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The Doctor's Diet Program Book by Travis Stork


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I read “The Doctor’s Diet” by Travis Stork and instantly fell in love with it. It contains conclusive research in the field of nutritional sciences as well as a detailed bibliography. An E.R. doctor, Stork claims that some of the most significant cases that he comes across in line of duty are cases related to overeating and eating food which is not suited for us. The central premise of this book is to reduce the belly fat, which is one of the most frustrating places where fat is stored. The Doctor’s Diet comes with three-stage STAT program. Stage 1 involves a 14-day STAT plan, which as the name suggests, should be started immediately. Restore Plan follows this stage, and Maintain Plan completes the program. The book also has recipes for each stage.

The only flaw that I could see in this plan is having ready access to fresh seafood and produce. This is especially true for mid-westerners. However, to his credit, Stork allows the use of frozen produce which does not contain excess sugar. This book is recommended for academic libraries that have nutritional science curriculum as well as public libraries.
Travis Stork’s The Doctor’s Diet is an easy read with a diet plan that can be followed easily. I have gone through the book and intend to start the program by this weekend so that I would be ready for the long Europe trip that I am planning after Halloween.

Mr. Peppermint

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You are planning to get The Doctor's Diet as you want to lose weight, right? How does it sound if you are told that the results would be “quick.” You would love it, right?

I also fell into the trap of wanting to lose weight quickly and went for The Doctor’s Diet, thinking if a doctor says it, then the diet has to work. However, I was wrong. The book talks about diet, but after some time, it starts becoming a big bore.

To be fair to Dr. Stork, the book is intended for those who are desperate to lose weight. For many, this book would work. The book also contains some valuable nutritional advice that has got acceptance among scientists and doctors alike. Dr. Stork also makes some interesting recommendations that are worth listing out.

He advises people to eat meat from an animal that is fed grass and live in the open rather than factory farmed meat. Now, this is one thing that I have not come across in any diet books. The doctor is clearly making a distinction between grass fed and factory farmed meat. I have read diet books of many doctors, and nobody has made this sort of distinction. Meat from animals that roam free and are fed grass is a much healthier option.

Dr. Stork also has a go at saturated fats, which surprisingly is very balanced. He does not mix saturated fats with trans fats, again a mistake that many doctors end up doing.

However, there are few points which bothered me a lot. The three main points that bothered me the most in this book are:

Emphasis on whole grains. If one were to go by what Dr. Stork says, then whole grains are a godsend, and anything made from it is very healthy. I disagree with that. Whole grains are not a healthier option. If one is looking to lose weight and wants to eat only one or two slices of bread, they can as well go for white bread. Whole grain bread is notorious for spiking blood sugars at a faster rate when compared to white bread. This is not a good thing as it can worsen a person’s sugar addiction.
LDL Cholesterol. For some reason, Dr. Stork hates LDL cholesterol. My problem with this is that LDL is something our body makes naturally and it does have some essential function. I hate when people call it bad cholesterol. What amazes me is that even doctors call it bad cholesterol. If there is no low-density lipoproteins, then we would not have a healthy functioning brain. The only bad cholesterol is oxidized LDL, which is produced in various ways, such as spikes in blood sugar. Normal LDL cholesterol is not harmful to your body. It is essential for general health. Also, recent research has shown that one cannot link LDL cholesterol with heart disease since it is a poor predictor.
Skim milk. Now, this is where I get confused. Dr. Stork says one should drink whole-milk since numerous studies have shown that it is a healthier option when compared to skim milk. But Dr. Stork also says that he drinks skim milk and advices us to do so. Pray, why? It is not a healthier option even for those who want to lose weight. Drinking whole milk would result in a person having a healthier weight.
There were few other things which I felt were misleading but won’t go into that.

To summarize, if one can overlook these annoyances, then this is the best diet book out there. It would easily beat all other diet books that have been flooding the market. But make no mistake, one should not treat this as a bible of diet books.

