tips which were wonderful. My only beef with this book is keeping track of high and low carb days. It is a big pain in the ass. The book would have been better served if the Powells had given uniform eating plans.


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I got the book from my library, read out the list of ingredients, went shopping, bought ingredients for a week and then had a cardiac arrest. The bill was over $500. What the f%$*?

This is not what I had expected. Besides the expense, the book is silent on the ways to use leftover ingredients. The authors should have known that if the food is portioned, then the remaining food would go waste. This is too expensive for me….can't waste my hard-earned money on this stuff…I would try to get hold of a weight loss program that is less expensive.

Yaniv Ganzi

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Extreme Transformation was not upto the mark. The book left many questions unanswered. Some meals plans did not have exact measurements, which left me confused. How am I supposed to prepare meals if I do not know the measurement? The authors also talk about protein powder. Now in their world, there is only brand and type. In the real world, there are many brands and types which cater to different categories.

I had high expectations from this book, but sad to say, all the hopes and expectations were dashed.

Rainbow Colours

New Member
Extreme Transformation talks about eating five small meals a day. Good. But it seems they have not thought how much time would be spent on prepping for the meals. I tried the plan for maybe five or six days and have built up good biceps and triceps just by prepping for it. The eating time was 1/10th of the time spent on prepping the meal. It is just impractical.