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Jolie Bookspan Back Pain Book


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Hi! I work part-time at an Old Age Home while I study to get my Master’s degree.

As part of my job profile, I need to be strong enough to help pick some of the residents when they fall over or to help them on and off their wheelchairs and such. I work out and am pretty fit, so I didn’t think that would be a problem. But I’ve been suffering from episodes of backaches that prevent me from getting out of bed!

I went to the chiropractor once and while there was some momentary relief, the pain came back quite quickly and I am not financially capable of affording physical therapy at the moment. Someone told me about this book, but I’m a bit apprehensive because I bought a self-help book once before and it was just a waste of money.

Could someone let me know if this book is worth the time and money?


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Jolie Bookspan has written many books on backpain and how to deal with it. As a lawyer and a single dad, I found it hard to carve out the time for physical therapy, as most of my friends, colleagues and professionals would suggest I do.

Her books, however, along with providing great information on the concept of backpain, also come with exercises to incorporate in your everyday workouts (or just daily routine, really). The pain has receded and I am well aware of what to do and what I should avoid. I am extremely satisfied with what this book has to offer.

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I work full-time and recently got a job in an adjoining city. This means traveling an hour and a half to work every day, sitting in my chair for extended periods of time (sometimes as long as 5 hours at a stretch!) reviewing documents on my computer and then, the hour and a half journey back, which almost always extends to two hours at least, thanks to the traffic.

The three-hour drive and 8 hours of sitting around on my rear definitely began to show when I started getting searing backaches. I tried everything from chiropractors to medication and physical therapy but nothing seemed to give me actual relief. An online chat group led to me to Dr. Jolie Bookspan’s books. I got ‘Healthy Living’ and ‘Heal Your Own Pain’.

They were a great read and really helped me learn a lot about myself. Though my crunches were on point, I couldn’t do a single push up, something I didn’t even know I needed! Turns out, it was because I had a weak back.

That and the fact that I actually have horrible posture, which, again, I never paid attention to, till this book. Truth is, you can’t fix something until you know what you are looking for. That was exactly what this book did for me. I directed me to look for the signs of a good posture, which helped me derive that I was severely lacking in that area. I have since, been focusing on making my body stronger.

My diet is in check, my workouts are now a priority and I am ever conscious of my posture. Dr. Jolie’s books are not just literature but a way of living!


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I would definitely suggest this book to someone struggling with or tending to someone with aches (especially but not limited to the back).


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This book honestly covers any kind of pain you may be suffering, in two easy steps- both to understand and to follow. Firstly, what is the pain you are experiencing and why does it recur? Then she discusses what simple techniques can you use to cut it at the source, thus preventing it from coming back.

She deals with pains of all kinds- be it the neck, the back, the Achilles, knees, hips—you name it, she’ll tell you how to get rid of it! It has been an excellent addition to my personal library and I whip it out every time my father-in-law has a hip ache or general back pains. I love this book and can’t wait to know what you think of it!


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I’ve been having a pretty severe ache at the nape of neck for a while now. I didn’t think it was really serious until it started coming back on a regular basis.

This book had some great exercises to help ease the pain. It turns out it was my pillow that was causing the distress and all I had to do was get a new pillow that didn’t elevate my head at an awkward angle. No physical therapist told me that. My husband’s hamstrings were also cramping a lot after workouts.

The simple instructions and the illustrations accompanying them made it a cinch to follow! There were a few grammatical errors here and there though. Perhaps, the editors could proofread it once more and publish the next edition, error-free?

Either way, a definite high rating for the information!

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I’ve been having trouble with my back and my hips for a couple months now. I used to go see a chiropractor but since the pain seemed to be coming back, I realized it was time to look for other options. This book seemed to get really great reviews and so I thought why not give it a try.

There are numerous accounts of people who were saved by these techniques. Somehow, I am not sure I understand how many of the exercises are to be done. The instructions and illustrations, both, seem very vague to me. Though it is clear to me that Dr. Jolie Bookspan knows her stuff, I personally feel she is the kind of doctor one needs an appointment with, to actually understand how to use her book, rather than trying to follow it on your own.

The information was handy, though. Overall, not a waste of my money but I definitely need to figure out how to put it to use.