The Anxiety and Worry Workbook


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Dedicated forum page for the book - The Anxiety and Worry Workbook. Here you may ask questions, discuss book summary and post reviews of the book.. If you have read this as a book or audiobook or in an ebook/pdf format, please leave your opinions. PS: This is a Staff post moved to top.



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The book is alright. There is a lot of information but all of it seems to be highly disconnected from one another. I tried a lot but couldn’t handle it all on my own.

It seemed very complicated and because of that I don’t think this book can be called a self-help one. You definitely have to take help from someone who is a professional, maybe a therapist. And I could not get into or understand the exercises very well too.

I think if someone decides to use this book along with therapy, it might go a long way in helping one get rid of all their anxiety related issues.

The layout is also not too good and can get confusing at times.

So, the way I look at it, there is a hell lot of scope for improvement.


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I am a social worker and I wouldn’t be completely honest if I do not admit that I used to struggle and still do to a certain extent with anxiety. I do not know how I would have dealt with things if not for this book.

It has not just helped me but also educated others around me and helped them to cope with my problems so that they too could help me out in different situations.

It is power packed with great information, very helpful worksheets and the best part is the author has a highly compassionate approach. I would hold this book close to my heart even if I manage to get rid of my anxiety issues in totality.


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I am an alcoholic who is desperately trying to get my life back to what it was. I have been on medications for a long while and that didn’t seem to help me completely.

That is when I decided to see a therapist and she was the one who recommended that I buy this book and start following. I didn’t not think twice about doing it and good that I did not because things have gotten way better than what it used to be and people around me have started feeling it too.

I have a lot going on in my life and I am not ready to just take a pill, be fine for a while and go back to square one after sometime when the effects of the pill wears off.

I am trying my level best to taper off the medication and I think there has been some progress at least. The workbook has indeed helped me overcome my fears, become fairly confident and is slowly helped me become the person, the dad I was once upon a time.


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If you are thinking about buying this book, the don’t think for a long time and just buy it because you totally deserve it.

When I started using this book, all I wished was I knew about this book earlier so that I could that I could lead an anxiety free life. I shall ever be grateful to the one who suggested this book to me.

These days all doctors to is fill you up with medications and they don’t even suggest therapy. But one should understand that therapy is the most effective way out of these things and medications are not a cure, they are just temporary solutions.

You need something solid like this book to help you make your way out of your anxiety and phobias.


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This book could be a game changer for all those who are suffering from anxiety issues, phobias or panic attacks. I have seen many people around me benefit a lot from this book.

In some cases, this book was the sole reason for a person to overcome his anxiety and phobias and lead a normal life.

I have seen and heard people say that the book helped them rationalize their thoughts and think through them when they are anxious in turn helping them to find ways to tolerate their anxiety.

Few have also said that they found the exercises to be a little overwhelming at times but at the end it has helped them a great deal in thinking differently about anxiety.

So, if you think you are on the fence, it is definitely a big reason to buy this book and start using it. I can assure that it is definitely going to help in one way or the other.


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This book is totally worth every single penny you pay to buy it. It has been life changing in my case because it dealt with my anxiety in such an effective manner that it brought my life back on track.

Even if you are not suffering from anxiety or any such issues and want some knowledge on the same or you want to help a dear one out with anxiety, it is equally helpful. The book has so much to offer to even those who are simply curious about anxiety, panic attacks and the ways to retain those anxious thoughts and I would highly recommend it. It is everyone’s cup of tea and there is absolutely no doubt about it.


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This book is good, no doubt about it but I wouldn’t give it a 4 star or a 5 star rating because it is not what you can do all by yourself, especially if you have no idea how to go about these worksheets.

Reading the book alone won’t suffice. If you wish to see a major change in your life, you have to make sure that you do the homework and exercises that comes along with the book.

I bought this book and I threw it aside because I could not figure out how to do the majority things mentioned in it. Then, I started going to a therapist to figure out how to fix things and I mentioned about the book to her. She was the one who coached me through the book and made it useful to me.

There are so many things back and forth between the worksheets and that made self help a little difficult in my case.


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It is an excellent workbook for more advanced CBT skills for anxiety and I say this from my personal experience. I was a very anxious soul since my childhood and things just worsened over the years. Later I was diagnosed with PTSD, panic disorder with agoraphobia and social anxiety disorder.

I was seeing a therapist in order to overcome all this so that I could live a life of normalcy. And it was he who introduced me to this book and along with the therapy I can see it working wonders for me.

I have learnt how to manage my anxiety and control it and not let my anxiety control. It was majorly possible due to this book. I have decided to try other similar workbooks too so that I can get rid of this anxiety and phobia business completely.


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The book has a very different approach to anxiety. As per the author, a combination of exposure plus cognitive restructuring is the most beneficial way in which one can tackle anxiety. Without the use of such an approach, people might be scared or not motivated enough to approach their fears in real life.

The author believes that cognitive work will help get ready to do things that they are uncomfortable with and reduce their anxiety to approach it. It is also a good way of accepting that you are an anxious person. He says, the less you fear being anxious, the less you will feel so.

It is a must have for all those of you who are suffering from anxiety issues and following this book, you will see how soon anxiety and unwanted fear makes its way out of your life.


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I am a cognitive behaviour therapist and I have specialized in anxiety disorders and I very often recommend The Anxiety and Worry workbook to my those patients who I think undergo panic attacks, get excessively worried, and have general or social anxiety due to various reasons.

This particular book is an advanced version and helpful to those who have already read its basic version or for those patients who have a rough idea what CBT is all about.

This book strongly emphasis on cognitive skills in order to help you change your thinking about being anxious. It makes you learn to access unpleasant situations in a much more realistic manner and increase your ability to cope with those situations that make you really anxious.

In my opinion, this is an amazing workbook and if one can manage to do all the exercises mentioned in it, one will definitely be gifted with new skills to manage anxiety and worry.