Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures book

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This book has been my guiding light. Whenever I felt I was not up to the mark, physically or spiritually, I would turn to this book for guidance, and it always delivered. The passages in this book have some amazing charm which is intact even after 119 years. Reading this book has provided me the same enlightenment as I get when reading the Bible. If you just do a quick read, you would not understand anything. The book has to be read with an open mind. It has to be read with a sense of seeking enlightenment and inspiration; only then would it make any sense.

It would not matter if, after the first read, one does not understand anything. Reread a sentence, think about it, let it impact your subconscious mind, think of all the places it can be applied. Repeat the process for every sentence. I agree it would be tedious, but this is the perfect manner to read such books. Keep reading the book, and you surely would find it making subtle changes in your life.
Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures is an interesting book. It is also very uplifting. It gives a completely new outlook towards life. It did for me, and I am sure would have done for others also. A visionary, Mary Baker Eddy’s writings have redefined the spiritual aspect of life. Even if a person is not inclined religiously with a particular faith, they can still read it because of the way Mary Baker Eddy has explained the Bible. It is different from writers during her times and writers who followed her. It is a must-read and must-have in every household.


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S&H is a lousy read. Period. It might be a holy book, but it still is a lousy read. I had read the book, and it made me do something that I never did before. I threw the book out. I wonder how a person can write a book so pathetically. The book just kept on repeating that I was useless, worthless, etc.

I still shake with anger when I think of the book. I have read different types of self-help books, even religious types, but nothing made me lose faith and hope as this book did. The prose is also pathetic. Avoid it.

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I must admit that the book does have some brilliant moments, but then the author loses it. The book feels like a word salad. It is filled with words from 1800, most of which did not make any sense to me.

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Mary Eddy's book shines at particular places but overall felt like pain in the ……. The premise of the book is miracles. The author seemed to advocate that all pain and problems present in the physical world can be easily overcome with faith, and ordinary people can perform miracles. A noble thought, but something which is impractical.
I would recommend this book to all those who need help, be it pain, addiction, financial or emotional stress, absolutely anything. This book has changed many lives, and I am sure it would continue to do so even after so many years since it has been published.

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Mary Baker Eddy’s Science and Health with Key to Scriptures is a beautiful book. The book would not do magic instantly. It takes time. I found a few passages in the book that were absolutely brilliant. I can say reading those paragraphs changed my life completely. A close friend of mine gave this book, and I would remain forever grateful to him. One might be put off with the language, and the content is sometimes repeated, but one can overlook these things if the goal is to change our life and embark on a new journey.
Mary Baker Eddy was demonized for some very strong opinions about the medical practices that were in vogue during those days. Her gender ideas that Mother-Father are equal challenged patriarchal credos, as did her terminology "Mother Church." One has to appreciate this remarkable lady. The appendix has lots of stories about individuals who claimed their health was restored after reading this book. Though one cannot ascertain the veracity about these stories, one can definitely accept that the book did have healing power. It is just how we view it. All in all, an interesting book.


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Science and Health with Key to Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy is an insightful book. The techniques mentioned in the book were stimulating and eye-opening. I experienced some of the so-called healings after I applied these techniques. I must say that these are not just techniques, this is a way of life. While some healing took place instantaneously, others took time, and one illness took nearly 18 months to vanish from my system completely. I would recommend this book to everyone. One would not regret reading this book. You might find it a bit hard to read, but stick with it, and you won’t regret it.
Science and Health with Key to Scriptures was last published in 1910, and there has been no “authorized” version since then. The books that have been floating around in the market are illegal. Mrs. Mary Eddy Baker was not worried about copyright and wanted her works to be in the public domain. She also had not authorized any book but left it to the intellect of the readers to decide which book they wanted to be read. So please be wary of any book masquerading as so-called authorized or copyrighted version of Science and Health with Key to Scriptures.