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The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook (5th edition) by Edmund Bourne


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I struggle with high levels of anxiety on a daily basis and there is so much in this book that throws a lot of light on anxiety. So, it has been really helpful to me.

There were things about what my near and dear ones would feel about the way I react, the manner which I respond because of my anxiety and I was shocked to know how badly I have behaved and found it to be perfectly normal till I read this book.

It has helped me deal with my anxiety issues at many levels and I am definitely sure that I will do my best to spread the word about the book so that it reaches a large number of people.


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What many fail to see is that this book is a self help workbook and it is a great learning tool. What I liked a lot about this book is that there are quizzes at the end of some chapters in the book that helps a person analyze what kind of anxiety he/she might be suffering from.

There is a lot to read about and understand in the book and even a person who doesn’t have any anxiety related issues can read it so that in case they have to help someone, they know what exactly needs to be done.


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I took some time out to read this book because my husband is always stressed out and I fear he might have underlying anxiety issues too. This book has really been useful in the sense I am able to manage him in a much better manner with all the remedies that are given in the book.

There are breathing techniques, herbal solutions and other meditation exercises one can do to reduce the impact of anxiety on our lives.

It has surely helped my husband and I am pretty sure it will do the same to others too. So, one should buy the book and not be hesitant at all to try out what is mentioned in the book.

I know for sure and I can guarantee that it is not gonna let you down.


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I started relating better to things that could cause anxiety after reading this book and I understood that any little thing that you stress about too much can cause anxiety.

And anxiousness on a daily basis makes things worse and the person in due course of time starts suffering from severe anxiety.

The author tells you different ways of fixing things in your life in order to reduce anxiety levels and that includes many things like believing in yourself, the way you interact with others, how well you handle stress etc.

I don’t have any kind of anxiety issues or phobias and I read this book just to increase my knowledge about these things, so I cant particularly judge how well the techniques given in the book would work for someone with anxiety.

It is a lovely book and everyone should have a copy of this book for themselves as we all know how stressful our lives are these days.


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I had time constraints because of which I could not read certain parts of the book correctly and had to skim through it yet I could see that this book was extremely helpful.

A dear friend had suggested this book and it definitely did not disappoint. I had my good days but I have my bad and worse days as well when I struggle a lot because of my anxiety issues.

And this book helped me put things in order and what was once a herculean task became something very simple to do. I am able to handle stress effectively because of which my anxiety levels have gone down too.


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The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook was recommended to me by a nurse who also happens to be a friend of mine. It is a holistic book with amazing ideas to manage the problems of anxiety and overcome them.

The author has made a mention about the medicines that can be used to cure anxiety but a major portion talks about techniques and treatments other than pills like meditation, relaxation. Good nutrition, exercise, positive thoughts etc.

I think it is very useful to a person who has anxiety problems and also to those who do not have anxiety issues. It is a soothing, calming book and one should definitely have a copy.


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I had heard a lot about this book and that it is the ultimate solution to all kinds of anxiety problems.

Since I felt I was in the beginning of my anxiety stages, I thought it is the right time and the right thing to do to deal with it and keep it at bay.

I wouldn’t be totally honest if I don’t admit that there were certain parts of the book that I really loved. The initial chapters had a lot of information on anxiety and the different kinds of anxiety disorders. But as I read further, I started finding things a little boring and couldn’t get myself to read it.

And the solutions mentioned were getting repetitive and the same thing was being talked about again and again for different kinds of anxiety disorders. The author might have repeated all the exercises in order to make it simpler for the person doing it but he should have foreseen that it would get boring after a certain point.


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While I was googling 10 books to overcome anxiety, I found this particular one and I was really excited to read it. There were good reviews about the book too.

I bought a copy and started reading it. I would definitely say it is a life saver for those who experience mild anxiety, panic attacks and have some kind of phobias as well. I am glad that I bought it and am reading it. There couldn’t be a better book to combat anxiety issues.


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The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook definitely contains good and useful information about anxiety and many wonderful ideas to prevent anxiety and deal with it too.

But if you are someone like me who knows about anxiety problems in detail, then you will be able to notice a few drawbacks or the flaws the book has. For example, PTSD and other complex anxiety are mentioned about but are not represented the way it should be.

Also, I found the chapter on “Dealing with Feelings” brutal. It is totally impractical if you look at it in one way. The author wants is to deal with our feelings. His suggestion is if we are angry, we have to take a pen and paper and write down about it in order to deal with it effectively. And this is exactly what I do not understand; if I am angry, then how can I keep calm and write about it.

And how is it possible that you are not responsible for the happiness of people around you. It is utter crap if you say others shouldn’t be affected by your bad reactions and if they do, it is not because of you. That is simply not owning up and taking responsibility in my opinion.

So, I would recommend this book maybe only to beginners.


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The author has put in a lot of hard work in writing this book and has written in detail about the causes of anxiety in which he states the role of hereditary, childhood, stress, short term triggers etc.

He has also written a lot about the recovery procedure, the relaxation techniques that can be used in order to come out of stress and various tips on time management that helps prevent any kind of stress and anxiety.

This book covers all of this and so much more. I would go on to say that it is totally worth it for the money you pay and reading it is totally worth your time.


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This book was gifted to me for Christmas by one of my friends as she thought I was a little anxious about most of the things. When she said I am an anxious person, I didn’t believe her as all that I did out of anxiety seemed pretty normal to me and no one had ever pointed it out to me earlier.

It was when I started reading the book, I realized that I did suffer from acute anxiety and many a times the bizarre and awkward reactions I gave in certain situations was all due to anxiety. There is so much anxiety hidden deep inside me.

Reading this book changed my life. It is to the point, very well written and comprehensive. Now I know how to spot anxiety at the very beginning and also the ways in which I can soothe and calm down myself so that it doesn’t affect me.

It is an excellent guide book to those who suffer even from a small level of anxiety.