The Law of Attraction Book by Esther Hicks


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I would call it the most inspiring book that I have ever come across all my life. Before I read this book, I hardly had any clue about how my thoughts could attract things into my life, how the resentment and anger in me for a few things were making it all the more worse for me.

This book lets you know how important it is to be aware of my thoughts and emotions and to channelize their flow in a manner that would be beneficial to me.

I cent percent recommend this book as it has the ability to motivate us to achieve those good things in life which we always wanted to.


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I read this book for the first time when I was desperately in need of some kind of help and this came as a soothing relief. Since then, I have been going back to the book again and again to attract positive vibes into my life, which would make it easier for me to achieve what I want.

There are many people who I know think of this book as something really weird because the authors claim to be speaking to an entity called Abraham and the ideas written in the book as a result of their conversation with him.

But all that never mattered to me because the book brought positivity and good things into my life from all directions. So, I would request others also to keep that judgmental brain aside and give it a try. You never know it could be a real life changer and I know it can because it was for me.


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This is one amazing book and I cannot stop talking about my love for it. Whenever I feel I am having rough day or when things are not going on in my life as expected, I turn to the notes I made while I read this book and I immediately get some peace of mind and relief along with a form faith that things shall definitely improve in my life.

Personally, I have always had a positive experience whenever I applied the principles mentioned in this book to my real life scenarios. I feel elated to say that the law of attraction is a real thing and if you manage to apply it in your life, you will keep attracting everything good that you want.


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If you ask me to sum up the book in one sentence, this is what I would say – WE ARE WHAT WE ATTRACT.

I bought this book after I read about it online and mainly because of the amazing reviews that it had. Many people were of an opinion that this book is an interesting read and I thought it could greatly help my husband.

In spite of the glowing reviews it had, I felt one needs to receive this book with an open mind but with a pinch of salt at the same time in order to understand what is written and to put those thoughts into action in order to achieve what one wants.

It is a great read; I have been following different things mentioned in this book for about 2 months now and I must say it has definitely brought about a few minor but good changes in our life and I think as we progress, we will be able to do better.


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I loved the author’s dialogic style of writing even more than the contents of the book because it is that what has made the book interesting to read without making it boring paragraphs of information.

The author communicates to Abraham through his wife, Esther who is in a meditative state of slumber which helps her communicate with Abraham, the shepherd of her soul. Esther has become the perfect channel through which Abraham answers those questions that Jerry asks him.

And the conversation between the two is something that totally knocked me off my feet and I felt captivated by the philosophic storyline with a distancing effect.

I would say one must read this book for sure and utilize what is written in the book in order to modify their lives the way they want.


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This is the essence of the book:

One attracts the crux or soul of what they are thinking and feeling. If one thinks positive, they are highly likely to attract positives into their lives and if one resorts to negative thinking, they end up subconsciously inviting different negative elements into their life.

The same way you think about achieving something in life with a positive attitude, you are bound to have it. In one liner, the author intends to tell you that every situation in your life, you have invited it through the thoughts that flank your mind or the people who surround your life. And those with similar vibrations have higher chances of attracting each other into their lives.

Here are two excerpts from the book with powerful messages, which if you ask me is completely true based on my experience:

"To better understand the Law of Attraction, see yourself as a magnet attracting unto you the essence of that which you are thinking and feeling. And so, if you are feeling fat, you cannot attract thin. If you feel poor, you cannot attract prosperity, and so on. It defies Law."

"The second Law, the Science of Deliberate Creation, says: That which I give thought to and that which I believe or expect—is. In short, you get what you are thinking about, whether you want it or not."

It is a very good book and I love it. So, I shall definitely recommend it too.


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I chanced upon this book while I was waiting for a train at a metro station. I saw the reference of Abraham mentioned on the book and I didn’t want to pick it up thinking it was a book with some kind of a religious bend.

But the guy who stood next to me sensed what I was thinking and reassured that it is a great book and started telling me the ways in which it had influenced his life in a positive manner. I was more than happy to know it was not a book based on religious texts and bought it to have a positive and happy perspective in life.

The book is definitely great at reminding you that your thoughts and your mind are extremely powerful and can get you what you want, which is true to a certain extent.

But what I couldn’t digest at all was when it said anything and everything that happens in your life is a result of your thoughts. That cannot be true! I believe that there are a few elements in your life that is completely beyond the control of your mind.

Let’s say for an example a cyclone; is it even remotely possible that if you have a positive outlook towards life, the cyclone that has affected your area destroys your neighbor’s house but spares yours??? No, right!! This is what I am taking about when I said a few things are beyond any human’s control. So, saying that your positive thoughts can prevent a natural calamity or anything that is bound to happen is utter rubbish!!!!

I do have faith in the power of my mind but not to such an extent where I despise rational thinking.


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The book is just a pile of crap! I have been believing for years together that I am rich but I can hardly make both ends meet every month. So, I don’t believe in this shit that you think you are rich and it actually makes you rich. And if you do not, then you remain poor. What kind of logic is this and to me it even doesn’t make any sense!!

It is definitely a good thing to surround yourself with positive thoughts and positive people but you cannot overdo it and ignore the harsh realities of your life and be complacent.


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Well, if someone thought the book is all about telling you to have positive thoughts and keep thinking everything is going to be alright, then let me tell you, it is not just that and there is a lot more to it.

As you read on, you find deeper meanings to everything that is written which guides your path into making every opportunity a success story for you.

The book tells you how to ward off all kinds of negative thoughts and condition your brain into thinking positive all the time. I have followed it and the results were magical. I changed the way I thought and made the required changes in my life and it brought about positive things in my life.


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This book was a game changer in my case. When I started reading it, I had doubts if things would work the way as mentioned in the book because the power of the universe and the way we attract things to ourselves seemed a lot fairy like to me.

But as I read further, I could clearly understand how the universe works in that manner and it helped me learn how to re-think about what exactly I wanted to attract in my life.

All these years, it never occurred to me that thoughts are so powerful they can attract prosperity, happiness and love easily into your life and in the same way your negative thoughts can yield you the opposite of this as well.


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The author makes her point pretty clear that if you want something substantial to get it or if you do not want something, then you should get rid of it immediately. But the book has not been addressed in the same manner.

The writers seem to be smitten by the magical powers of the universe because of which they have majorly overlooked the action part of it. The book gets you engrossed in what the universe can do for you if you think in the right direction but it does not lay the required emphasis on what one should do or the efforts one should put in in the right manner in order to achieve what they want.

Positive thinking is just one aspect of it but what we fail to see here is that there is more to it and the most important part is to make efforts in the positive direction.