There have been numerous advancements in nutritional science so what is correct today might turn out to be a bad thing tomorrow. Those who want to be on a diet should follow this mantra: restrict calories, eat healthy food. Yes, there are different school of thought about what is called “healthy food” and how do we “restrict calories,” but that is for another day.

Sugarplum Chum

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Dr. Travis Stork’s book has lots of informational stuff but hardly any pictures. Is he averse to having photographs in his book? He should know that having no pics in a book makes it a dull and drab reading.

D History

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Dr. Stork’s book is a must read for those who want to lose weight. The book is amazing. It has easy-to-follow plans and encourages you to develop a healthy diet. It also has some easy-to-make recipes, and I have tried quite a few of them, and surprisingly it has turned out great. Even my family loves it, so no more worrying about what to prepare for the family when I am on a diet.


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I had a hard time trying not to laugh while reading this “serious” book on dieting. I have come across a few diet books, but this was the funniest one! If one follows the plan in the book, then you would not only lose your weight, but might also end up losing your mind, sleep and what not.

I mean, the doctor thinks that whatever foods that he has mentioned is readily available in the market and there is no need for alternatives. He also feels that every human being has the same metabolism and the amount of food suggested by him is enough for everybody to feel full. He also wants us to believe that one can also do regular work while following the diet. His diet plan looks like this….for breakfast, a glass of skim milk and one apple, for lunch and dinner, one cup of yogurt(plain) and about half-cup of one or two vegetables. For dinner, you can use oil to prepare your veggies and have a slice of whole-wheat toast. If you are a snacking fellow, then you can go for glass of skim milk.

Oh, I almost forgot. If you want to eat fruits, you can only take grapefruit, berries and apple, no other fruits. The options does increase when you reach the maintenance part, but there is not much difference. And also no sugars and no sweeteners of any type.

Might be wondering why I was laughing…. those who follow this diet for two weeks could definitely end losing many kilos because you are literally STARVING.

You can get much better diet plans and recipes from the internet. Do not waste your time on this trash.
The Doctor’s Diet by Travis Stork is a good book and contains some wonderful ideas. It also has some easy-to-follow advice. Going with three stars because this book is intended for those who want to lose their stubborn fat and not for everyone. I am healthy and very active, so the diet plan is not suitable for me.


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Stork’s book is an easy read. The recipes are simple and easy to make. I have not yet embarked on a diet since I am recovering from the nasty flu and already low on energy. Once I regain my health, would look forward to start on this diet.


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I watched Dr. Stork on a TV show and became an instant fan. His clarity in thought was amazing, and that played a major role in my selecting this book. I do not intend to go on a diet; I just want to see what kind of recipes that I, as a bachelor can whip up without any fuss. An interesting read.

Random Burglar

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A friend suggested me to read this book when she heard that I was trying to lose weight and that too real fast. I must admit, she was very convincing. According to her, Stork’s recipes will not let you feel that you are on a diet. Now that was really interesting because one thing I hate about diet books is that they force you to starve and then proudly announce that you have lost weight.

So you can imagine my shock when I went through the recipes – lentil soup, baked cod, and chickpea salad. Who in the bloody world would want to eat a cold chickpea salad? I was literally cursing my friend when I got a brilliant idea. I used the book as a guide and ended up making my own diet. Keeping the foods mentioned in the book, I found better recipes online that used various ingredients. Now tell me, who would not get excited to eat a chili mango or a chicken salad that has either toasted cashew and sesame seeds.

Sky Bully

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I had a hard time following Dr. Travis Stork’s The Doctor’s Diet. Make no mistake, like all other readers out there, I was also very excited when I started the diet plan, but within a week, my resolve weakened, and I ended up gorging on Buffalo wings.

The diet not only made me starve but also burned a hole in my pocket. The concept is good, but unfortunately, it is not practical. I found a much better diet plan after spending some time on the internet.