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Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers


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Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway is a fantastic book. You would not see fairies waving a magic wand after reading this book nor would you become very powerful. In short, there would not be any dramatic changes in your lifestyle; the only difference would be the mental make-up.

Coming to the book, I was recommended this book by my sister, who claimed that it had turned her world upside down and whenever she felt things were not moving, this would be the book that she would go to. And I may say, she is correct. The messages that are given in “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” is concise, clear and positive. The book can be the best medicine that a doctor can order for people who are looking to take themselves to the next level. A highly recommended book for everyone


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Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway is a good book and has some nice things, but a majority of the content felt like an old wine in a new bottle. I am afraid to say that there is nothing new that is offered here. Sadly, this book is an addition to the long list of self-help books that starts with a flourish but falters when it comes to the core content. I also felt the author was quite preachy in many places, something which should be a no-no in a self-help book.


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This book joins an elite list of excellent self-help books. Susan Jeffers’ book shows how to live your life the way you want to! Most of the topics that are mentioned in it are practical and can be easily implemented. The topics mentioned helps a person to take either a life-altering decision or an everyday decision. Some parts of the book got me wondering, especially, the part where it questions us whether we have actually grown up as well as the part which describes the way in which fear withholds us from going ahead and expressing our true self.

The book talks about how we are not selfless and how every act of ours is done in expectation of getting something in return.

A must-read for every grown up.


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I had high hopes from Susan Jeffers book - Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. Sadly these hopes were dashed because of the book's preachy nature. There are places in the book which talks about how a person should feel, thereby implying that you always have a choice when it comes to feelings. Now that is taking things a little too far. Also, her Pollyanna style of reinforcing positive thinking is like putting a plaster on a major wound and hoping it would get healed on its own.


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I have read many self-help books, and nearly all of them have disappointed me. This book, however, is in a different league. It actually helps a person. Any praise for the book is not enough. If you are looking for a book that helps you deal with fear and face problems head-on, then this is meant for you. The fears that I am talking about is fear of losing a job, your loved ones, taking the first step towards change, etc.

Reading the book has reinvigorated me. The only reason why I am not giving this five stars is that the book sometimes attains the tone of preachiness which is not suited for any self-help books.


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Good things first - Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers, I feel is the lodestar of many self-help books. I enjoyed reading the book, and as someone already mentioned above, this book helps.

Now to the cons - Book is outdated. Period. Along with the content, the images also need a fresh coat of paint. Secondly, the book sometimes wavers to the side of self-promotion which made me feel bored.

I am happy that I got this book from the library and did not spend my money on it.


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I feel rating a non-fiction book is very tricky. You can only realize the full potential of the book long after it has been kept down. Some books may be enjoyable which results in re-reads, while there are some books at the other end of the spectrum which are kept down by readers without completing it.

I feel this book falls somewhere in between. The book had a nice premise and a lot of potentials, but it kept wavering from the main topic. The book tended to repeat itself or take a new direction without completing the current topic. Some sentences made me cringe while others felt flippant and not thought out properly.

Overall, a quick one-time read.


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I had downloaded this e-book as I was looking for a fresh beginning after undergoing a traumatic divorce and I was keen that I have a life of dignity for myself and my children. To help me in this endeavor, my father suggested this book.

As I started reading the book, I felt the initial chapters were excellent and the content got me hooked. But by the time I reached the middle portion of the book, I felt that the stuff was getting repeated, and some ideas and topics felt half-baked and not thoroughly thought out.

In the end, I decided to avoid it and start living in the real world and fight for my survival. They say time is the best healer and life is the best teacher. Well, it certainly has been for me.


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Susan Jeffers’ Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway is one of the best self-help books that I have come across. I loved this book. Compared to other self-help books, it had many takeaways. To those who believe that the book is dated and to those who feel that one must live in the present and not cling on to anything from the past, I have one question. Show me one book where every page and every point is highly effective.

My point is that yes it is a dated book, but there are many portions in this which are still relevant. This book shows us the way to pipe down the constant negative self-talk that comes to every human being.


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In my opinion, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway is an average book which does not offer anything new. The ideas mentioned in the book seems impractical in this modern day and age. It is weighed down by poor writing and preachiness. The author had the gumption to suggest picking and choosing feelings like it were a simple choice which I disagree with, especially for someone with a terminal illness.

One can pass this book for something more useful.


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Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway offers some good advice, but I think the author lost track as she kept on repeating the same stuff at several places. At some places, she becomes very preachy, and at other places, the ideas felt like fillers used to fill pages.

A good editor could have helped to salvage this book.


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I am a very instinctive person and like to take things headlong. However, of late I started feeling that I was not going on the right course and felt a sense of fear had started taking hold of me. Do not ask me what kind of fear, because I have no idea. I started hesitating, and the fear began impacting my personal and professional life. This was driving me nuts. Taking pity on my situation, my husband gave me this book, and I am thankful to him for this gesture.

Well, some of the ideas presented are not scientific and looked half-baked, but I was able to learn a lot from this book.

As with any self-help books, it is up to the individuals to decide how to best utilize a book and see how helpful it can be for them. If one cannot do this, then there is no need to cry hoarse over it.

A must read the book for every individual who wants to conquer fear and start living the life of their dreams.