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Lose Weight Without Dieting or Working Out by JJ Smith


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“Losing weight without dieting or exercising…now that is something that I need to have a look.” This was my first reaction when I heard about J.J. Smith’s book. I got it from my library, loved it and ended up getting my copy.

What attracted me to this wonderful book was the excellent information about detoxing and how it plays a major role in helping people lose their weight. I also loved the way the author tried to highlight the differences between Caucasian women and African-American women regarding biology, various challenges in weight loss as well as aging. A must-have for every individual.
When I first heard that a book that tells us how to lose weight without dieting or exercising was available in a public library near me, I was like “Wow. This is great. I have to check it out.”

I went ahead, loaned it and read it. Before telling what I felt about this book, I would like to say what the book talks about. The book has been divided into four parts with each section covering different aspects of dieting.

The first part talks about:

How we end up getting unhealthy and overweight
The main reasons for a diet failing
Why does exercise not show any results
The dangers involved with sugar addiction
The role played by toxins in our body

The second part of the book talks about crucial steps in attaining permanent weight loss:

Ridding the body of the toxins
Correcting hormonal imbalance
Increasing the metabolism rate
Eating foods which will help in making a person thin
Avoiding foods that tend to make a person fat

The third part of the book talks about DHEMM System:

D – Cutting out sugar, caffeine, white carbs, dairy, animal proteins, and alcohol for initial 21 days. The author also talks about drinking lemonade for a period of ten days to help the body detox
H – Hormonal Balance
E – Eat clean
M – Mastery over the mind
M – Increasing the amount of physical activity

The fourth part of the book talks about women issues only. It also includes many success stories as well as few recipes.

Now my opinion on this book – it is a big letdown. The author talks about various theories but backs it up with articles and studies that are dated. In addition, the author also quotes many articles, studies, but fails to provide the source of this information. Now that makes me wonder if the author is cooking up stuff. I would have given her a benefit of doubt even if some credible source was presented.

Another thing which pissed me off was the title of the book. J.J. Smith mentions in her title not to exercise as I think she believes that it is not essential for weight loss. However, as one starts reading the book, she talks about various activities that are physical. In the real world, riding a bike around and cutting grass without mechanical instruments are considered as exercising.

Frankly, there was nothing new to learn from this book. It was such a waste of time and energy. The only thing that I liked about this book is that it reminds us what type of foods should be avoided. Whether JJ Smith wants to accept it or not, this book falls under the category of exercise and diet book.

I have been eating healthy and have lost nearly two stones and live a happy life. There are much better books out there that would help in detoxing and losing weight than this crap.

Kitty Angel

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Lose Weight Without Dieting or Working Out is a good book. The book provides reasons for everything – why we should avoid white foods, why supplements are important and how certain foods can affect our body among others.

J.J. Smith does not tell you to diet. She is just reiterating what we all know. JJ tells us how important it is to do any sort of exercise and not just strenuous workout. She also recommends reducing the use of dairy products, caffeine, and sugar.

One star less for giving a few recipes. Otherwise, an enjoyable book which I would recommend for all those who want to lead a healthier lifestyle.


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Even though the book was of only 297 pages, it packs a punch. I was only able to read around 100 pages and was surprised by how much information was packed in those pages.

I have had awful experiences when it comes to weight loss. Nearly every person whom I interacted with advised me to drink water, eat fruits and vegetables in order to lose weight, nothing beyond that. I had tried even that, but I did not lose weight on a permanent basis. I finally stumbled upon this book in my library, and I have to say, it answered many of my questions.

The book explains why a person struggles with weight loss, different toxins that are present in our body and how to determine if you are toxically overloaded. I am going with four stars because I have not read the entire book and once I complete the book, would come back and update my ratings.

Awesome pie

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I was given this book as a gift by my colleagues after they heard I was planning to go on a crash diet in order to lose weight. They convinced not to go ahead with the plan and asked me to read this book. I agreed and was amazed by the amount of information present in the book. I used DEM to lose weight and boy does it work. Lost around 6.0 lbs and nearly 3 inches off my waist. I am looking slimmer and I am able to see my ankle bones, something which was impossible up until a few weeks ago. DEM helped me to lose water weight and fat without actually starving. Mind you, all these were within a week of starting DEM.

