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The Easy Way To Stop Smoking Book by Allen Carr



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Dedicated forum page for the book - The Easy Way To Stop Smoking Book by Allen Carr. Here you may ask questions, discuss book summary and post reviews of the book.. If you have read this as a book or audiobook or in an ebook/pdf format, please leave your opinions. PS: This is a Staff post moved to top.



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I was a heavy smoker for many years and was getting increasingly frustrated as my numerous attempts to kick the habit was not bearing fruit. I stumbled upon this book when I was searching Google to find new ways or products that could help me get rid of this habit. I went ahead and loaned the book from the library and read it a few times.

Simply put, the book helped me to stop smoking. I think one of the main reasons why it worked is the fact that I believed every single word that was written there. One should ignore some of the repeated stuff and just focus on the points that are helpful for you.

How successful was the book – I have not touched cig for the past eight years.


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I was always a mild smoker (not sure if the term exists, but I smoked occasionally) for nearly a decade when the bug to get sober bit me. I never had a liking for stuff like nicotine gums and patches and was looking for an out-of-box method to kick the butt, when a colleague mentioned this book.

Allen Carr’s The Easy Way to Stop Smoking works on the simple premises that nobody loves smoking and many have failed to quit because they are not dedicated enough to stop smoking. I read this book one or two times and found it to be exciting. Thanks to Allen, I haven't touched a cigarette for the past three years.

All those who are still wondering if it would work, then give the book a chance, and you would start seeing the results soon.


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I would say that The Easy Way to Stop Smoking is very effective. Truth be told, I was skeptical when I started reading the book, but once I began to understand the content, I felt that the book was becoming assertive. The book works by slowly demolishing all the excuses that a smoker can think off to continue smoking. One can say, you become brainwashed into quitting cigarettes after reading this book.

Was the book successful in making me quit cigs and remain that way? Well, let me tell you a small story. I was invited to a bachelor’s party of a colleague where I was tempted with Marlboro Flavor cigarettes that had a rich flavor. They tried the whole night, but could not make me take one fag. I came pretty close, but finally, my conscience got better of me and I was able to resist the temptations.

Still wondering how was a book able to make me stop smoking. Well for starters, the book makes you feel less depraved about not doing something. It makes you feel glad that you are finally free from the habit. It also teaches you how to become assertive and how to say NO and stick with it.

Even if you fail, you can still learn about the physical symptoms of smoking as well as develop a healthier conscience which would enable you to stop smoking in the long run.

That said, I was put off by the way the book was written. Some of the things were getting repeated which made me feel bored by the time I finished the book.


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This is one book that smokers should lay their hands on.

Given that, the book is not without its flaws. The biggest weakness of the book is the repetition, which was unnecessary. If you say it once or twice and then reinforce it once again, that is enough. But in this book, the stuff gets repeated again and again, and again and again; you get the drift.

The second flaw that I found in the book was the futile attempt at reverse brainwashing. Allen Carr says that nobody likes a cigarette’s taste, which unfortunately is not true. (I like the mint flavored cigs from Camel). The last flaw was the insistence of Carr that one has to put in the hard yards to enjoy smoking since it is challenging to start with and is very distasteful (not sure what he meant since I was quickly hooked on to cigs, after my first attempt).

I tried to quit smoking permanently for at least a dozen times but was never successful. After a few days of stopping it, I would start getting anxious, have nightmares, indigestion, etc. which all seemed to go away the moment I took a cigarette. What finally enabled me to stop smoking completely was the gradual reduction of cigarettes. I started with 30 cigs a day and slowly came to 1 or two and then stopped that also.

I found this book at a local garage sale and paid only $3 for it, and I am happy that I did not spend a lot of money on it. The book did not work for me, but who knows it might work for you.


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I feel Carr’s The Easy Way to Stop Smoking is a reproduction of “The Will Power Method" with a little more gloss on it. One has to know the mental state of a smoker before you can even think of preaching them to stop. If they have the willpower, then a smoker can do anything, even cold turkey. If not, then nothing is going to help.

Coming to the book itself, I think it is atrociously written, and very patronizing and not up to the mark. One can go for many other books if they want help to quit smoking.


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The Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr, in my mind, is too much hot air. I stopped smoking before I read this book. I still went ahead with reading this book, as I wanted to know why my friends were going gaga over this book. I thought that the book might have some tips that would help me to stay away from smoking.

I must admit that this book was not very useful. The book is written poorly with many stuff being repeated again and again. Perhaps Allen Carr must have felt that repeating a phrase several times would make it stick. I also hated how he ended up depicting smokers. We are not pathetic, and we do not need anybody’s pity. Just like any other addiction, we also have nicotine addiction and need help in getting rid of it. But this is not the book.

It can help others, but it did not help me at all.


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The Easy Way to Stop Smoking has had a profound effect on me. I finished reading the book in one sitting and felt the urge to reread it. Over a period of a few days, I started feeling the effects of reading the book as I began to hate cigarettes and after a few months, I stopped it altogether.

Even for non-smokers, this book is wonderful. It explains various things about smoking, things which many people do not have any idea of, but should know. It also explains the primary reason why some smokers find it difficult to quit smoking.

No spoilers from my end. So, go ahead and grab your copy of The Easy Way to Stop Smoking and start living a healthy life.


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The Easy Way to Stop Smoking has not helped me to quit smoking. Period. When I read the book the first time, I felt some of the ideas were great, but unfortunately for me, the book did not work out. Furthermore, things were repeated over and over again. I ended up picking another book which was far more effective.


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There are some posts which could make people believe that The Easy Way to Stop Smoking is the panacea to all smoking ills. It is not. It does offer a new perspective when it comes to smoking addiction. It does provide some interesting facts and how to live a healthier life without smoking, which can interest many people. Unfortunately, it did not work for me even though I read it twice or thrice.


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That The Easy Way to Stop Smoking is a success story is a no-brainer. It undoubtedly has helped many people, probably in millions to kick the habit. Even I have read the book and found some sections that were very interesting. My only issue with this wonderful book is that stuff gets repeated very often. At many places, I felt that the author used it as fillers. If these could have been avoided, then the book could have been more successful and popular.