Make Your Own Sex Toys Book


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There were many things I imagined to do when I ordered for a copy of this book. But when it arrived, it shattered my imagination, expectations and dreams. I am completely upset that I even bought it.

You are never going to make a sex toy for yourself or for your partner ever reading that book. But if you want to make something to store you sex toys or rather any toys in, this book could be the best help you can get.


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I don’t think if the contents of the book are going to be helpful or not or if one can make sane things out the instructions given in that book but I can assure you that the book is definitely a hilarious read if you read it as a couple.

My aunt told me about this book and I thought it would be a quirky gift for my husband on our anniversary. Although we got around to trying out just 2-3 projects, which didn’t come out so well, we laughed our stomachs out at them. And had fun in a different way!


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I came to know of this book’s existence when I saw it on Jimmy Fallon’s show and I went all wowww about it. I wanted to know what is in the book the very instant, so I went out to a book store nearby and bought myself a copy.

It is filled with some really interesting ideas. I am not sure of they would work or if making and using them is going to be fun or not but reading the book and laughing my heart out was definitely fun.

Also, I think it would make a great gift too.


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I regret buying this book because there was a mountain of difference between what I expected from the book and what it actually turned out to be. I thought I would get to know how to make those sex toys at home for which we usually spend a big sum when we buy it from outside.

But the book turned out to be all about knitting and sewing. They are hardly about sex toys and more about making crochets and I don’t understand how one would use it while having sex.

It was a big time disappointment and I would never recommend anybody to buy this book ever.


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I happened to come across this book when I was at a friend’s place because she had a copy and the book seemed fun. But I wouldn’t give it a 4 or a 5 star rating because it is not something extraordinary; just an average book.

I don’t think with so many professional choices for sex toys available in the market, one would even prefer or try making it at home which can be cumbersome. But at the same time, I would say one can have fun reading it.

I borrowed the book from my friend and read it with my partner. Trust me! We had great fun simply reading it together.


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I had not heard good things about this book from people who had already bought it and tried to use it, so I never bothered to buy a copy for myself although I was always curious to try out making some sex toys at home.

Soon enough my luck favoured me and I found a copy of the book in a local library. I got it issued and started reading it. And the book gave me a sweet surprise with some excellent ideas for making sex toys.

One might get it totally wrong if they think that this book is just meant for couples because there are wonderful ideas for singles too.

Now I have changed my mind and I am definitely going to buy this book so that I have some fun things to do when I am free and I would suggest others who are interested to do the same too.


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The toys the author has come up in this book is not even close to exciting. I had altogether different things on my mind when I bought this book and what is written inside has ruined it all. It is far from being sexy and not even a single project mentioned in the book can help you make a decent sex toy of your own.

I have made things before and I am good at making it; so I know this book is an utter waste.

Please don’t waste your money buying it. I am sure all of you can think of so many better ways to spend your money on than do it on buying this book.


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This book definitely did not make it to my favorites because its terrible and I would have given it negative stars if I had a choice. But this is one of the worst books I have ever come across.

The ideas are all bad and crappy, the pictures used are no good and the paper quality is horrible too. I have simply wasted my money buying the book. If I had pitched in some more money in additional to what I used in buying the book, I could have gotten a few decent sex toys from a good shop.

The book has been a complete disappointment I would say.


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I kind of went into a state of shock when I saw the cover page of this book. I never imagined in the wildest of my dreams that we could make our own sex toys that too in the comfort of our homes.

I was always under the impression that such things have to be bought from stores. But this book has some great ideas on how to make some good sex toys that too in a budget.

I bought it out of curiosity to know its content and how it is made possible and I am glad it did because it could be useful sometime or the other.