Health and Wholeness Through the Holy Communion


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Though I am devout Christian, I hardly read any books on spirituality because I find it to be too shallow and very often than not, the author wants to promote their own idea. But Health and Wholeness Through The Holy Communion by Joseph Prince sits at a different pedestal. This book, or shall I say, booklet though being a short one is to the point. The book teaches a devout Christian the way to separate bread from the wine during Communion. Jesus had taken our diseases to ensure that we are free of any diseases and lead a happy life. When one sheds wine (blood), it is way of atoning for our sins.

Along with this booklet, one also has to watch Joseph Prince's DVD series where he further talks about Holy Communion. This book has made me realize what I was missing. I have started working on the things mentioned in the booklet.

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Those have gone through the 5-set DVD series of Health and Wholeness Through The Holy Communion would find this book a handy recap. The booklet is amazing and covers most of the points mentioned in the DVD series. A must-have book in the personal library.

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I came across this book when I was admitted to a hospital for a serious ailment and the doctors were at their wit’s end in trying to understand what was wrong with me and what should the treatment.

One night, a nurse came to my room and handed me this book and asked me to go through it. I did as I was told since I wanted to recover at any cost. I would say the book had healing powers. I read and reread the book and after a week, I was discharged from the hospital, hale, and hearty.

I thank Jesus for giving me rebirth and vow that I would not deviate from the path shown by Him.

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Everyone talks about Holy Communion, but do we really understand what Holy Communion is. I do not think so. I am sure even Joseph Prince does not have a clear idea about it. But that is the story for a later date.

Coming to the book, the author tells us that Lord’s Supper is for our health and wellness. Through three chapters, the author tries to convey that Lord Supper is a means of attaining blessing for devout Christians.

The book relies heavily on Prince’s past experience while partaking Holy Communion. The author suggests that he, in the past, rarely took it in an unworthy manner and he, at times, even skipped it. However, Prince does not want Christians to live in such fear, rather requests Christians to embrace it. According to Prince, the drinking Christ’s blood would cleanse us and eating the bread would help us attain a good health. He uses Mark 7:26-28 to buttress his point. Prince also includes in his book testimonies of people who had miraculous healing through the Lord’s Supper.

Though a noble thought, and written in a style that is engaging and understandable, I would disagree with what Joseph Prince says. I feel that Prince does not have a clear understanding of Lord’s Supper. Though he wants us to believe that health and wholeness is linked to it, I could not find evidence that directly correlates both. I would not recommend this book to anyone.


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Joseph Prince’s Health and Wholeness Through The Holy Communion has ideas that are not biblically sound. I believe the author is a prosperity preacher and has a very shallow understanding of Lord’s Supper. I read this book with my Bible and was shocked to see that Prince misused the Holy Scripture to prove his point. I reread the book, just in case I missed something, but it was not the case. The book does not show any documentary evidence for Joseph Prince’s ideas. Avoid this book.

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Joseph Prince’s Health and Wholeness Through the Holy Communion is high on rhetoric and low on substance. I agree that it is informative, but it does not delve into the details. After reading this book, I was asking myself, “now what?" If Prince was so confident about his ideas then he should have published a bigger and more detailed book.

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Health and Wholeness Through The Holy Communion is an interesting book. There are some wonderful ideas that made me look at communion in a different light. Though I do not entirely agree with the author, the thought behind the book is beautiful, and has changed the way I practice my religion.

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This book, though overpriced, is a wonderful book, and worth recommending to others. The book would be appreciated by all those who think of communion as a blessing or ritual. The main focus of Prince's book is showing to the world the healing powers of Jesus. Mind you, this book only works for those who have an open mindset and are ready to accept the blessing from Jesus.

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Health and Wholeness Through The Holy Communion is an easy read. It helps us in understanding the actual significance of Holy Communion and how we can attain a healthy life by partaking it on a regular basis and that too in the confines and comfort of our home. The book also demolishes any misconceptions that one might have when it comes to communion. I highly recommend this book!

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Joseph Prince has got a wonderful ability to write things in a way that is easily understood by everybody. His book, Health and Wholeness Through The Holy Communion teaches us what holy communion is in reality and how it influences our lives. Thank you, Jesus, for making me buy this wonderful book!!!