How To Talk To Men by Matthew Hussey


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I was tired of reading fiction and I thought of reading a self help book this time, for a casual change. I got divorced twice and I always felt both the divorces had something major to do with my lack of communication skills. Also, most people never seemed to like me very much and their only complain was

As I started reading, I realized my intuition was right. I could see the mistakes I made right in front of myself and I thought to myself, “If only I had this book earlier, maybe both my marriages would not have gone down the drain.” Better late than never as they say.

Right now I have a dog and cat to keep me company and I noticed that this book has helped me improve the way I communicate with those furry creatures as well, especially my stubborn cat. You can have your way with your dogs but cats are somewhat similar to most human beings and because of this book, my cat seems to love me more.

Looks like I am finally learning the art of communication and I hope it will help me improve the relationship I share with my fellow human beings and even other animals.

A great read with lots of lovely information backed up by real life instances that make you ponder about how you communicate.


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How to talk to men is a book that not only helps women talk appropriately to men but if read with the right kind of attitude, it can help a woman and a man say the right things at the right time in the right way while dealing with various situations in life.

The book is an excellent tool with which you can learn how to mend your tone and style of communication in a manner that makes it easier for your learner to hear and understand. If you convey things in a way your listener wants to hear it, higher are the chances that he/she will appreciate it, give it a thought and definitely act upon it so that ultimately you get what you want.

A good and helpful read for both men and women who want to improvise the way they communicate in order to get things done.


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I think the book, “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” gives you an honest perspective about how things go on in a man and woman’s mind. But this book is just utter crap and gives you false hopes. The ones who are already married or been in a relationship will definitely know that without my saying it.

I say this with so much confidence because even though I am reading the book now, I have already tried out 90% of the things written in this book with my boyfriend and it never worked. Men are all birds of the same feather that flock together and nothing you do is ever gonna change that about them.

So, I would humbly request you all not to fall prey to this book and waste your money on it.


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I think this book is a must read for all those women out there who are married, in a relationship or trying to be in one. It is a great guide particularly for those women who are trying to find their perfect life partner.

Many a times, women lose out on the men they love or are attracted to because their tongues come in their way. I have seen instances where a woman loses out on the man she loves because she said the wrong thing in an attempt to impress him.

So, if you feel you have made such mistakes in the past, you should read this book as the author has put in lots of efforts to explain things step by step in a very clear manner.


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I have read this book twice and I feel the contents of the book are applicable to both men and women. So, it would definitely be beneficial and bring out the best in both genders if read without a prejudiced mind.

The author not only gives women great tips but if men look at it carefully, they can see how things work from a women’s perspective and that again can solve many issues or arguments one has with their partner to a large extent.

So, I think not just women, even men should at least try and read this book.


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I came across this book while I was looking for a cookbook and bought it out of curiosity because I have many people say that if a woman knows how to communicate properly and effectively and convey her ideas to her man, half the problems in their relationship would be solved.

So, even though I am single currently, I thought I would give this book a read and see if it happens to make my next relationship a shade better. And as I read it, I found it to be very interesting and extremely helpful to women who need advice in this zone, including me.

It was real fun reading the tips and strategies that the author has come up with and I think what, when and how a woman says things to her man makes or breaks her relationship with him. I learnt a lot from this book and I am sure even others would.


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Don’t we as human beings like to pay attention to something that is said and listen raptly if the point being conveyed is done in a way we feel comfortable with??? Ever thought about that??

If yes, then you need to have that consideration and do it for others too.

The author has provided enough number of instances to support what she says and that is a value addition to the book.

A great example from the book that I liked which precisely shows how to communicate with men is as follows:

"Your colleague has been unable to attend a meeting. He comes to your office after the meeting and asks, `How did the meeting go?' This is an open-ended question, and as such it implies that he wants a full, general explanation of the meeting. Do not be misled. He does not want a full, general explanation; what he wants is: `It was a successful meeting. We decided to postpone the sales presentation for a week. John will get back to us about the details.'"

All the author asks you to do is adjust your way of communication in a manner that helps the listener receive what you are sharing instead of getting distracted with all the unnecessary details you have provided.


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I picked this book out when I saw it in a bookstore thinking it would be of some help to me. I am fed up talking to my husband and trying to communicate with him but he either doesn’t seem to listen and when he does, we always seem to disagree with each other. So, I have had enough of that and I wanted some kind of improvement in the way we spoke to each other.

I thought with this book, I could do something from my side to make things better. So, I made amends and changed the style and tone in which I used to communicate to my husband. In fact, I followed each and everything per say as mentioned in the book, desperately trying to notice some changes and when it made no difference even after 3 months, I got fed up and called it quits.

So, I think men listen when they want to and don’t when they don’t want to. This book is a waste of money and a complete waste of your time.


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My husband and I argue a lot; although we did not notice anything much about it because it was never those very heated kind of arguments between us, my sister did when she came over for a week to be with us.

And she felt that the arguments between my husband and me were more than what usual couples have and she thought my way of talking was all to blame for it. She spoke to me about it and conveyed her displeasure as according to her I was being the villain here because of the manner in which I convey things to him.

Two weeks after she left, I received a copy of this book, “How to talk to men.” I thought my sister had gone crazy because I didn’t think it would be of any major help but as I started doing things and talking in way as mentioned in the book, I could see that it helped me to a great extent.

I can even see very well the mistakes I have made in the past while I communicated things to my husband; not that I was right or wrong but the manner in which I told him things messed it all up. The change has been wonderful and we have lesser arguments these days and I think it has brought back the happiness in my life too.

Loved this book completely!