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Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection by John Sarno


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A few months back, I was a victim of many severe problems, back pain being just one of them. Dr Sarno argues that a great deal of pain that we undergo is because of our emotional turmoils and not simply because there is something wrong with our body.

When I picked up the book, the title seemed so damn boring that it made me yawn. But as I dug deeper into the book, I couldn’t help but acknowledge what was written. Doctor theorizes that physical pain could be a manifestation of repressed emotional problems. Over the years, when we keep supressing it deep inside, our minds instead of being tortured with the emotions which could be dangerous, choose to exhibit the same in physical form or as physical symptoms.

And when I perceived that, it led me to means of healing myself. I am lucky lady now!


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I am sure some day the whole world is gonna say how genius of a man is Dr Sarno and how his thoughts and treatment procedures were way ahead of his time. I have been suffering from severe and never ending back pain ever since I was 21, back in 2000 and since then I have left no stone unturned to get rid of that ruddy pain.

There were times when I used to feel better for a while in between but things would go back to square one after a little while. I have been to n number of doctors, took pills more than an average human takes in his lifetime and tried yoga, massages, creams and physiotherapy. But I never got lucky.

A few days back I was browsing over the internet for some different traditional kind of a solution and that is when I saw about this book. I did not believe right away that this book would be a solution to all my woes but I had turned desperate with all that pain and I ordered a copy then and there. When it arrived, it again caught dust for 2 odd months in my shelf before I actually gave it read.

And that was the best decision of my life that I had made in a while. I found it to have quite interesting concepts that I had never heard of in my life. But I gathered courage and decided to give all that was written a genuine try. I finished reading the book in a day’s time and in the same week, I bought the next two books in the sequence and finished reading them too.

As my mind began to accept the things written in the book and putting it to practice, I could see the intensity of my back pain lessen only to vanish completely in the next few days. I am a happy guy now and all credits for Dr Sarno.

Go for it!!!


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I have been suffering from incessant back pain for over 20 years now. The supposedly good years of my life were spoilt because of the terrible back pain I experienced all these years. I wouldn’t hesitate in saying that the quality of my life was completely shattered because of the pain I experienced. Any dare devlish thing I wanted to do, I had to think it over and over again and at last I would end up not doing the majority of things for the fear of aggravating my pain.

I wish I had known about this book earlier as it proved to be a life changer for me. It is a god send for everyone who has back pain; I would rather say anyone who has any kind of chronic pain. It guides you step by step on how to deal with various components of pain in an effective manner so as to give a final good bye to the pain you are experiencing.


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My physiotherapist recommended this book to me. I am glad she did because this is the most interesting medical book that I have ever read in my life. When I started reading it, I was sceptical of the things written in this book but slowly, I started accepting what is written and bought those beliefs totally but that was because as I started putting those ideas into practice, I could literally see desirable results and the intensity of my back pain had slowly started to lessen.

And as of now, I do have back pain at times but light manageable ones not so bad as it used to be before.

I now firmly believe that anger, fear and sadness could take a toll not just on your emotional health but also on physical health and cause major problems to your body. It is just that unfortunately in my case it got exhibited as back pain. I have been having back pain for 11 years now and nothing that any physio or chiropractor did could help me out in any way. According to my therapist, this book was her last resort to helping me. And she really hoped that it would work. And to my luck, it did.

Now I have learnt how to deal with my emotional flare ups and when I do that effectively, my back pain vanishes too as well.


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If this book helped you, I feel you are really lucky!! And I sincerely hope it helps you all the more too. I do firmly believe that mental tensions can display itself as physical pain in various forms.

But I have major problems believing what the author has written and the way he has written is all the more irritating. In most of the pages in the book, the author spends his energy complaining how most people do not believe him and how the medical professional despise his theories without even giving them a try.

From my viewpoint all those complaints are totally unnecessary. It is doing no good and I don’t think it is making any kind of good impression on the readers too. When I read those portions, it just made me feel apprehensive about the book and in no way did it reassure my mind.

The rest of the book consists of various stories on how the author helped heal his patients with his theories but there is nothing in the book that are solid facts. The author never says that even a single concept he talks about is proved; every time he only uses the phrase “he believes” and the frequent usage of that phrase in his book has made me not to believe in him.


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No book has been able to bring about a positive change in my life as this book did. I am astonished by this book as it helped me achieve something that no medicine could do. I have been to numerous doctors, undergone various tests and procedure and paid through my nose for medical bills and medicines. And nothing helped even a little bit with my backpain.

But ever since I read this book, I have had zero back pain. Initially I was hesitant in adopting the ideas conveyed by the author as I could not believe that where so many medicines have failed to work, such ideas would actually help. If you are suffering from back pain and no diagnosis helped, this book could bring about some results. It might look weird and crazy and it actually did when I read it first but since I had tried everything else and all that had failed, I felt hopeless and felt there was no harm in giving it a try.

I was astonished when the tips written in this book actually worked. I never expected it to so when it did, my joy knew no bounds.


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I have read mixed reactions about this book but since it worked for me, I am definitely going to vouch for it. It is a little dragging but when something works for you and helps you heal, it doesn’t seem a big deal.

The book is not just about back pain, although it is the main aspect that is covered in it. It also talks about identifying different kinds of physical manifestations which causes ailments. Once the physical aspect is done, the author Dr Sarno stresses that it is imperative to take a look at the emotional and stressful aspects that might be in the hiding and one may not have paid much attention to it but the author stresses that it is important to look within too.

I am not saying that there might be no medical issues but what I mean to say is there is a major possibility too that things are getting aggravated because of the emotional issues within our minds.