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Mental Health The Imp of the Mind Book



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Dedicated community forum page for the book: The Imp of the Mind - Exploring the Silent Epidemic of Obsessive Bad Thoughts by Lee Baer. Here you may ask questions, discuss book summary and post reviews of the book/audiobook/ebook. Please leave your opinions. PS: This is a Staff post moved to the top.


Painter Blue

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After going through a rather messy divorce, I had started spiraling out of control. I would lie in bed and these horrible dark thoughts would keep entering my head. I was certain I was going insane. The divorce had left me broke and I couldn’t afford to see a therapist at the time. A close friend of mine started looking up other possible courses of action and came across this book. It saved me from crashing.

I realized I was not alone and that I wasn’t going insane. I learned to cope with my anxiety attacks and depression. I still keep the book on my nightstand, for whenever I need some extra reassurance.

Painter Activist

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My daughter showed signs of OCD intrusive thoughts when she was 8 years old. Back then, I didn’t know what was happening.

All I knew was that my cheerful little girl had suddenly gone timid and withdrew from crowds, including her own family. She was easily frightened and jumpy. My wife was reluctant to take her to see a specialist and we didn’t want to medicate her at such a young age.

Extensive online research led me to this book and I can not stress it’s impact enough. Disclaimer: this is not a book to make you feel happy. It is a book that dives right into your problems, explaining it and suggesting practices to help you overcome your current state of mind.

Although some of these techniques took up to 4 hours, a day, with careful guidance and implementation, we were able to bring our daughter back to her bubbly self! She is thriving now, many years later and my wife and I owe it to this book and its wonderful author, Dr. Lee Baer.


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I am doing a paper on Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour and this book was so eye-opening. There is a common misconception that OCD is the outcome of the need for perfection, leading to compulsive repetitive action, such as washing your hands or setting the pencils in one line.

This is barely scraping the top, however. What this book does is explain how the root cause of OCD is the thoughts that prompt that compulsive behavior. A thought that cannot, in any way be controlled by the victim. These disturbing thoughts, repeating over and over in one’s mind is what leads the tormented being to find solace in some physical activity such as washing one’s hands over and over, or counting and recounting objects. This vicious cycle has no end and leaves one truly anxious and helpless.

If you know someone struggling with OCD, or simply showing symptoms, you should read this book. If nothing else, it provides a whole new perspective and perhaps you will be able to put yourself in their shoes for once.

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Ego Ever

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I had been seeing very disturbing thoughts, in repetition, for a few weeks. I was both scared and embarrassed to accept that I could, in fact, generate such horrifying thoughts.

Then one day, while watching TV, I came across someone talking about getting help for OCD Intrusive Thoughts. I had no idea until then, that there was something like that. I started reading up on it and realized it was what I had been going through. I didn’t have the money to afford medical help at the time, so I kept on doing my research until I found this book. But I will be honest. I never finished reading it.

This is because Dr. Lee Baer cuts to the chase. He does not sugar-coat your problem for you, but rather explains what you’re feeling and why you are feeling it. While the information is extremely well written, someone suffering from it can find it highly overwhelming. Instead, I confided in my mother, who then, read it for me and helped me go perform the techniques mentioned in the book. I will not lie, it was neither quick nor easy, but it was definitely efficient!

After one year of practicing this book, I am now a much healthier human being- both body and mind! It gave me new respect for people suffering from OCD and other conditions of the mind. It also brought my mom and me closer, since she was just as much part of the process on my track to recovery!


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I would suggest this book for someone who knows somebody who might be struggling with OCD bad thoughts. They need your help and might just be too scared to open up about it, like I was. This book will help you empathize with them and thereby, help them through this battle with their mind.


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I am a therapist and an encounter with a patient led me to do more research on the topic. While I did not find it fit for me to treat the patient and thus referred him to a specialist, it got me intrigued on the topic.

I started reading up on it and came across this book. It had detailed scientific facts that helped me understand the condition on a more professional level. That being said, I can completely see this book being easy to understand by anyone, as the material is broken down into very basic language.

Dr. Baer has done an excellent job of explaining the very crux of the ailment and thereby, helping people who read it, to empathize with the victim. I have to agree with @Ego Ever’s comment, however, in suggesting this book to a third party, who is capable of assisting a victim of OCD Intrusive Thoughts. This is because the victim is held captive in most cases, and hence, some of the harsh facts in the book, when thrown in their face, can be too much for them to handle.

This can send them crashing further. Instead, they need to be aided and slowly pulled out of the caged mind.