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What to Expect the First Year Book by Heidi Murkoff



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Dedicated forum page for the book - What to Expect the First Year Book by Heidi Murkoff. Here you may ask questions, discuss book summary and post reviews of the book.. If you have read this as a book or audiobook or in an ebook/pdf format, please leave your opinions. PS: This is a Staff post moved to top.



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I was alright when I started reading this book but I got really irritated when I read that babies cant pull off certain colors. I mean which sane person says that.

I don’t understand what is wrong if we make our infant wear a certain color. I did not like the tone of the author and like the style in which the book was written and I am totally against it.

I don’t believe the author at all and the book in my opinion is written just to mint money and nothing else.

So, please stay away from this book as it is totally useless. If you really want to know which book can help, I think you should ask your doctor instead and go by what they suggest.


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I got this book for free and I respect books and have never thrown any book into the trash but I started reading this one and I felt I should not even keep this piece in my collection and I do not want to give to anyone else for the fear they might try to do what is there in this book and end up doing terrible things.

This book advocates putting your children on a low fat diet and that sounds crazy to me. A baby needs fat to survive and following the wrong advice written in this book can do terrible things.


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It is a very good and useful book especially to those who have become parents for the first time. But I did not like it the way it was organized; it is highly improper.

But if you ignore that fact, it had many other things that make it a good book. The best thing I liked about the book is there are many healthy recipes for making baby foods at home.

But from experience what I found was as a parent, I don’t think there is anyone else who can understand your baby as well as you can. So, if something written in it, works for your baby, it is best that you follow it regardless of what people think.

There are different ways to rear a child and things might work differently for different people.


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I did not rush through this book and it took me an entire year to finish reading it. I took one step at a time and I was glad that it helped me out.

I used to feel overwhelmed at times and this book helped me overcome those feelings of fear and anxiety.

Whether you use it or not, I would suggest all parents to buy a copy and keep it with themselves in case of any emergencies.


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It is a very useful guide in the overall sense. This book surely repeats itself a lot but it is complete in some sense but what I could not stand at all was the repetition.

I do not refer to it all the time because I feel it is very unnecessary to do that but whenever I desperately need to do something or know about something, I turn to this book. Whether to take the advice from it or not, is totally up to me.


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I used to think that babies are not cars and one should not have or make use of an instructional booklet or manual to bring them up.

But when my wife insisted, I agreed to read this book and I found it to be a practical guide with accurate data, medical information and other advice.

I realized that I was wrong in having that instruction booklet attitude towards this book because it is a good guide to what might happen and the possible ways to deal with it.


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I found the book to not really helpful and also lopsided. The author seems to have a lot of opinions about different things but I do not agree with her too much.

Also, what I found to be really annoying was it was organized month wise instead of topic-wise. And the question answers they have at the end of each chapter is also kind of weird.

Moreover, there is no useful information in the book that is actually helpful. I think one should refer online for the latest tips in parenting than this book.


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The book is good and I think it is one of the most popular baby guide book that are available. But it did not seem that way to me. I just found it to be the most overrated book I have found on baby guidance.

For instance, they have provided a list of food items in the book and according to them you are not supposed to feed them to your baby but at the end of everything, they also say that one need not be worried if you do not have a family history of allergies.

So, I think you should spend your money on a better book or simply listen to what your mom has to say.


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I read this book and tried applying it in my day to day life but unfortunately it did not work for me. I tried to follow as it was written in the book and I ended up upsetting my baby.

So, now I do only what I feel is right for my baby and myself. I trusts my instincts and I have also learnt to trust my baby and I make it a point to listen to her paediatrician and nothing more than that.

I think I have learnt that at the end of the day, real people are the ones who are gonna help and what they say will turn out to be the right thing to do. So, I no more depend on books and I suggest others also to do the same thing.


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There is a lot of useful information in the book and I am happy that I decided to buy it and take its help as it is making my day to day life easier and I am able to spend more quality time with my husband and my baby because I have what I need to do on my fingertips in the form of this book.

There is accurate information and correct tips on when and how to introduce a bottle, when to feed them, how to store breast milk without contaminating it, when to introduce solid foods and how to effectively make babies eat, about their sleeping schedule, their play time, about baby sign languages, medical care etc.

I don’t think and I don’t know how I would have survived bringing up my baby especially during his first year.


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When I was pregnant, I read What to Expect When You are Expecting and I loved it and that is the sole reason I bought What to Expect the First Year so that it could help me out whenever I was in doubt and I like this one more than what to expect when you are expecting.

The chapters are really good and I have made notes in diary for quick references so there was absolutely no room for any kind of errors. I don’t want anything to go wrong when it comes to my baby and this book is the one that is helping me the most.

Also, I found the chapters on baby sign language really interesting as it helped me communicate effectively with my baby. Initially I used to find communicating with her very frustrating because she would be trying to say one thing and I wouldn’t get it at all. But this book helped me in that area too.


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You have this new little life around you that is totally dependent on you for each and every single thing and not knowing what to do can create a havoc. There is absolutely no room for any screw up.

There are many things that can be problematic to your little baby and it is always better to be prepared in order to avoid such situations. And for that it is always good to have a trustworthy source in the form of a book with you and what to expect the first year is that guide book I have always fell back on to get my answers.

You must have this book if you have a new little one who has made its way into your life.