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MS Diet Book


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MS is a painful disease and this book has aided in providing easily prepared recipes that have proven to counteract the effects of MS. It essentially follows the motto Diet Not Drugs is the best defense. it provides an extensive background of the how this diet is helpful. It's rather easy to do a set of recipes and I've personally seen great changes in my health already. Definitely recommend this book to anyone suffering from, or anyone taking care of someone that suffers from MS.


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When my husband was diagnosed with MS, I started intensively studying up on the changes we had to make in our lifestyle to be able to cope. This book worked wonders. It helped provide a clear understanding of how different types of food can affect the condition.

With helpful sections on how to modify my grocery list, what to keep in my pantry at all times and even how to enjoy a meal out, every now and again, not only has it made dealing with this sudden change less overwhelming, but also helped to reduce the severity of the relapse. This book is a Godsent to anyone who needs guidance in dealing with MS.


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Dr. Swank provides a very specific low-carb diet that is both delicious and easy to make. It is not easy for someone suffering from MS and the sudden changes and the agonizing pain can just as easily cause one to be very frustrated.

But this book has really helped to take that weight off your shoulders and be able to embrace the condition and comfortably adjust to the diet that will keep you healthy. As a bonus, the book also provides tips and tricks on how to make sure you are taking care of yourself and not accidentally derailing off the plan. I've been a follower of his diet for nearly 7 years now, I had two children while on this diet and never had a problem during, or after them.

I know it can be hard to keep on moving when you are hurting and just want to be done with it. But I promise you, this book can save you, as it did, me- 7 years ago.


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When I first heard of the Swank protocol, I was overwhelmed at the restrictions I had to make to my food.

This book, however, simplifies the transition process for you. The MS diet primarily reduces the amount of fats you consume every day, which in return, increases your circulation and blood flow. the book begins with a very informative understanding of the condition. The book suggests methods to manage your energy levels as well. While this diet is not a cure for MS, it definitely helps your body from falling victim to the disease, altogether.


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I got this book because I wanted to help my mom with her MS. While I was reading it though, I realized this is not just a book for people with MS but something the whole family can easily follow. There are many books that brag about how to cure MS, but this book merely states the facts and figures with proof.

It took years of studies to finally collect the information for this book and it is easily visible in the pages. It doesn't claim to cure MS but to help you deal with it. I can't tell you how affirming it is to have the clear-cut evidence to these success stories people are always claiming. My whole family has taken up this low carb diet but we have all been doing great. My mother's symptoms have reduced drastically, and the whole family is fitter than ever!

If I did have a small complaint, it would probably be that some of the data may be a little outdated. This isn't surprising since Dr. Swank wrote this book in the 70's. I just think it would be a great book to invest in updating and bringing back into publishing because there are a lot of patients out there that could use the great stuff it has to offer.


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It is not necessary for everyone with MS to have the same symptoms and reactions. While reading the book, I realized this is not a book to live by word to word, but rather a guide to help you get about your journey with the disease.

It considers the fact that you're probably already in a bit of a low, since you may have just found out about your MS or that someone close to you has just been diagnosed with it, or simply that you need to find a path to managing it, hence reaching for this book in the first place.

Dr. Swank and his team of experts did extensive research and compiled studies made on numerous patients also suffering from MS and how their path to betterment was, with respect to the food and exercise suggested in the book. Did all the recipes bode well with me? No. Did every exercise in the book help me? No. But I tried them all out, found what worked best for me and then, ran with it. It's like a universal package if you will- for all MS patients. They provide all the exercises and the food plans that should work.

It is up to you to check yourself and record which of these best fit your body and your condition. I am so much happier now than when I was first diagnosed, two years ago. I have slowly increased the intensity of my workout, something I didn't think I could ever do, and my food habits are in great control. I have gone from being an overweight, sluggish 30-something father with MS, to a fit and active (still 30-something, still an MS patient.)

This book has taught me that my outlook on life can change, with a few adjustments made in the way you look at the disease. I have never been happier in my life!