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The Engine 2 Seven-Day Rescue Diet


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Dedicated forum page for the book - The Engine 2 Seven-Day Rescue Diet. Here you may ask questions, discuss book summary and post reviews of the book.. If you have read this as a book or audiobook or in an ebook/pdf format, please leave your opinions. PS: This is a Staff post moved to top.

The Engine 2 Seven Day Rescue Diet is an excellent book that includes not only success stories which inspire you but wonderful recipes as well. Though I was very reluctant at first to embrace this diet, my desire to lose weight made me plunge headlong into this, and the result is there to see. I have lost nearly 10 pounds, and my skin looks more radiant. Overall, I feel very healthy. It has been wonderful, and I wish to tweak this rescue plan so that I can sustain myself on this diet for a long time.

Lovely Dear

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I first heard about this book from a friend who was raving about the book. I asked her to loan me the book to see for myself what was so special about this book. No wonder she was raving about it. Rip Esselstyn’s book had a lot of studies mentioned which proved that this system does work.

Another thing that attracted me to the book was the number of recipes. Now that is something I look forward to in any book…recipes that could be made easily without breaking the bank. I have got my copy of the seven-day rescue diet and plan on starting the diet just in time for Halloween.

Waving Slamming

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Rip Esselstyn’s The Engine 2 Seven Day Rescue Diet is a good book that talks about health and weight loss. The clarity of thought displayed by the author was what attracted me to this book. The book also has some simple yet tasty recipes which I am sure would satisfy every palate. Another factor that played a role in me buying this book was my vegan diet. Despite being on a diet, I was not seeing the beneficial result and was also not happy with the way my health was being compromised.

Oh forgot the most important thing…this book talks about 7-day diet which is more doable compared to the previous 28-day diet where the chances of falling off the track were high.

Once I start the diet and see the results, I would come back and update the ratings.


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Rip Esselstyn’s book contains readily available information presented in an accessible format. This book is useful for those who want to change their lifestyle and embrace vegetarianism. My personal favorite was the format for meal planning which included gentle reminders for every individual. My family had embraced vegetarianism a couple of years back, and we have not had any major illnesses to date, and my cholesterol and hypertension are under much better control.

I did not get the book for the diet but for its simple and easy-to-prepare recipes. I recommend this book to all.


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Rip’s book is a good and comprehensive guide for those who want to try a plant-based diet. I did a quick read and found this book to be interesting, to say the least. I have not decided on trying the diet program yet, but they seem doable and are not too taxing on the body. The recipes also look very inviting.


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The Engine 2 Seven Day Rescue Diet by Rip Esselstyn’s is an interesting book. The author through his research and scientific proof goes on to debunk or demolish many of the myths that we had thought was either bad or good for us. I do not intend to follow Rip’s suggestions and diet, but I liked the recipes which were mentioned in the book. These looked simple yet very tasty and delicious.

The author through this book forces us to think hard about how being healthy is in our hands and how becoming vegetarian can help us lead a better life.

Lovely Creamy

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Let’s be frank here, the information presented in Rip Esselstyn’s book is not new information. The information is easily available from different sources. But what makes the book different is the way Rip wrote. I will not hesitate to add that Rip’s writing style added zing to the information. Rip comes across as a more accessible and informal person when compared to other authors who work in the same genre.

Another thing that attracted me is the number of recipes. Rip’s recipes focused on breakfast, lunch and even contained recipes for preparing the tasty sandwich. The recipes were not very rigid as found in other books, but more flexible and the ideas presented can help the person to prepare his recipe.

My only beef with this book is that Rip does not give full credit where it is due. He has used numerous studies but has not bothered to give full citations to these studies. Though he may have had his reasons for doing so, but not allowing readers’ access to the information that he has had can raise some suspicion in people’s mind.

Smash Fun

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I am a big fan of plant-based diet and have done my little research. There are many studies out there which time and again have extolled the virtue of eating a whole plant food diet and either limiting or excluding products such as dairy and meat. Following this diet not only improves our health, but it also helps in preventing many diseases from occurring.

The only problem with Rip’s book is that he does not cite the source of various studies that he has mentioned in this book. No footnotes, no author names, no journal titles, volume, list of references, etc. nothing. This does not allow the readers to fact-check the claims of Esselstyn.

