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Stop the Thyroid Madness Book



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This book is a masterpiece, I tell you. the author, Jamie Bowthrope has a way of writing, which I frankly, was not expecting. She genuinely wants the information she has, to be shared.

She has a way of frankly admitting to the fact that it will definitely have an effect on your quality of life, but calmly explains how you are in control as to what extent that control is till. I had been feeling out of energy and awful, after I started taking the drugs my doctor prescribed. Reading this book opened my eyes to how carelessly we are being treated by the pharma companies.

At my very next appointment, I brought this up with my doctor and after much debate, the medication was changed. This book gave me the confidence to stand up for my health and boldly questioning options rather than blindly following what I am told. You must give this book a read. It changed my perspective on my condition.


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Why do I think this book is a necessity? Well, first of all, the organizations that provide patient care are slacking off, due to which the patient must now take matters into their own hands. Stop the Thyroid Madness had numerous accounts of brave people that come out and share their experiences of negligence that has in turn, led to deteriorating health.

I personally dealt with the same problem, where I was denied proper medication, causing my health to suffer drastically. Reading this book really changed because it showed me that what I was going through was not an isolated incident but rather, an alarming trend. Get the book. Transform your perspective. Be courageous enough to get the help you need!


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When I came across this book at a friend's place, I was not expecting it impact me at all. I thought I would just leaf through the pages and give it back to her but once I started reading it, I realized there were a lot of terms I had come across in my own lab results.

I instantly pulled out all my medical documents and started going through them and noticed I had fallen victim to the gross Pharma schemes and the poorly managed health care and I didn't even know it. I finished the book in one weekend and immediately decided to switch my doctor. I found their free online forum and found a specialist recommended by their resources and met with her.

I am now in safe hands and I feel overwhelmed when I think of the years of struggle I went through, simply because I was unaware of the truth. What worries me now is that there are thousands of people out there who are in the same position I used to be in, completely oblivious and satisfied with the aid they receive, simply because they are blindsided. This book needs to reach the hands of as many people as it possibly can.


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Even though I was on Synthroid for years, it never really made me feel any better. I was still always fatigue and I was light headed a lot.

I had been trying so hard to shed the extra weight but couldn't seem to, no matter how hard and persistently I tried. Then I read this and realized it was because I was not being treated well. Even though I had brought up my condition and how ill I was feeling, even after being medicated, my doctor denied changing it. This book taught me I had options. Jamie is an excellent writer. The book oozes passion and her purpose being sharing the information she has with the world.

I had never really stopped to think about whether there were others out there going through the same situation as myself. I feel empowered now, knowing that there were people out there who actually took a stand and got the care they deserved.


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There are a couple of reasons why this is one of my top suggestions in this area of expertise. She has a most unique style of writing which is both easy to understand and so enlightening. My mother and I have thyroid problems and our doctor put us on the same synthetic medication. While it worked well for her, it didn't seem to suit me. I was nauseous and felt sick all the time.

My condition did not seem to improve, while my mother's did. I was at a loss for words because I couldn't tell what I was doing wrong. Multiple appointments with the doctor were futile as all I got from her was a "learn to cope with the illness" lecture. This book made me realize that there is a much broader variety of prescriptions, which we are not given access to.

The book encourages you to talk to your doctors, ask them specific facts about your condition, specifically and demand access to information they are withholding. To do so, you need to know what you are talking about and that is where this book plays a major role. Not only does it out the pharmaceutical companies on their fraudulent ways, but they also acquaint you with the technical terms and the implications they have on your health.

Once you've thoroughly read this book, you will be equipped to debate any member of the medical field and stand your ground. In case you are still not impressed with the treatment you receive, you shouldn't hesitate to go elsewhere for your medical care. The book provides avenues through which you can get in touch with skilled doctors who will guide you in the right way. Bottom Line, give this book a read. You will not be disappointed.


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This book gives you the courage to accept your condition and make you realize you are worthy of the best treatment possible. With the help of personal experiences and sections full of technical terms you need to be aware of, it prepares you to stand up for yourselves