The Biology of Cancer by Weinberg


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Dedicated forum page for the book - The Biology of Cancer by Weinberg. Here you may ask questions, discuss book summary and post reviews of the book.. If you have read this as a book or audiobook or in an ebook/pdf format, please leave your opinions. PS: This is a Staff post moved to top.



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I read this scientific novel once and I am going to read it again. During my first read, I wanted to keep reading and never stop and I read it as fast as I could so that I know what’s coming up next. So, this time, I am going to read it peacefully so that I can absorb in more concepts.

The figures given in the book are informative and the illustrations are so beautiful and out of the world.

This book has motivated me all the more to take up research in cancer biology.


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The book has a total of 900 pages and right now I am at page number 365 and I must admit that I have not read a better compelling scientific textbook. It is so damn interesting that I just do not want to put it down at any cost. I even skipped my dinner last night so that I could keep reading this book. I know such things are common with a novel but with a textbook, I have never done it before.

The author recommends reading the book from start to finish and not to read bits and pieces from here and there. And it is totally absorbing that you do not even feel the need to jump from one page to a different page altogether.

Any student is going to fall in love with the book.


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When our professor recommended this book, I had in mind a dull book filled completely with scientific words and nothing more. And I thought I would use it as a reference book but as I started using this book, I realized how wrong I was to judge a book just by its name, not even the cover.

It is simple yet all inclusive and complete by all means and additional information are introduced to you in manner which seems interesting.

This book gets a big thumbs up from my side and I would definitely recommend it to all those who have interest or those who want to kindle interest in cancer biology.


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I was under the impression that scholarly work that deals with a complex subject can never be interesting. But this book changed my opinion for the good.

At times, reading this book made me feel as if I am reading some thriller novel. The author has not made it into a book of scientific jargons and that made things easier for a person like me. And it is the best comprehensive book on cancer biology that I have ever read.

The book also dives into history of cancer and that gives a reader of our generation the knowledge on technical innovations.

Moreover, the book is full of great stuff; the beautiful and profuse illustrations motivate you to keep reading and honestly I did not get bored even at one point and didn’t want to put it down.

I would definitely recommend this book to all those who already have a reasonable knowledge in molecular biology. It is a great and fun way to enhance your knowledge in the area.


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I bought the book thinking it is the perfect textbook on cancers and pathology but as I flipped through its pages, I realized that it is not at all what I was looking for.

It has a lot of information on how cancers work at the molecular level but I am a medical student and I am reading it for a particular purpose but the book simply doesn’t serve that purpose.

I found it to be extremely long making it really boring and it has totally missed out on the pathology part of cancers which was exactly what I was looking for. I would definitely recommend it to an undergraduate who wants to read it for the sake of acquiring more knowledge but it is surely not a textbook for a medical student like me.


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When I bought this book, I was not an expert in cell biology but now I can happily say that I am and it is just because of this book. The book is written with a lot of care and explains all the basic concepts that one needs to know in the context of cancer.

For instance, it gives you an introduction on immune system at the beginning of a chapter that has to do with immunology. So, if you don’t know the basics or needs to brush them up, it becomes really helpful.


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If it is a textbook on cancer biology that you are looking for, then I can assure you that there is nothing else that is gonna be better than this book.

It is not just comprehensive but it also takes you back in time into the historical experiments that were conducted on cancer and explain it to you the way in which we have arrived at the current understanding of what cancer is.

The plus point – There are loads of mind blowing illustrations and micrographs that will make things easier for you to understand. So, it is way more than a usual textbook. I found it like a work of literature, just that it is scientific.


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The book is one of its kind and if someone is interested in the molecular mechanism that our body undergoes as cancer progresses, you should definitely go in for this book.

It is very informative and makes an emphasis on gene instability and mutations that lead to cancer. I was pretty impressed by the way it was comprehensively written in the chapter, “The molecular basis of cancer”. There are a wide range of aspects that are covered in a very organized manner.

This is the second edition and when they release the third one, I am definitely gonna buy that too and recommend it to others.


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The author’s name says it all. For those of you who do not know, if you have picked up a book by this author, then you can guarantee that the book will be well-illustrated and have aa well-organized writing.

I have also read its first edition which was published in 2006 and found this one to be way different than the previous one. There is an updated version of “Hallmarks of Cancer” which is very interesting to read.

A great book, deserves all the stars in the world and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to read about cancer biology and it is a must have for those students who have opted to study this subject as it is one amazing textbook.