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Overcoming Social Anxiety & Shyness ebook by Gillian Butler


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I don’t know what is there in this book that makes people talk so high about it.

First of all, the author’s style of writing is too difficult to follow. The sentences are so long and there is so much rambling in each and every sentence from start to finish. I had to read it 3-4 times to understand what is written.

The grammar and the sentence structure was also terrible and there were no punctuation where they should have been.

Reading this book was a frustrating experience; the underlying material might have been good but it is useful to a reader only when the writing style is structured and edited properly.


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As per the author, social anxiety and shyness in a social scenario has various causes and there are different triggers that one might experience.

There are things one might have never given attention to like certain kind of behaviors that might be the cause for all this and the book talks about those things that can help deal a personal situation.

One needs to follow the step by step instructions in order to bring about a change in one’s thinking pattern. The book is a storehouse of those things that has to be done differently in order to reduce negative self consciousness and build self confidence.

A great book for people who wants to get out their shy and anxious shell.


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The book is biased and leads one to do inaccurate thinking. It also encourages a person to do post mortem on what went wrong.

And a point which I did not agree about was bullies have low self esteem. I do not agree with that at all because bullies are people with high self esteem and they feel really good about themselves. They think they are charismatic and cool and are extremely confident.

So, because of all this I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone.


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It is a pretty good book if you look at it in general. There are some extraordinary tips on each page that tells you how to deal with social anxiety and shyness and the author has very well distinguished between shyness and social anxiety.

It is a great read and can be very helpful to those who face problems in life because of anxiety or shyness.


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I bought this book for casual reading and I thought it would be interesting. I also thought it would be helpful because I believe at some point or the other, each and every individual suffers from anxiety at some level.

But I had to skim through most of it because it was getting boring with every page and things written in the book was neither relevant nor useful for me.

But as I read on, I found some very good tactics and exercises which might be helpful.


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The book is very useful and enlightening for people like me who suffer from such conditions. This was the first time I thought of taking help from a book and I do not regret it at all. It was immensely helpful and I utilized the exercises mentioned in the book along with my therapy and I overcame anxiety and shyness in a short duration of time.

It helped me change my pattern of thinking and I could easily reflect the life I wanted to lead. It does sound simple but thinking positive at all times which plays a major role in overcoming anxiety.

The author has made it as simple as possible for those who suffer from anxiety and shyness and lack assertiveness in their behaviour.


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The book is a self-help manual that sheds a lot of light on the psychological aspect of shyness.

The book talks about it being a form of anxiety disorder, a feeling of distress that an individual experiences while being around a large crowd. It also covers the acute aspects, the cases where social anxiety and associated phobia can be crippling for an individual and the consequences are really bad too ranging from inability to perform to alcoholism, drug abuse and even suicide.

The author has very well analyzed the underlying causes, the mental patterns and thoughts that an individual goes through when he is socially anxious and shy and has aptly come up with exercises and experiments that will ultimately help an individual in getting rid of them in totality thereby becoming a confident individual.


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I have a major problem of social shyness and I bought this book in order to help me overcome it. I started reading it and I found that it is one amazing book and contains a lot of information that is great and useful.

The author talks about a full fledged plan that can be adopted to freeze yourself and make you indifferent to social anxiety. I have been following the steps since one month and my condition has definitely improved.

So, socially anxious and shy people, if you do not like the way you are right now, this book could be the best help you can get.