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GERD Cookbooks


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Hi friends, I found out recently that I had GERD and thought I’d buy myself a cookbook that is GERD friendly. There are just so many options online though, not sure which way to go. Does anyone have any recommendations?


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I think the book, “Gastritis & GERD Diet Cookbook” is a good place to start. When I had to change my husband’s diet the first time around, I was confused too, so I did a lot of research on the best GERD cookbook, but I don’t think there is a single best option. Had to buy three books before finding one that actually worked for him.

This cookbook includes recipes that can delay the onset of various inflammations in the body, but the best part? They are subtle changes in your diet, which is crucial. You don’t even feel like you’ve had to change your diet, and at least for my husband, that was necessary. He has had improvements ever since, so I’d recommend this cookbook.


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My partner had to change her diet entirely and was devastated, so I decided to join her (in an effort to prevent it from happening to me too), and I have to say, I agree with @Edmund.

The “Gastritis and GERD diet cookbook” is pretty awesome. Mostly because the other cookbooks suggested bland recipes. This one does too, but there are some secret ingredients that really help spruce it up.


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I recently told my friends I had GERD and one of them recommended this cookbook to me, “The easy Acid Reflux Cookbook.” Their 30-minute recipes are not only convenient to make if you’re on a timeline, but they are very easy to follow: nothing too fancy, but delicious (well, compared to our staple diet). My son has also been showing signs of acid reflux lately so I’ve gifted him this book as well. But that’s the best part. People think GERD/acid reflux diets are flavorless; that’s because you haven’t had the chance to go through this awesome cookbook


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I will gladly give the “Easy Acid Reflux Cookbook” a 5-star rating because it changed the course of my life. I picked it up because my stomach lining has always been a little sensitive and it concerns me as I grow older.

Also because my mother recently found out she had GERD. By the way, this book has a segment on GERD, probably best to skip that part and get straight to the good stuff. The recipes are great, they are easy to make, and it’s an upgrade from the cooked chicken, steamed rice and vegetables! The other day, for my mother’s birthday, I went nuts and made her veggie tacos (she’s a sucker for tacos) and it was the happiest I’d seen her in months!

I have Karen Frazier to thank for that, these recipes are the bomb!


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Can we take a moment to discuss the cookbook, “Acid Reflux Escape Plan” by Karen Frazier? First of all, I love this woman because I loved her other cookbook, “Easy acid reflux cookbook,” but this one was an upgrade for me.

Mostly because it lets you customize your own meals. Personally, the previous book had a lot of nice recipes but none of them matched my taste palette. This one has a personal triggers guide that literally helps you come up with your own meal plans, by providing you with the main ingredients. This cookbook promised me a healthier and happier lifestyle and I can honestly say that I am a lot happier now.

I can finally have sauces and gravies that are GERD friendly. My personal favorite, however, would have to be the Dijon mustard and soy sauce recipes- I swear, it’s like a dream come true.


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I have both GERD and Gastritis, so I went ahead and bought the “Gastritis & GERD diet Cookbook.” This was a difficult time for me, I don’t have any close family around and had to deal with this on my own. The recipes were not bad, but honestly, I was disappointed by the tone of the writing: it was horrific.

Starting off by explaining what the condition is, the author totally bummed me out to the point where I dropped the book and refused to read it for a week. Also, my appetite reduced significantly, since most of what we could eat tastes like nothing (which as you can imagine, was really dangerous and unhealthy). Anyway, I skipped that part and went on to the recipes. They are nice but honestly, it’s hard for me to compliment anything from this cookbook.


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When you think of Acid reflux/GERD, you can’t help but think of “Acid Reflux Escape Plan!” Not going to lie, when I first starting suffering from GERD, I realized just how uncomfortable I was, constantly and how badly I wanted to get out of the pain.

As impatient as that sounds, it’s true. I tried three other cookbooks, but apparently, the process was too slow. This cookbook on the other hand (suggests it takes 2 weeks, but actually took me 3) but I felt relieved! The recipes are all low-acid, low-fat and low stomach irritable! Highly recommend.


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I think the Easy Acid Reflux Cookbook was a fun choice to go with, the recipes are fun: especially because they include comfort foods like pizza and burgers. I am a little concerned though, are we allowed to eat this sort of food?

People suffering from GERD know just how strict their diet needs to be, and some of the ingredients this cookbook recommends seems to be way out there (not sure). Would really appreciate some feedback on this!


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The Acid Reflux Escape Plan did seem like a good fit for me. I used 3 of their recipes so far and loved them all.