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Freeing Your Child From Anxiety by Tamar E. Chansky

Uday Patel

New Member
The general premise of the book is good, it is an apt manifesto for responding to a child who has anxiety. The book has helped and I guess it will continue to do so.

But there are certain questions that arose in my mind due to the daily events that happen around me. For example, my child started screaming and squealing because he saw a spider and he goes on for like an hour. What can be done in order to ease your child in these moments.

It might seem normal to many but for a child suffering from anxiety, it could be the most traumatic experience ever. So, I feel the book should have covered more things like this for the sake of parents; something real that would have helped.


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My first born has anxiety and hyperactivity problems. I did not expect a book that talks about both the issues at the same time but this one has been written in such a way, it tells you that anxiety fits in easily with other general disorders.

There is a section in the book where it talks about other disorders that are more or less similar to anxiety but what it does not tell you is if you have one disorder you may slowly end up having another one too.

It would have been a lot more helpful if the author had talked about certain behaviours and how to deal with them when they exist rather than going on and on about various kinds of anxiety disorders.


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This particular quote in the book kept my motivation levels high at all times – Understanding your child’s anxiety means accepting your child for who he/she is. Accepting your child doesn’t mean closing the door to change, it is actually the key to opening it.

I purchased a copy of this book so that I would always have handy when I need it. And as I flipped through the pages to understand what is written in the book, I realized the book also helped me deal with my own anxiety that I had as a result of my child’s anxiety problems.

When I taught my son the skills and techniques mentioned in the book, I began using them when I got worried or got stuck with something that made me really anxious. It is not like my son and I have the same set of anxieties or worries but the same method can be applied to both of us in order to get rid of them effectively and move on happily.


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This book was recommended by a friend of mine when she got to know my daughter is having a tough time with anxiety issues. I bought a copy immediately and started reading it so that I could help my daughter.

It is a very well written and well organized book and I must say the author is incredibly knowledgeable, has a positive take on things and so very compassionate towards people. It all reflects in every single page of this book.

Before this book, I used to feel helpless and not know what needs to be done and what strategy to use so that I could help my child out. But this book equipped me with some good tips with which I could help her cope up with her anxiety.

She is still not totally out of it but I would say she is doing much much better and I would give all credits to this book. I would give it some more time and I am totally hopeful that my daughter will be soon free from all kinds of anxiety troubles.


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My son at times exhibits basics levels of anxiety which I have not seen in most of the other children. I did not have enough time to go through the entire book and read it thoroughly. So I skimmed through the pages and tried to do things that seemed relevant to us.

But none of them seemed to do anything helpful practically. My son could never do what was mentioned and after trying for some time, I too did not care about it.

I also found the advices to be used in extreme cases and my son I think was not that extreme a case.


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I found this book to be more than excellent. The author has written it for normal people who may not understand the psychological terms. It is completely practical and he has mentioned certain activities that can help children out.

The author has also given some very wonderful tips to parents on how to converse with their children which I believe is a very important and powerful tool for the parents to deal with their child’s anxiety issues.

I have seen that many a times when kids behave in a certain weird way because of the anxiety problems that they are suffering from, medications are handed over to them by doctors and they are told that things would work only in therapy. That leaves the parents feeling stuck and afraid but this book on the other hand helps parents take control of the situation and empowers them with ideas.

The book is very comprehensive if you ask me; it has addressed the anxiety issues in general and also covered various aspects about specific anxiety disorder.


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The book wasn’t helpful at all in my case and did not suit the needs of my daughter.

I bought this for my daughter who is an anxious person in general but very well socially happy and adjusted. She is very anxious and gets easily worried by certain things. For example, she is very scared of touching mushrooms as she feels it might turn out to be poisonous.

We consulted with a doctor and he was the one who suggested this book to us. I tried taking the suggestions and completing the exercises mentioned in the book but it didn’t seem very useful. I think there was a lot more to be dealt with and the book couldn’t help us to that extent.


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I love the way in which the information has been presented in the book; clear, non-judgmental and easily understandable to common man. There are no jargons and absolutely no pressure to understand the scientific terms because the author has hardly used any. Things are written and explained in layman’s terms.

Personally, the book was more than helpful in understanding and dealing with my daughter’s anxiety. I made her follow some tips from the book like setting aside a worry time, helping her find apt solutions to her worries, giving the worries different names and talking the whole thing out. It not only helped her overcome her anxiety but also strengthened the mother-daughter bond.

Another suggestion that we followed with full excitement was writing down about her worries and what could possibly happen as a result. That made me have some confidence about what is going on in her mind.

This book will definitely help not just the child but the entire family when they are struggling with anxiety issues.


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I am not someone who would give away 5 stars to a book that easily but this book is totally out of the world and extraordinary in every single way. It is a must have for any parent whose child has been diagnosed with anxiety problems.

The author is a renowned psychologist and has done some good research in the area concerning a child anxiety. So, with that experience he has come up with this book and it contains practical tools that can be used realistically by parents to check the level of anxiety in their child and thereby determine if it is a normal one or something that could get problematic in the future.

The book does not just discuss the problems but also offers various tools that parents can make use of to help their offspring overcome their problem of anxiety. And the way I look at it, the tools that she has offered for children could be of great help to adults too.


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My son has anxiety issues and I bought this book so that I could help him out. It has come as a boon to both me and my son.

This is what I liked about the book:

There are illustrations of tactics that makes it easier for me to work through my child. We have already started off doing activities mentioned in this book and my son is really happy that we are doing it. He eagerly looks forward to those activities cum exercises and keeps asking me when he would get to do more.

I find that to be an amazing thing because if he wants to work towards it, it means he has accepted that there is an underlying problem in him that needs to be dealt with.

The book is simple yet very informative with lots of ideas on various tactics and the ways in which one can implement them. Everything written is common sense in a very organized manner.

And one need not read the whole book to understand things. I pertained reading only those chapters that I thought would be useful for my son.

A great book to help out your child in anxiety…