I am now planning for the 21-day DEM and cannot wait to see how much weight I would end up losing after the program. Thank you, JJ for such a lovely book!!!! I would recommend this book to all those who want to lose weight scientifically.


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This is a worthless piece of garbage. It was not something that I had expected. I thought the book would have recipes that actually help in reducing my weight. But, I was so wrong. Yes, it does contain some good advice, but it is few and far between. The thing that irked me the most was the deceiving title. The title talks about losing weight without dieting or exercising, but the book is filled with advice regarding dieting and exercising. It is another matter that she presented the ideas using different words, which might confuse a person. Avoid this book. Sit on the internet and with a little bit of research, one can easily find much better information than this garbage.

Hooper Crush

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I was advised to get this book to help manage weight loss after a detox. To say that I am deeply disappointed with this book would be an understatement. It contained a lot of redundant information. I did not find anything worthwhile in this book. Such a waste of time.

Deal Cereal

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Whatever people might say, I feel that “Lose Weight Without Dieting or Working Out” was just another diet book. Even though the book does offer some good advice, it is sporadic. The book has all the trappings of a diet book – eat that, avoid this, eat this much, drink that much, do this, don’t do that, etc. The only difference is instead of calorie count the book has portion-measurement.

Also, the book is not properly organized. JJ keeps on going back and forth when she is presenting information, which was a bit jarring. All in all, an okay book.

Nightmare King

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JJ Smith’s book is a good read. The author gives some good advice when it comes to weight loss. The only problem with me is that I have not yet made up my mind on starting the DEM diet. I hope that once I start this diet, I would achieve the desired goals.


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I had bought all the books written by JJ after reading one of her books, but now I am repenting it. She has got a remarkable ability to say the same stuff in all the books. It was such a waste.

Honey Bell

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JJ Smith’s Lose Weight Without Dieting or Working Out is an exciting read. I was able to complete this book within ten days. What attracted me to this book was the DEM system. It excited me and motivated me to start working on losing my weight. More than a weight loss system, I felt it was a tool to make significant lifestyle changes, changes which would be permanent.

Once I decided to start working on losing weight, I spent another few days in preparing myself for DEM. I just wanted to ensure that I have no excuse or regret for not giving my best. Along with the book, I got all the necessary supplements as I did not want to run around once I start the diet. While other things like fish oil, green tea, etc. can be purchased from your local grocery store, the chances of finding particular supplements in nearby stores are rare ( even if the authors wants us to believe it).

The toughest part in DEM system is detoxing and cleansing one’s body of all the unwanted toxins. However, it is not impossible. DEM showed me a new method of eating something which has stayed with me till now. Thanks to the DEM, I was able to lose nearly 50 pounds and nearly eight inches from my waist. People are also complementing on my looks and my clear skin. Thanks to JJ, I am now healthy and looking forward to each day. As I said earlier, DEM is not just about diet or cleansing or detoxing; it is about changing the way we live our lives. In other words, it is a lifestyle change.

Pocket smile

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J.J. Smith’s Lose Weight Without Dieting or Working Out is a wonderful guide. It is a must-have for every individual who wants to lose weight without undergoing strenuous workout or dieting. I loaned this book from a friend as part of preparing myself for a spate of anniversaries and weddings that were going to happen in my family. Since I was the designated driver for getting people around and running errands, I could not afford to diet or exercise, this book fit perfectly with my plans.

I read this book and started implementing the steps mentioned in the book. The toughest part for me was to start the program, but once I eased into the program, I started noticing many healthy changes to my body. The book has not only helped me get rid of the unwanted belly fat, but it has also filled my body with new energy and vigor. Though I got it for losing weight, I am planning to buy this book as I want to attain a healthy lifestyle and sustain it until the end of my life.