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The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier


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The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food From My Frontier by Ree Drummond is a must-have cookbook in every household. I am madly in love with this book. This is my first cookbook from this author and if this is so good, wonder how other books would be. I tried the Sloppy Joes and Carnitas pizza, and they were terrific. What I liked about the book is the simple language and the use of photos which complemented what has been written by her. I can say the book is a visual treat. I have a wedding coming up in the family and think this would be a perfect gift for them.


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I love the cookbook series of Ree Drummond. I loved her first book and Food From My Frontier. I would proudly say this book is the best to date or shall I say exceptional. For me, two things are essential in a cookbook – good recipes written in simple language, and enough pictures to help visualize how the food would look like. Ree’s latest book checks these two boxes for me. It was a joy to read it. I tried a few recipes, and even though it did not come out like those shown in the pics, it sure did taste wonderful.


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Ree Drummond’s The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food From My Frontier was a good read. Mind you this book is not for those who are on a diet. Coming to the recipes, I tried out most of them (one every weekend), and all of them were very filling and tasted delicious. The spicy pizzas and the Rib-eye steak with the blue cheese sauce are the favorites of my family.

The thing I like about this cookbook series is that it is written by a down-to-earth woman Ree who makes no pretense about calories etc. Her food is for the family. The recipes are also easy to prepare. If you have some time with you and you care for your family, go ahead and prepare a few recipes from this cookbook and your family will love you for it. My family does.

The only flaw or issue (if you want to call it one) is the excess amount of photos. Yes, a few pictures would have been fantastic, but I feel this book has far too many of them. Many would love it, but I thought it was somewhat irritating. If one ignores this problem, then you have a wonderful cookbook.
I have to give it to Ree. In this day and age when people are starving themselves with diet and looking for food that burns fat, Ree comes out with this type of book.

I had heard a lot about this book and went ahead and bought my copy. When I went over the recipes, I was astounded. These are hearty recipes that contain a lot of meat, cheese, fat, cream, etc. Though the title itself gives away what type of recipes the book is going to provide, I never realized it would be this much. I have no issues with cream or cheese, but most of the recipes focus on red meat.

Besides, this book is not for vegetarians or vegans. So being a vegetarian, most of the recipes are useless to me, but my family loves it. When I prepare food based on this cookbook, I have to either starve or prepare separate food for me, which I prefer not to. Ree could have included a few more recipes that had less meat and more fruits and vegetables. The recipes also are not something new. I have come across these recipes in other cookbooks.

This book is excellent material for newbie cooks. But for old hands like me, it was just another cookbook. I gave this book as a gift to my nephew, who loves it and tries out new recipes almost every week.
Pioneer Woman rocks!

Personally, I do not like cookbooks, especially those with family anecdotes and photos. It takes the fun out of cooking. I prefer recipes that I create on my own, but I made an exception for Pioneer Woman. The story goes like this. Once my brother invited me over to try rib eye steak prepared by him. I was a bit apprehensive because cooking is not one of the many qualities that he possesses. Still, I went ahead and tried it. I was pleasantly surprised. The steak was lovely. When I asked him the recipe, he showed me this book.

Long story short, I went ahead and bought a copy. My thinking was that if it can make my brother a good cook, I was imaging how helpful would it be for me, as a chef and an owner of a local restaurant.

Coming to the book, it is a great book. It has many recipes, and all of them are hearty and filling. The book contains a step-by-step process for each recipe, and each of them has a photo which makes it easier to understand. I have tried out nearly all of the recipes, and they have turned out to be great; the favorite being White Chicken Enchiladas and Honey-Plum-Soy Chicken. The desserts also turned out wonderful.

Wondering why the four stars – I felt there was absolutely nothing for vegetarians. With more and more people preferring vegetarian food, it would have been prudent for her to include more vegetarian recipes.

Crazy KupKakes

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First things first. I respect The Pioneer Woman, and I am happy with the success that her franchise has had. That said, I feel this book is not for me. I have come across most of the recipes that are mentioned in this book in other books and on the internet. It would have been nice if she had included a few new recipes as that would have increased my interest in it.

I also have an issue with the format. Step-by-step process and photographs for each step are wonderful, but for beginners. For people who already cook, this is a big disappointment since each recipe spills over to two or three pages, which becomes somewhat irritating after a point.

Sadly, this book did not click with me.

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Ree is the reason why I started cooking again. I used to cook a lot before marriage. But after marriage, my wife started preparing such lovely dishes, that I felt there was no need for me to chip in. Last year, she became bedridden after a horrific crash and running the house fell on my shoulders. Not wanting to disappoint her, I started searching various books for new recipes and stumbled upon this book. The recipes, though running into few pages, were simple to make and turned out delicious. Even my kids loved it, which was a surprise since they are very picky eaters. I thank Ree Drummond for coming out with this wonderful book. Thanks to the exceptional doctors and the lovely food, my wife’s recovery is back on track.

Not saying that this book is a miracle, but hearty and filling food works like magic on a person. Thanks, Ree Drummond!!!!

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This is not how a cookbook should be published. Having too many photos and personal anecdotes makes it feel like we are preparing food for some other family. At least I feel so. For me, a cookbook should have a simple recipe and one or two photos about the recipes. Nothing more.

Another issue with the cookbook is that the recipes included are over the top and cannot be made every day. It is only for special occasions. That being said, the French onion soup was delicious.
The cookbook is okay. The recipes are simple and have a lot of detailed steps, but I felt Ree took the detailing to the next level. There were too many steps and photos for each step making every recipe run into two or more pages. This kind of detailing would have been good if the recipes were quite complicated, but these were bloody simple recipes. I think if the author had focused this book on beginners, the detailing would have made more sense.

Also, the cookbook focuses more on heavy dairy and bacon which is something that does not interest me. But can’t blame her too, she has to feed cowboys and maybe that was what in her mind when she penned down the cookbook.

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I had loved Ree first book, which was a sort of foundational book. This book, though very simple, focuses more on heavy dairy products and red meat. Yes, meat can be added to any recipe, even salads, but too much emphasis on meat is not proper. Others might love it, but I do not.

That said, this cookbook is an easy read and shows how a cuisine of mid-western America would look like.

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I love Pioneer Woman and watch her blog, shows, and her books. The cookbook series is incredible. She has penned some simple recipes that are not only fulfilling but also tasty. Modern US cooking has been focusing more on diet food etc. and lacked a focus on preparing wholesome food. This book does just that and can help the families get back together over lunch or dinner.

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I read and reread Ree Drummond’s Food From My Frontier, but was not able to pick one recipe that I could prepare; because there was nothing new in them and I regularly make most of them. However, the book has lots of pictures and is presented nicely.