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Too Fat to Fish by Artie Lange


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Dedicated forum page for the book - Too Fat to Fish by Artie Lange. Here you may ask questions, discuss book summary and post reviews of the book.. If you have read this as a book or audiobook or in an ebook/pdf format, please leave your opinions. PS: This is a Staff post moved to top.



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One thing I can guarantee is you will definitely enjoy this book if you are an ardent fan of Artie Lange but if you follow him for the sake of watching something or the other during your pass time, then I don’t think you will feel for the book the same way as an Artie fan does.

Since I am not a big time Artie fan, this is honestly what I feel about the book:

I don’t think any effort or creativity has gone into writing the book as the way it is written gives an impression that things have been recorded, read out, typed and then printed. Many a times, I have even found it difficult to focus on the point that the author is trying to convey without wandering off.

Then there are things that the author has written which made me think if this guy has a shallow mind. It might be true and honest but personally I found it to be a bit flat.

He has done a good job in putting the life he lived till now and it is interesting too and he might have had a tough time bringing it all into the light that too in the form of a book. I am not sure if I would have the courage to do the same thing had I been in his place.

What I gained from reading the book is, it is the life story of an addict who got lucky in life and enjoyed a lot of fame because of his ability to make people laugh and then of course sheer luck. That’s all!


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I am totally floored by Artie’s story telling ability. And I think I developed a soft corner for him because both of us were brought up in the New Jersey suburb. When the places were being described I could feel memories coming alive in my mind and it literally took me back in time.

At times, tears rolled down my eyes because of happiness and at many other times, it was because I felt sad reading about what Artie went through and my heart couldn’t help but sympathize with his condition.

Thank a ton Artie for this exceedingly amazing book.


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I honestly do not know how many of you will believe me when I say this but the book was more depressing than being funny. I had to spend a few days alone at home since my wife was on a field trip and I thought this book could keep me company and make me feel light hearted while she was away.

But as I read on, I found it to be heart wrenching and it got me teary more than making me laugh. The author has certainly done a great job penning down the darker side of his life as an addict but for a guy like me who was expecting the book to be entirely different filled with lots and lots of humor; the same old repetitive sad stories did no good.

And I don’t trust this author completely as his life is a big heap of lies. I have no ill feelings towards the author or this book but I did not like at all the way it was delivered.


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Jokes and Artie Lange go hand in hand and when I say this, I mean it because he actually does that. I have seen how the guy is capable of turning anything into a joke and when it comes to jokes he does not mind at all sharing his dark deepest secrets or his most embarrassing moments into jokes.

At times, when I watch his shows, listen to him or read his books, I get this strong feeling that he is a born comedian. Never ever have I felt for once that he is struggling to make things up, to make people laugh or make them feel light etc. I find them to be genuine, coming straight from his heart and I think that’s the reason it goes straight into my heart too.

The book is a great read, not just this one, I find all his books to be thoroughly enjoyable. C’mon man, who can make a joke out of his own heavy drug abuse and be humorous about one’s own death. Trust me, this guy can!


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No Artie fan should ever miss reading this book. If at all you happened to read others books authored by Artie, you might find a few aspects to be repetitive and similar to what he has written in his other books. But if this happens to be the first book of his that you have read, I am pretty sure you will enjoy his dark humor, feel for him when he feels sad, and jump with joy in his moments of happiness. I know because the exact same thing happened to me.

I am floored by Artie’s honesty. What I already knew even before I read this book was his life was a hell of a roller coaster ride before when he was nose deep into drug addiction, since I was a big time follower of his shows but I didn’t not think that he would ever speak up and narrate the most embarrassing stories of himself without having second thoughts of what people would think about him.

After reading the book, Too fat too Fish, I have become a greater fan of Artie. I have started liking him so much that I would very badly like to meet him in person and have a one on one chat. I want to tell him how much he means to me!


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I never was or am a fan of Artie or his show but that is no reason that I would not appreciate the good qualities that I see in him and the best one out of the lot is his honesty; he is brutally honest when he talks about his life. And that quality of his kept me motivated to turn to the next page. I laughed, I was in tears, I was overwhelmed all at the same time while I moved from one page to another.


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I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book which is entirely based on Artie’s crazy life and his career in comedy. I was already aware of his drug addiction issues and how that became a stumbling block in both his personal and professional life as a comedian. As a matter of fact I found an eerie resemblance of his drug addiction affected life to that of other celebrities, especially many of the geniuses in the world of comedy.

But it is different from those in many aspects and if one has already read books that fall in the same category, it will be easier to realize how this particular one makes a far more entertaining read than the others.

If you are an Artie fan and you want to know all about his life, including things that he has never spoken in public about, like me, then I would for sure recommend this book.


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Artie is no doubt a good story teller and the book definitely had some really good touching moments but once I was done reading it, I realized that it was not for me at least. I found the book to be extremely repetitive. I don’t blame the author entirely for that because he was writing about his addiction and when there is addiction of some sort, things keep repeating and it becomes a never ending cycle.

I also didn’t approve the way he portrayed women in his book. I know that it is quite usual to hook up with someone and have a casual fling but the way he wrote it kinda put me off.

I think it failed to impress me because I am not the right audience for this book; else the book is a fine cocktail of emotions and humor.


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I had received many positive reviews about the book when I expressed my interest in it but most of them were from the fans, and since I had never watched the show, I was not sure if I would like the book the same way as the fans did.

But to my surprise, this one very quickly made its way to my list of highly recommended books. I must say it is a fantastically written book and one must definitely give it read at least once.

The author is a master storyteller and the book is all about the events that chronologically happened in his life which includes both the ups and downs. The author has his dark side too and the most highlighted and recurring among them is his drug addiction.

I am happy that I picked up this book