The Joy of Sex Book by Alex Comfort


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It is said that old is gold and “The Joy of Sex” is one such treasure. I first read it when I was 14 years old and was hooked to it; so hooked that I got myself a copy when I turned 15.

Since that time, I have read it many times, and it has never failed to inspire me (I hope you get what I mean). I read it as recently as last week, and it still inspired me. God, what would have I done without these type of books?


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“The Joy of Sex” by Dr. Alex Comfort is an absolute classic. The older version was good, but the new version has more illustration and talks about present times. This book is essential when it comes to writing anything about sex. It has helped me grow in my formative period and has been an integral part of the ritual called sex. I would have given five stars but felt that the illustrations were less .


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Rehashing an idea several times has its limits. The first edition of “The Joy of Sex” was a masterpiece. It spoke of sex at a time when the word “sex” was talked about in hushed tones and within the four walls of the house. But the times have changed, and the millennial generation is not afraid of openly talking about sex. I feel that with changing times, “The Joy of Sex” seems to have lost its appeal.


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Dr. Alex Comfort’s “The Joy of Sex” is an enjoyable book. The contents, though outdated, made for a good read. The book advice women against shaving which is a belief I have held for a long time. However, the book has some smattering of advice which sounded crude and did not suit the book. Advice like “Lose weight, fatty” is downright offensive for many plus size people.


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I had read the first edition and the latest edition of “The Joy of Sex.” Both versions are great. The first one got me hooked to the idea of sex, and the latest version made me remember all those lovely moments that I had with my wife. This book has helped me achieve great satisfaction when it comes to lovemaking.


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The Joy Of Sex is a beginners book. The book gives some good advice, but there is one small issue with it. The information provided is not in-depth information. Even though some techniques are mentioned, there is hardly any detailed explanation about it. I tried searching the internet for details but was not able to find it.

For detailed guidance on lovemaking, there are much better books out there. Read this book if you do not have any idea of sex.


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This book is worthless. The idea might have been a rage when it was first launched (I think in the 1970s) but we are the millennial generation, and we have much more knowledge about sex than what the book offers. Though giving advice is a good thing, but giving it when it comes to a personal matter such as sex, it is uncalled for.


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“The joy of sex” is as bad as it gets. One can call this book G-rated. I remember my cousin reading it when it was first released and giving out lucid details. Cut to the present; I am not sure what the intention behind publishing the recent edition was. If it was to talk about the art of lovemaking, then there are much better books out there. If it was intended to reignite the spark, then I am sorry, it is not working.

All in all, a book living on borrowed times. One can pass this book.


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I have read two books that talk about sex - “She Comes First” and “The Joy of Sex.” I would place this book on a much lower pedestal than "She Comes First." Alex Comfort’s book is one quick read. The content is good, but the format was haphazard. Picture this – The book has four sections called Appetizers, Ingredients, Sauce & Pickles, and Main Courses (not necessarily in that order). Each section contains excerpts about various topics but does not delve into detail. One or two paragraphs at the most and then jump off to another topic. The flow and vibe which one gets by reading these books was missing. Perhaps less segmentation would have helped.

To summarize: At best, a reference book rather than a self-help book. A one-time quick read.


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I had heard a lot about “The Joy of Sex” from my elders when the new edition was launched. I was the happiest man when the latest edition hit the market. I goaded my friend to buy it (quite selfish of me) and loaned it from him. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. The book was rehashed in the hope of attracting new and young readers. Sorry dude, this does not work. The book had nothing to offer for my generation.

The book looked like a dictionary for me; I think an indexed encyclopedia would be a better term. Much less said about writing, the better. At some places, the section would start with a sentence and at some places, a noun phrase. I think if it had gone through the hands of a professional editor, the result would have been much better. One more example of confused writing are the sentences that start with “For Her…” Now whether it means giving advice to her or giving information to man when he is enjoying with his partner is not clear.

Clearly, not meant for us….


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I found this book useless. It talks very crudely about sex. The hairy man could have been a rage during the 1970s era, but clean-shaven men are the rage now. At the very least, they could have included photos of clean-shaven men in the recent version. Some tips and information given in the book were certainly interesting, but these were few and far between. It is not worth my time and effort.


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When I read this book, I got a weird feeling of “been there and done that.” The Joy of Sex is nothing but a sex manual that has explicit instructions on how to perform various acts. A much better read would be “She Comes First” or even Kama Sutra, an ancient Indian book. Go for these books if you want to know about sex.


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I have two copies of this book which was given to me by my buddies during my bachelor’s party; talk about excess. I read the book and felt it was an average book. Some interesting tidbits here and there, some juicy information, and some exciting photos. Other than that there was nothing in this book. I am happy that I did not have to spend my money on it.

Oh nearly forgot, if you have a copy, try to keep it away from your kids, lest you end up facing some tricky questions.


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I was able to lay my hand on this beautiful book at the turn of the century. It was my formative period, and any advice regarding sex was welcome. When I was told that an updated version has come, I felt a weird sense of happiness. I loaned it from the library and read it. Apart from some updated photos and some teeny-weeny addition to old information, there was nothing else on offer.

I can only say that the book was great in its heydays, but now it is time to move on.