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Useful Pancreatitis Cookbooks


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I had a sudden pancreatic attack a week ago, and ever since, I’ve been looking up all the facts to make sure it doesn’t occur again.

Amidst my extensive research, I came across The Pancreatic Oath. It was a great read. I thought I had done my fair share of reading, but I was shocked to see there was so much more for me to learn. Thank God for the book! I now use it to guide myself through my daily diet. It has excellent tips and tricks that help you stick to the plan. Not to mention the amount of weight I am dropping, just because of the diet.

I highly recommend this book to someone who is new to this illness and wants to gather all the information you can.

Gods Own Girl

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I’ve been following The Pancreatic Oath. Why I think this book has worked for me, over the countless others out there, is that this program accounts for modifications and adjustments.

We can’t all adapt to certain food types- some need to focus on certain elements more. This book lets you figure out what suits your body best and accordingly, follow the meal plan tailored for you! It’s perfect. The diet plans are easy to follow, delicious and I feel so much healthier! I’ve already lost 13 pounds and I haven’t been on the diet long. Plan on following this for a while at least.


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I saw this book at the local bookstore called The Pancreatitis Diet Bible and bought it, so I could make my husband some new meals. I was stunned by the scores of mistakes- grammatical, spelling and factual. It’s almost as if this book was just a first draft that was accidentally printed. To say I was disappointed with this purchase would be an understatement. Does anybody have any suggestions on good cookbooks for Pancreatic conditions?


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Hi @Juilius_Sneezer. If you want a good book that helps you get started on understanding Pancreatitis and want information on pancreatic health, I would suggest you try “Understanding Pancreatitis and Pancreatic Cancer. It says it all in the title.

It doesn’t have many recipes, although the author also wrote a book Diabetes Without Drugs which serves the job of a cookbook much more thoroughly. But the sheer amount of information I found out about Pancreatitis was enough for me to recommend this book wholeheartedly to someone else who was in the same ignorant position as I was in, only a few months earlier.


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A couple of months ago, I had nearly lost my battle to Pancreatitis. After being brought back from the brink of death, I thought it was high time my specialist and I came up with some sort of scheme, to improve my quality of life. However, I started to realize that these changes weren’t really improving my condition in any way.

A friend of mine suggested I do some digging on my own and in turn, introduced me to Candice. Her books have been a form of redemption for me. I started to follow her suggestions in the Pancreatic Oath and It’s been great. I found out more about my body than I ever knew possible. It’s been a learning experience and here I am, a year and a half later, completely cured of any pancreatic issues.


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I have been struggling with pancreatic issues for years now and was unable to find a permanent cure for my problem. So instead, I was always hopped up on medication to ease the pain and other symptoms.

Problem is, this is just a momentary relief, which fades the minute the effects of the drug wears off. I happened to come by this book online and figured I had nothing to lose. That was 2 years ago. I have been following the Pancreatic Oath religiously since. About 2 months into the program, I went in for my Doctor’s appointment, and he was stunned. He simply told me to keep doing whatever it was I was doing because it was clearly working!

My blood work was never better! My energy level is incredible and I have never felt healthier in my life. I am not a much better person—I was able to kick some of those bad habits I just never had the motivation to do before. Please try this book, guys! It could change your like also!


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I started following the PNP diet a couple years ago. I went into it with very low expectations since this wasn’t my first diet plan (I guess you could say I was a serial dieter) and I didn’t expect for It to be my last.

Boy was I pleasantly surprised! I lost over a 50 pounds in the first year, and needless to say, I never looked back. Why I personally think this book is great is because it doesn’t just give you one diet to follow. That is why this plan was fundamentally better structured. While other diets tell you what to eat and what not to eat, this book is more of a guide.

Candice follows the principle “One shoe does not fit all—You got to browse a little. Find out what your body reacts to, what it needs, and she gives you all the tactics to help you through this process. When you find your perfect plan, you will be more enthused than ever, to try it out. The results start showing early on and that’s amazing. It’s not just about the weight-loss though. I was back to being healthy again! I felt younger, had so much more energy and was no longer on medication.

I want to thank Candice for relentlessly striving to make us all healthier through her unique perspective. If you don’t believe me, buy the book for yourself and see!


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I had an episode of Pancreatitis and a friend suggested this book. It’s packed with information on the condition itself and how her plan will eradicate the issue. It’s nice to know what’s happening with your body. I’m stoked to try it out and watch my health change.