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The Blood Pressure Solution by Dr Marlene Merritt


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This book is beneficial to all those who are fretting about how to tackle the monster called hypertension. It is useful to even those who are not hypertensive. The book mainly talks about why high blood pressure is bad for you and how one should avoid blindly taking blood pressure pills. It also talks on ways and means of changing one’s lifestyle which would help in reducing hypertension. The book also gives a list of foods that are good & bad for you, exercises which would help your heart and a whole lot of information. Very informative book. A must read.


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I was coaxed into purchasing The Blood Pressure Solution book after watching the video. When I reached the payment part, the screen conked out. Since I had keyed in my card information, I called them up, and they replied that they would get back to me. To be fair to them, they called but were not ready to listen to my problem and started asking a lot of irrelevant questions. Frustrated and irritated, I just asked them to cancel my order. I have learned a precious lesson. Do not give any card information to these type of dodgy sites.


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Dr. Marlene Merritt's “The Blood Pressure Solution” is a good book. I tried to follow the advice and the diet to the “T.” This book acts a sort of re-enforcer of the fact that eating healthy would help you address all the problems related to the heart. Thanks to the book, I have been able to lower my blood pressure and the medication dosage has also been reduced. Now that I see the results, I would continue with the routine.


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I had ordered the paperback version of this book. The sales video was much better than the book itself. The information is readily available on the internet. My BP medicines work fine for me, and I think for many others also without any harmful effects. I am deeply disappointed with this book. I was just wondering if I would get a refund for this book.


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I got this book from a co-worker who was going bonkers over this book and how this has helped him. But after reading this book, I felt it was much ado about nothing. According to me, blindly believing these type of books is very dangerous. Hypertension is a significant problem. I agree that lifestyle changes could play a significant role in reducing the incidences of hypertension, but it should be done under medical supervision only and not by someone who has not even seen you. These type of decision should be discussed with your medical doctor first and implemented only after their approval.


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I fell for this book after seeing the long video. The price mentioned was crazy. For that price, I could get dozens of good books that talk about blood pressure in depth. One interesting this about the site is that they do not mention the price of the book anywhere, but it does say shipping at the bottom so I was sure that the book would cost a bomb and it sure did.

Coming to the book, it is just a collection of various articles that can be searched online. The grammar is also not up to the mark. A one-time read book at the best. I do not know how the doctor got tricked into getting her name on the book.


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What do you call a collection of brochures and medical magazines found at the local medical doctor’s office - The Blood Pressure Solution. Add a doctor’s name and some fillers in the book and think that people would fall for a less than $50 price tag.

This is the precise feeling that I got after I received the 6" x 9" paperback edition of The Blood Pressure Solution. There is nothing in this book that would set it apart from others. I must say their sales video was much better than the book itself.


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Though the book professes to offer a cure for hypertension, I am not sure it quite hits the bull’s eye. The book felt like a collection of various materials that are easily available online. Vetting by a good professional editor would have at least helped to reduce the numerous grammatical mistakes that dot the book. Avoid this book. One can search online and get materials and books having more in-depth information.


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Hypertension is a serious problem, and I do not feel that there can be a generalization of the problems. It can happen due to various reason, some of which need to be treated medically. Going with nature is good when it comes to lifestyle diseases, but it should not be done without any sort of supervision.


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The Blood Pressure Solution is a good attempt, but it does not offer anything new. For the price offered, it should have mentioned something new. The stuff mentioned in the book is nothing new. If you want to act on hypertension and still want to read this book, try to get it from a library. Visit your doctor to find some lifestyle change options, and it can be controlled. Hope the doc comes up with a better book next time.