Power Foods For The Brain by Neal Barnard MD


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Neal Barnard’s “Power foods for the brain” is an inspirational book. I came across this book when I was going through another article which talked about foods that can enhance the health and power of the human brain. I went to the library and loaned this book. It inspired me to make some small but important changes to my lifestyle. I have started reducing the intake of refined sugar in my foods and slowly increasing leafy vegetables in my diet. I have also cleared out my cheat drawer (which contained chocolates and snacks). I am doing exercises for the brain as well as physical exercises. Let’s hope that these efforts would bring the intended changes to my life.

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Alzheimer’s runs through my family, and I was anxious about protecting myself from this disease. My colleague gifted me this book after I confided into her about my problems. Thank you, Susanne, for this thoughtful gift.

Coming to the book itself, “Power Foods for the brain” gives a unique 3-step program that would help in protecting our brain as well as keep our memory strong. The author emphasizes healthy eating habits and doing lots of physical and mental exercises which is perhaps the best way of fighting this debilitating disease. Like other books, some topics might seem a little far-fetched but all in all an excellent book. Go ahead and grab your copy.

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“Power foods for the brain” is a lovely book, but I am still not buying it. The reason is simple…Most of the ideas that are presented in this book does not have enough scientific data to back them. If the author had put more studies or facts to substantiate what he was talking about, then I would have gone ahead and got a copy. But without data, I am not going to waste my money on it.

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Neal Barnard’s “Power foods for the brain” teaches us a few essential things. We tend to neglect our food which we eat daily despite knowing which food would do wonders to us and which foods won’t. For me, the sweetest victory in life would be the victory that one can achieve over taste buds. Once we conquer the taste buds, we can achieve our goal of losing weight without any issues. This book helps in that endeavor.


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“Power foods for the brain” is filled with excellent information when it comes to dealing with our brain and memory. Some of the information presented were eye-openers, to say the least. The only issue for me with this book is the overreliance on plants to fill up the dietary gaps once we get into the prescribed diet. Those who are vegetarians or vegans, they might not have an issue, but for meat lovers like me and my family, stopping all types of animal proteins is something that we would like to give a pass.


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I have read “The Get Healthy: Go Vegan Cookbook” and “the Cheese Trap” by Dr. Neal Barnard and must say that Dr. Barnard did an excellent job on those books. So my expectations were sky high when I loaned this book. I have to say my expectations were exceeded.

Dr. Barnard has the knack of explaining complicated things in simpler terms. In this book also, he explains that in order to keep our brain healthy, we need to have plant-based food. Dr. Barnard, you rock!!!


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Dr. Barnard has written a few books, and the underlying theme in all his books is vegan. This book is also not different. The content in the book has been repeated. Everybody knows that eating green leafy vegetables is good for our health, but it does not mean that you completely overlook carbs, fat and animal protein. Trust me when I say being vegan is a shitty experience, I have been vegan and my experiences with this diet was anything but pleasant.


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Power foods for the brain is a fabulous book. I have previously read some of his books and all of them were great. This book is right up there. It has got wonderful information, and it does make sense. I always believed that it does not matter how long one lives, what matters is how we live it, and this book just vindicated my stand.


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Power food for the brain by Dr. Barnard is a must-read book. The book does have numerous interesting accounts that lend a sense of readability to it. It has information that is backed by scientific data; especially the one section where it talks about genetics and how a plant-based diet can protect a person even if they have an adverse ApoE allele.

The book also has a chapter dedicated to diet protection with regard to toxic metals as well as a chapter on the effects of vitamins and fat. The author also talks about mental and physical exercises, which is something that many people tend to forget. All in all, an excellent book.


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I must admit that I did not read the whole book, but I was able to get a gist of what the book talked about. The book has a lot of useful information especially with regard to Alzheimer’s. I have read Dr. Barnard’s book on reversing diabetes and went ahead and implemented them in toto in my life. But with this particular book, I felt, the author is promoting veganism. I have stopped taking meat for many years now and drink only filtered water so these precautions would help me a lot. But what about those who are dependent on dairy and meat. They cannot change their habits at the drop of a hat. It would have been better if Dr. Barnard had shown a middle path.

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I liked reading Power Foods for the Brain. It tells us the best food for our brain, one that would protect it from various diseases. The icing on the cake is that the foods that are good for brains are the same foods which would help in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels as well as prevent certain cancers.

Besides detailing various 'optimal' nutritional habits, Dr. Barnard’s book also talks about how important it is for keeping our brain healthy and shows a few exercises that stimulate the mind. He also touches upon the importance of sleep. The overarching message from this book is that there is so much that one can do when it comes to maintaining a healthier lifestyle as well as improving cognitive abilities while preventing or slowing down cognitive decline as one age.

Summing up, it might be fair to say that Dr. Barnard is suggesting people adopt the Mediterranean diet, without meat. He also advocates using seeds, legumes, and nuts instead of fish, which was a bit of surprise for me.

There are some excellent recipes, and though I have not tried them, it does look good and may taste excellent going by the recipes given in other books.

An excellent must-read book.
I have seen a few deaths in my family from Alzheimer's as well as severe dementia. So when I heard that there is a book which talks about this debilitating disease, I went ahead and got my copy, and I am happy that I did it. The book is a treasure trove of information on Alzheimer’s. The book details methods that help in fighting memory loss-- regular exercise, plant-based diet, as well as activities which would help in strengthening the cognitive functions. This book reinforces a fact that having proper nutrition is very important if we want to lead a healthy life; also the fact that changing our diet is not that expensive and the only thing it would impact is the excess fat and the toxins present in the body. I recommend this book to everyone. I give four stars only because at some place there is repetition which could have been avoided.


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I liked the book and its basic premise. The only problem that I have with this book is the way the author throws poor light on lean meat and dairy products. While the connection between cognitive illness and diet is fascinating, some of the conclusions just seemed to be too good to be true. The author also forgets talking about GMO.

The book seems strong in some areas and weak in others, hence would go with an average rating.

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Dr. Barnard’s Power Foods for the Brain is a good book which focuses on having a healthy lifestyle and good nutritious food. However, the book do not talk much about the adverse effects of various minerals such as copper, zinc, and iron on a person’s memory. The author has some valid points when he talks about exercises and how important is it to exercise your brain. But the push was towards veganism, and it is something that I am not prepared to do.


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Power Food for the brain is a good book, but sorry to say; this book is for older people, those who are starting to have memory issues. That said, the book does offer excellent advice on how following a plant-based diet can help in preventing and even reverse certain lifestyle ailments such as diabetes. He also explains in detail about the difference between iron from plants and iron from animals and how too much iron can play havoc with our brain.

All said and done; I am not planning to follow the diets mentioned in this book. I would pass this book.


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Dr. Neal Barnard’s “Power Food for the Brain” is the book to go for if you are looking to have an idea about how food plays a role in keeping our brain sharp. One can summarize the book into five simple steps

· Having a good sleep
· Having physical activities
· Exercises for brain
· Eating a healthy and nutritious diet
· Avoiding anything that could potentially damage the brain (medications, toxic metals, bad sleep hygiene)

It is a simple book and can act as a guide for those who want to follow a plant-based diet.