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Good Herpes Handbooks


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Hi all. My friend recently found out that she had herpes and was devastated. I didn’t know how to cheer her up so I decided to buy her a handbook that she would be able to use to fight her problem.

She told me she didn’t know much about the condition, which was weird, because neither did I. Anyway, I went out and purchased “Herpes Blitz Protocol”. Apparently, this is the highest rated handbook for herpes (or at least that’s what the sales rep told me). I sent it over to my friend, and she didn’t respond for a few days.

Later on, she told me she needed some time to process it, and that the book was actually very handy. It mentions a few home remedial methods to decrease the effect, like the use of red onions, apples, grapes and what not. It cheered her up, and I think it helped her too.


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After I first found out I had herpes, I did a bunch of reading up online about different ways to cure it, and I found a lot of e-books that I frantically read through, but most of it was useless to me. I did however like the book, “Herpes Free Guarantee” because there were 6 extensive chapters on what it was, how it can be treated, and the appropriate lifestyle to be adopted, and natural methods to treat it, and so on.

It was a very thorough read and I have to say, it was effective too. Most handbooks on how to deal with herpes leave out the most important part: what it is. Awareness is key in almost every scenario and this is something that most books lack. I would recommend the Herpes free guarantee books (especially to the younger population).


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While I thought that “Herpes Free Guarantee” had a lot of things to offer, somehow I liked the “Hands-on Healing remedies” book better. Don’t get me wrong, the first one gave me a different approach to life, it helped me build up my confidence and believe that I could actually have sexual partners in the future. But the remedies weren’t that effective, to be honest. This is when I bought the second book which honestly changed my life.

I always thought that the whole “natural remedies” thing was a bunch of s**t, but this book actually helped me with Herpes. Now I know this book wasn’t specifically designed to treat Herpes or anything (in fact they don’t really even mention Herpes a lot) but it is very effective. Besides, the notion of not having to treat herpes using western medicine is something that I’ve been telling people too, so that’s the idea.


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If you have Herpes and feel like you need something instantly to find out more about it (and how to treat it), I’d recommend “The good news about the bad news”. This is such an interesting read, filled with informative tidbits that you can benefit from, instantly. What I love most about it is the positive take on genital herpes, which you don’t find very often.


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There are a billion books out there on how to treat and recover from Herpes, but very few that address the issue the spouse has to face when they find out their husband has genital herpes. When my husband (of 3 weeks) told me this, I almost broke down. I didn’t want to make it all about myself, but it was a pretty huge deal.

Then to my rescue, came the book, “the good news about the bad news”. I loved this book so much, I’ve read it about 10 times already but the best part is that it specifies ways in which you can reduce the risk of transmitting it to your sexual partners (which is kind of a big deal). I was really ashamed of his condition and didn’t even know how to bring it up, even though I knew we had to talk about it eventually.

After reading this book, I knew exactly where to start, how to bring it up, and we can even laugh about it now (in small doses). But yeah, it saved my marriage (and my sex life) and I’ll be indebted to Terri Warren for all eternity.


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I can’t believe this is even a question; there’s no doubt that “Making Peace with Herpes” is the best book there is in the market today that addresses the issue of Herpes openly. It’s funny how when people think of herpes, they get all depressed, but in this book, Chris Scipio addresses the fact that Herpes is one of the easiest viral diseases to manage naturally.

Not going to lie, when I first found out, I was a wreck. But that’s because I didn’t know much about it. I heard genital herpes and thought my love life was going down the drain, but never stopped to think about the issue itself. Thank you, Christopher Scipio, for such a thought-provoking and beautiful read.


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The Herpes Free Guarantee was not what I was expecting. The tone used was so market-driven and didn’t feel personal at all. I will, however, admit to this book has a lot of useful information I would never go to myself, but at a troubling time such as this, I’d expect more comfort.


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When my teenage son told me he had Herpes, I knew I had to do whatever I could to support him. Got my hands on a copy of “Managing Herpes: Living and Loving with HSV” and I knew it had all the answers to my (and his) questions.

It focused on the emotional aspect more than anything, and this was very helpful for the both of us. Further, it addresses treatment options, how it will impact your sexuality, and how you can cushion the blow while breaking it to your sexual partner. Highly recommend.