The Blood Pressure Hoax Book

Nicky Jane

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I have been dealing with, what I thought at the time was High Blood Pressure. After reading this book, though, I started re-evaluating my condition and it didn’t take me too long to self-diagnose my Magnesium deficiency. I obviously went to my doctor to get medical proof to back me up.

Turns out I was right! All these years, I was being pumped with chemicals for High Blood pressure but It was in fact, a Magnesium deficiency all along! That episode made me go through this book inch by inch! I follow it to the T now and my life has never been better. Once I got the proper treatment, I was cured of my “ailment”.

Bubble Hearts

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This is a refreshing insight into the topic of blood pressure.

Dr. Sherry Rogers debunks many of the medical sciences that are fed to us naïve victims when we go to hospitals or take appointments with reputed specialists. She explains how it is important that we turn to more natural remedies in place of the chemical-packed expensive medication that feeds ever hungry pockets of the pharmaceutical companies and the doctors that point us in their direction.

I have been following her suggestions in diet change and exercise for over 9 months now and my blood pressure dropped to a healthy 136/86. I suggest this book to anyone who is in need of a healthy lifestyle.

Painter Prank

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Why I appreciate Dr. Sherry Rogers is because she says it like it is. There is no masking of words and ideas- she is blunt and to the point. According to her, if you have an illness, don’t just mindlessly follow the prescribed drugs. She explains the science behind your illness. She believes is it more important to get to know your disease if you want to cure it, than too merely suppress it with heaps of chemicals, over an extended period of time.

Once you know what is wrong, look for healthy, natural alternatives to get better and avoid the consumption of chemicals, if you can. She teaches you how to understand your body and how it reacts to anything it interacts with, and lets you come up with a plan that you personally think suits your body best, because at the end of the day, who knows your body better than yourself?

Follow her simple rules and advice and you will feel yourself change in no time at all. I guarantee you.

Yeah Me

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I read ‘Detoxify or Die’ by Dr. Sherry Rogers and it changed my life. As someone who practiced going to the doctor for every little symptom, this book completely changed how I saw illness and treatment.

When I heard The Blood Pressure Hoax was a sequel of sorts, to Detoxify and Die, I knew I had to read it. My mother has been taking medication for high blood pressure for years now and with this book, I was able to coax her into changing her diet, adding exercise into her daily routine. Her dosage has reduced and her health is on an exponential rise.

Couldn’t be more supportive of a book for people striving to be healthy. No matter what their present condition.

Matrix Incident

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Did you know taking medication for High blood pressure not only shrinks your brain, increases risk of heart attack and blindness but it depletes the nutrients causing High blood pressure, thus making sure you stay on the drug for an extended period of time.

That’s right! It’s actually just a pharmaceutical scam to keep you hooked on the drug! This book opens up to the theory of the how ailments of all types- be it something as simple as High Blood Pressure, or Alzheimer’s can have multiple causes and multiple cures.

One must be aware of the former to effectively choose the latter. This book is not a one-stop cure but something you will need to invest your time in. There are many aspects to consider, so much to understand, but it’s all there, in easy to understand language. You merely have to start and I promise you, you will be hooked in no time! Plus, it’s for the betterment of your BODY! It’s worth the time you spend on it!


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Here is a basic question. Who could know your body and medical history better than you? In that case, does it not make sense for you to know everything you need to about your body when it ‘malfunctions’? This is what The High Blood Pressure Hoax is all about.

For a doctor to come out and debunk numerous beliefs of her own field, must mean it’s as serious as that. Why do people only want to go for books like these when they are ill? There are numerous bodily functions that take place within us every second, in order for us to function properly. As the title states, High blood pressure is definitely not something that can only be “cured” by popping pills.

I was absolutely horrified at what they pass for treatment nowadays in the field of medicine, and just imagine, all of these medications, NOT to cure yourself, but to simply numb the effects temporarily. Not only that, but we also have to be wary of the fact that a remedy for high blood pressure should not hinder the proper flow of blood to all parts of your body. Dr. Sherry Rogers talks about how interference of blood flowing to the brain can cause a higher risk of Alzheimer’s—and that’s just one shocking fact!

This book is riddled with nuggets of valuable information about your body, how the prescribed junk in your body could be harming it and what alternatives you have in front of you that are on track to a healthy lifestyle, and something your whole family, ill or not, can embrace. I absolutely loved this book, even though a friend of my wife’s bought it for her. The whole family has come to embrace this new lifestyle and I’m telling you, it works.