The Mindful Way Through Depression: Freeing Yourself from Chronic Unhappiness

Always Teste

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The Mindful Way Through Depression offers a step-by-step approach to people who are battling depression. The book deals with the subject in a very scientific manner. One is made to understand the manner in which a person gets depression and the effective steps through which it can be treated. The book’s core message is quite clear and can be explained in two words - be mindful. This is not a one-time read book.

Each section of the book offers a soothing touch to people, invigorates them to start fresh, and underscores the significance of mindfulness. Reading this book with an open mind would help a person to pass through the difficult stages in their life. If one is willing to apply the suggestions offered in the book in their daily life, then they can feel a difference in their lives over a period.

Baby Pie

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I have read this book twice or thrice, and each time, I ended up wanting to reread it. The book has many facets that act as a guide for life. It is something that needs to be revisited frequently, not because one could forget it, but because rereading it allows the essence of the book to permeate into the subconscious mind.

The book has some wonderful concepts such as talking about the need to overcome the habit of dwelling over things. The Mindful Way Through Depression talks about living in the present and enjoying each day as it comes.

An interesting thing that I noticed while reading this book is the fact that it suggests reading it when your mood is up as it would help you to understand the concepts presented in the book in a better manner. It makes sense because when a person is moody and depressed, then the chances of understanding various concepts mentioned in the book is remote. The book gives enough weight to meditation, which, again, makes sense because meditation does help the mind to calm down and allows us to focus on things that are necessary and not on unnecessary things.

My only problem with this book is too much focus on "self." Yes, focusing on self is essential when it comes to dealing with mind, but it should not be to such extreme extent. I tried to put into practice whatever was mentioned in this book and found that by focusing on self, it didn’t help me, but focusing on the bigger picture and praying helped me a lot.

I believe that most of the problems faced by human beings are because of the excessive focus on self and not on simpler things in life. Sometimes, focusing on bigger things in life helps us in getting a handle on things that happen in our life. A must-read for every individual.

Snow Hound

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The Mindful Way Through Depression is a wonderful book and focuses on dealing with depression. The way the book has been presented, I think it should be read by all. The showstopper has to be the CD where a calming voice guides one through the meditation. I had heard this CD before and bought a copy of my own for listening to it in leisure. Highly Recommended!

Blade Ben

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This is an okay book. The first part was worth reading and had some good content. But all this is wasted away in the second part. I had great difficulty in trying to understand the second part. It also had too much repetitiveness and offered nothing new. I felt it would be more useful to read the first part and then go ahead with meditation, instead of wasting time reading the entire book.


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This book is one of the most thought-provoking and sensible books that I have come across in the recent past. The exercises mentioned in the book are useful. The chapter which talks about how meditation can be applied to fight against depression as well as alleviate human life, in general, was an eye-opener.

That said, some of the parts in the book were very tough to understand. I think the use of scientific language could have been decreased to some extent which would have helped the reader in understanding the message.


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The Mindful Way Through Depression is not worth it. The book stereotypes depression as a condition that arises from an unhappy mind. That is completely laughable because as a person who has suffered from depression, I can say that it is not just the mind that is responsible for this condition, even though it is a major player. The book also does not offer any actual scientific data. It is just filled with psychological jargon. One can pass this book.


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This book offers the perfect combination. In the first part, there is a scientific explanation about depression and how it impacts a person’s life. The second part consists of meditation which acts as a soothing balm for an embattled mind. I'm hooked to this book and plan to reread it.


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To be frank, I am rating an unfinished book. So my judgment can be biased. But there is a reason for not completing the book. It felt so boring. Some of the stuff that was written was too difficult to understand. There was also too much of repetitiveness in the book. I felt reading this book would be a waste of my precious time. Instead, I went ahead and heard the CD which was somewhat better.


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I had suffered from depression for a few years and was taking medicines for it. I never felt the need to know why I got the problem in the first place. This book acted as my guide in understanding what depression was and why does a person get affected by it. The book gave me a routine and a set of tools which has helped me in my battle against depression. This book also throws light on the importance of circadian rhythm and how light can play a role in getting my circadian rhythm back on track. This is a great book, with perhaps a small issue – Excessive use of scientific jargons. If it could have been simplified, then this book would be useful to everyone.


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Most of the books on medication, as well as depression, are depressing since they only focus on the science behind it and rarely offer a solution or routine to fight it. This book comes as a breath of fresh air. The ideas were presented crisply and concisely. Though there were some tough scientific jargons and some repetitiveness, all in all, the book was excellent. The CD was an excellent addition to the book. A must-have copy in all the homes.