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Middle School My Brother Is a Big Fat Liar book report


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James Patterson’s Middle School: My brother is a Big, Fat Liar is another gem. I have read his previous two editions, and this matches with the previous two books in the series.

What is the story about? Well, I will try to give you details without any spoilers. The book talks about Georgia Khatchadorian, younger sister of Rafe Khatchadorian, who is beginning her sixth grade at her brother’s old school, Hills Village Middle School. Those who have read previous editions would know Rafe well. He had built up a reputation of sort in the school, with his goal being breaking every single rule in the school. He had eventually failed and was expelled.

So when Georgia joins the school, her brother’s reputation precedes her and the teachers at the school think her to be same as Rafe. They are wrong. Georgia is NOTHING like Rafe. However, one can say she has a real tough time making friends since in the entire book, we come across only two people who can be considered Georgia’s friends, Rhonda and Sam. Rhonda is an ordinary girl who starts following her while Sam is her crush. Hills Village has a dance arranged for sixth grade, and Sam asks Georgia to dance with him. Georgia says yes, but just before she goes to the dance, her mom tells her a secret that can change her life…What is that secret…..well cannot give out any spoilers. Read it yourself, and you would be surprised.

I highly recommend this wonderfully entertaining and comic story.


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James Patterson’s latest book talks about Georgia, sister of Rafe who was the main protagonist in the previous two books. Thanks to Rafe, the entire school thinks that she is like her brother and she is having a hard time making new friends. The main twist in the plot comes when her mother shares a secret with her that is bound to turn her world upside down. An excellent book, Middle School: My Brother Is a Big Fat Liar is a must-have in every home library.


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I have read Patterson’s previous two books in this series and liked it a lot. So when I heard a new edition had been released, I went ahead and bought a copy.

To say that I was disappointed with this book would be an understatement. The book, on the whole, was okay, but some characters got my goat. I found Georgia to be an annoying character and disliked her very quickly. The manner in which Rhonda’s dialogues were written was also a big eyesore. I mean yes for a change a few dialogues can be written in uppercase, but it becomes irritating after a while. I was so upset with the book that I wanted to hit my head on the wall and finally after an epic struggle, threw in my towel and stopped reading the book when I had completed about three-fourths of it.


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I have read the Middle School series and have to say I found it very interesting. The way he talked about the main protagonist I felt this series would be about boys, so was pleasantly surprised when I read this book, which was through the eyes of Georgia, Rafe’s sister.

I did not find it as exciting and humorous as the previous versions. Sadly, this book is not for girls. There are many books out there which girls with adventurous streak would love to read.


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In my humble opinion, this book is a waste of time. I loaned this book from my local library and kept it down after reading about half of it. The way dialogues for some characters were written was pretty irritating. The humor which was present in the previous books was lacking in this book. One can pass this book.


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I read James Patterson’s latest book in the Middle School Series. Reading the book was exciting. Some of the characters were etched nicely. One can say that the book takes the series ahead by seeing the world through Georgia’s eyes. I cannot say it would suit all types of readers, but one can give it a shot.


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It is often said one should not to judge a book by its cover. I would tweak it a little bit and say, do not judge a book by its title. I made this mistake and paid the price for it. I felt the title of this book was very interesting and the book might have lots of humor and some uniqueness. Alas, all my expectations were dashed when I read the book. This was another run-of-the-mill book which chronicled middle school worries, and there was nothing different in this book. A one-time read.


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One can say that the latest addition in James Patterson’s Middle School series is a good read. The book chronicles a pre-teenage girl’s struggles in making friends and addressing various problems due to her brother’s not-so-great reputation in the school. As a mother of a pre-teen girl, I can very well relate to the characters. My only beef with the book is sketching of some characters and the way some dialogues are written. It becomes a bit irritating after a while to read dialogues in upper case letters.


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Middle School: My Brother is a Big Fat Liar by James Patterson is a wonderful book and chronicles the struggles a pre-teenage girl faces while trying to fit into a new school. The main protagonist Georgia is a well-rounded girl who has excelled in everything she has done so far, in her previous school. But this time, her primary opponent is none other than her brother Rafe who has been expelled from the school due to the various pranks that he has played and his eagerness to break every rule in the book. Rafe tries to warn her that Middle School is not a right place, but she does not give heed to him and goes ahead and joins the school, and how her life turns upside down is the main crux of the story.


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I hate James Patterson’s way of writing. Most of his books have minimal literary merit. But still, he has sold millions of copies, so there must be something in the way he or his ghost co-writers write. An exception to the hatred towards James Patterson’s way of writing is the Middle School series. I cannot say what exactly I liked in this series, but for sure there are few things that got me hooked on this series.

When I heard a new edition has come in my college library, I was pleased as a punch. While the first two editions talk about Rafe and his various pranks and bullying around, this version speaks about the life of Georgia who is struggling to fit into the school which has been more complicated due to the reputation that her brother has created in the school. It seemed to me as if the whole school was conspiring to take revenge on her for the pranks that her brother played on them. What makes the story more interesting and funny is that when Georgia attempts to teach Rafe a lesson, most often than not she fails.

The way the authors have taken on Georgia was amazing. Reading her struggles and attempts to create a new image for her, something much better than what her brother had created for their family made me like the character a lot.

Highly recommend this book.


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Middle School: My brother is a big fat liar is an interesting book. While it captures the problems faced by Georgia very well, I somehow felt that something was missing in this book when compared to the previous editions. This book somehow fails to click. Nothing more than a one-time read.

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Middle School is a place where many dreams are made and shattered. James Patterson, in the latest edition of Middle School series, tries to capture the life of a pre-teenage girl. I will try to tell the story in a gist. Georgia Katchadorian joins the school from where her brother was expelled. Her brother, Rafe’s reputation, does not make her life easier at the school. It seems the entire school is conspiring against her. As she completes a year in the school, she has made more enemies, and only very few friends. Life takes a turn for the good when she forms a band with children from another school and is asked by Sam, her crush if she would dance with him. Viola, all her troubles are over, and the school becomes a better place to live.

So far so good. The only problem I have is that I could not relate to Rafe and Georgia. I felt they had taken their pranks too far and that was not necessary. Even I have a little sister, and we have lots and lots of arguments, but nothing that would make us mad at each other and take revenge. The previous books in this series were good reads, but this book fails to deliver. That said, the author certainly knows how to retain the reader’s interest.