I would suggest readers use those books that do not hide details from its readers. There are much better books out there in the market that can guide a person to whole plant-based food.


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Rip Esselstyn’s The Engine 2 Seven-Day Rescue Diet book is a good book. I think people have been attracted to this book due to its straightforward writing style as well as lots of beneficial information. The book explains why a person should opt for a plant-based diet and what the potential benefits of following this diet regimen are. It tries to answers the “why and how” which most of us have.

Coming to me, I was attracted to it due to the number of recipes that have been included. The recipes are simple and easy-to-prepare. Rip also shares tips, shopping lists, meals plans, etc. which would ease the process of getting into this diet regimen. However, I am still not convinced about giving up my quota of rib eye, cheese and bacon. The moment it dawns upon me, I would completely switch to plant-based food. Till then, it is bacon and rib eyes to the rescue.

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Unless you are new to the whole concept of plant-based food or want to switch to vegetarianism completely, this book is not for you. People new to the idea can try their hands on the book in the company of their friends as this might allow you to do batch cooking and share tips. I have been following a plant-based diet since 2010 and felt this book did not hold anything new for me.

The main problem with this book apart from the one that is mentioned earlier is that though Esselstyn uses a lot of references, he does not cite them fully, which makes cross-checking a difficult task. The book also has too much emphasis on Engine 2 Brand (can’t blame Rip, after all, he has to make a living) which I felt somewhat irritating.

I am giving three stars for the lovely recipes that have been mentioned in the book. Loan the book, jot down the recipes and return the book back.

Darling Dragon

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I have been on a plant-based regimen for nearly a decade now and was happy with the way Rip put across his points. He has to be given credit for being a strong advocate of avoiding processed foods.

However, I am not too convinced with this book. While reading this book, I felt as if somebody was shouting at me and forcing me to buy the Engine 2 products. The author could also have given full citations for the reference material that he has included in his book. It would have certainly helped a reader to fact-check or do his research. Besides these issues, there are few major points which I felt has let the book down. These are:

Wrong selection of food to target processed foods: In his zeal to target processed foods, he ended up targeting Pop-Tarts. He talks about how they tom-tom around as vegan products, but in reality have lots of processed stuff in them. He is right when it comes to the processed food part. The issue here is that only a minuscule amount of Pop-Tarts can be called vegan. Most of them contain gelatin, so it is not even vegetarian. Rip could have used another product to target. And the last time I checked, there are hardly any frosted foods that can be called vegan in its true sense.

Sodium: Rip talks about the amount of sodium present in processed foods and rightly so. He then goes ahead and gives a formula for selecting foods that have less sodium (can’t remember it right now). He suggests preparing soup by following the recipe present in the book. The only problem here is the fact that if one follows the nutrition analysis program, then his recipe does not meet his own guidelines.

Trans fat: Now this is something that we all agree upon. Having excess trans fat is not good for our health. However, Rip, in trying to portray that trans fats are bad, end up targeting all dairy and meat products. He does not focus on things like peanut butter, margarine or even pizza. Can somebody tell Rip that the trans fat present in dairy is natural trans fat and much healthier when compared to the manufactured ones? Instead of focusing on trans fats in dairy and meat, it would have been better if he voiced his concerns about other things present in it such as fat, antibiotics, hormones, etc.

The recipes: Rip Esselstyn’s The Engine 2 Seven Day Rescue diet does contain some decent-looking recipes, but when one compares the recipes with those present The Whole Foods Diet, the latter is much better. I felt Rip was trying to sell his brand products through the various recipes.

That being said, this is my personal opinion, and it is not necessary that others might also feel the same way. It is best left for readers to decide which one is better for them.

Marshmallow Man

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This book is a treasure trove for all those people who want to follow a plant-based regimen. The recipes mentioned in the book are practical and can be easily replicated and does not involve the use of any ingredients that could burn a hole in the pocket. I am sure that if one follows the plan mentioned in the book to the “T,” then one would not only lose weight but also feel fresh and radiant.

The best part of the book is the seven-day diet plan. Generally, a person willing to go on a diet looks for a 7-day plan or a 10-day plan at the max. If the dieting exceeds this limit, then the chances of deviating from the program are higher. Rip’s seven-day diet plan is something that anyone can stick to.