The Top 10 Paleo Diet Foods You Absolutely Need


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Annabelle Thorn’s The Top 10 Paleo Diet Foods You Absolutely Need is an excellent book. The book is laced with humor and the author’s excitement while talking about Paleo food shines through her writing. After reading the book, I have decided to switch to a Paleo diet.

I have tried many diets, Atkins, South Beach, HCG, etc. and nothing seemed to work for me. I want to reduce around 15 pounds to reach my stated goal of achieving 145 pounds. Added to the problem is the fact that I am gluten intolerant so have to depend on soy milk. Won’t bore you more with my sob story…..

Coming to the book, as said earlier this is a wonderful book. The author gets straight to the point – gives a brief introduction about the food, some fun facts associated with it, followed by the health benefits that the food in question possesses and a simple recipe that includes this food.

Even the foods that she talks about are readily available in your supermarket. I do not think one should have any issues with including fruits and veggies like bananas, avocado, cauliflower, spinach, cabbage, apples, blueberries, walnuts among others in their diet.

Thanks, Annabelle for such a wonderful book. God Bless!!!!


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The Top 10 Paleo Diet Foods You Absolutely Need is a power-packed book. I am very skeptical when it comes to nutrition books as well as books which tom-toms the benefits of XYZ food. I was very hesitant even to read this book. My fears were put to rest by my husband who read the book and said: “Honey, let’s do this.”

That statement along with my curiosity getting better of me, made me read the book. I was amazed at the amount of information that has been packed into such a short book. I read and reread it. What impressed me was the fact that there were no fillers in the book. It was all to the point and nothing over-the-top. Food, intro, some facts, benefits, and a recipe.

Like my husband, even I am impressed and would start trying out the recipes from today itself. Thank you, Annabelle Thorn!!!!


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When it comes to books, I love short and straightforward books, and this book falls right into the category. Thanks to Anna, I came to know about the health benefits of some of the common vegetables and fruits that we find in the market and do not even give a look (yours truly included).

Another facet that I liked about this book was that these recipes are straightforward to make and do not cost you much. So one can even save money even while gaining health. I will deduct one star for not including more veggies and recipes. It would have helped me to rotate my recipes around for a more extended period.


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Have you seen a blog post masquerading around as a book (kindle format)….no? Well, do not worry. Annabelle Thorn’s book is a perfect example. I found only one or two recipes that were somewhat interesting. Might be suitable for beginners but for people who have some knowledge about nutrition, this book is a waste of time.

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Reading The Top 10 Paleo Diet Foods You Absolutely Need is a sheer waste of time. The things mentioned in the book is easily available on the internet. Just Google it and you would get tons of recipes. A book that flattered to deceive.


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Annabelle Thorn’s book has some excellent information, but this so-called book is replete with numerous errors. In fact, calling this a book is an insult to books. This is more of a pamphlet. Besides this, the author says she has chosen these 11 “superfoods” but provides no justification for selecting these particular foods. I am sure there are other foods also that can be included in this. I am also not sure why she added one more food as a bonus (is it because we bought her book). Sounds silly. It would have been enough if she said 11 foods blah blah blah. It might be something related to marketing. Also, the fruits and vegetables in question are not perfect for Paleo only, they are perfect for other diets also, so branding them as a Paleo diet is not correct.

That said, some of the information provided in the book was wonderful, and I never knew about them. The price was also quite affordable. Also, the so-called “superfoods” are readily available in the market, easy on the pocket and can be cooked very quickly.


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This book should be called the beginner's guide to Paleo. I mean this book is so basic. Nothing new that I do not know off and not helpful at all. I have done some nutrition research on my own and was surprised to see that coconut has not been included in this book. People who have some knowledge about paleo and nutrition can take a pass on this book.


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The Top 10 Paleo Diet Foods You Absolutely Need is a well-written book and contains some wonderful information for those who want to embark on a Paleo diet but are not sure where to start. The book has got a wide range of fruits and vegetables that I think caters to every palate. The food mentioned in this book is not restricted to Paleo but are healthier in general.

My only grouse with this is the content. There is nothing new, just the stuff that everybody knows. The author could have released some new edition which could have included more foods. If you have an idea about Paleo food, then there is no need to get this book.

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At around 50 pages, this is perhaps the shortest diet book I have ever come across. I hate dieting and believe that eating healthy food and exercising a lot helps us to stay fit. I read this book for recipes, but even that felt so dated. Not planning to reread it.

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I liked Annabelle Thorn’s The Top 10 Paleo Diet Foods You Absolutely Need.

Though not considering to start a Paleo diet, I liked the book especially the way it was presented. There were no unnecessary fillers. The foods that were included are readily available in the market, and one need not break the bank to get it. I am planning to try out some recipes and see how they come out.

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This book is essential for those who intend to start a Paleo diet. It contains lots of information for them. Even for others, one can learn some interesting stuff. I came to know of some tips on saving money without compromising on the health of the person. I would certainly like to give it a try.


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For starters, I have searched for the perfect guide that would help me in my quest to be healthy and this book by Annabelle Thorn comes quite close to it. I have gone through various books which mention the names of many foods but do not tell how beneficial they are for us. But this book has changed all that. I know some of the fruits and vegetables mentioned are healthy foods, but had no idea about the health benefits.

I recommend the book to all those who wish to live a healthier life.


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At last, I have been able to lay my hands on a book that helps me to fight fat. Annabelle’s The Top 10 Paleo Diet Foods You Absolutely Need is worth reading. The author keeps it short and sweet. Every food that has been mentioned in the book is readily available in the market, and the addition of these veggies and fruits can help a person to have a perfectly balanced diet. An absolute worth-read book for every individual, Paleo or no Paleo.