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Not Me Then Who

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Is it just me or is there a severe scarcity of books (text books in particular) on Pathophysiology? I have been driving in and out of libraries, looking for a book that would contain all the topics, but I’m unable to find anything. Could someone help me out? Are there any books you could suggest?

The Dude

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No, @Not Me Then Who, it’s not just you. I have been struggling with the same for a while now. I did, however, come across this one book—COLOR ATLAS OF PATHOPHYSIOLOGY by Stefan Silbernagl. Though it doesn’t quite brush on every major topic, it has an abundance of knowledge. It is easy to understand and interpret and the facts are up-to-date and accurate. Try it out!

Space Walker

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Robbins Basic Pathology is pretty much the Golden standard if you are a student of medicine. Do not get this confused with Big Robbins, though.

Unless you have ample time and at least an intermediate level, you will only drown yourself in the book. This one has all the basics that you need to know before you dive into classes. Once you have a grip on the fundamentals, it becomes a lot easier to keep up with classes.


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If you are at levels MS- 1/2, you will definitely benefit from Robbins Basic Pathology. It gives you a great head start if you are planning on doing some light reading, ahead of time. It will also help you keep on your toes in class, as long as you study it rigorously and persistently.

You can always use sources like Uptodate as a refresher on the topics. However, if you really want to excel in class, I would suggest going one step higher and trying out Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine (20th Editions- Volumes 1 and 2). They are very well written and edited. A plethora of knowledge in one place, I tell you. I have heard people complain about it being very voluminous, but come on.

We are medical students and there is never a “compiled” version of anything, for us. I am positive these two books will help you through your year.

Perfect Harmony

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There is a ‘Father’ version and ‘baby’ version of Robbins Pathology. If you are looking for a very extensive study of Pathophysiology, Robbins Father version is the way to go.

It is a little more advanced, so it will definitely need a lot of your time and a more advanced level of understanding. If you do not have the time and are just starting out, I would suggest the ‘baby’ version.

It is a more fundamental understanding of Pathology. With the kind of competition, one is to face in medical school, it is one of the most commonly suggested books to read so that you are well informed during classes.

I Wisher

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While the actual textbook for Robbins is fantastic, they have a very disappointing kindle version. While I personally found the layout very jumbled, I a friend of mine did not even get the complete version of the book. It is an utter mess.

Please make sure to get the hard copy and not the kindle version. It’s a waste of money!

Flattering Law

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Robbins and Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease is the best selling textbook out there with the most up to date and essential information on pathology. It is well written by a world-class team, constituted of Drs. Vinay Kumar, Abul Abbas, and Jon Aster.

The book consists of high-quality photographs and new information is highlighted. The added authors give this book an added advantage of new perspectives.

Live Pink

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I would have never thought this book could be refined, but Lo and Behold! They have improved a masterpiece of a textbook! It looked less bulky and thus, I was a little skeptical about the content but it is actually made more concise by refining the writing and eliminating the outdated material.

Like its previous editions, it still provides the perfect base for all students starting out in medical school, or even if it’s just for someone interested in Pathology.