Women Food and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything


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Geneen Roth’s Women, Food and God, is an excellent read. The author’s basic premise that women tend to either diet or overeat in the belief that controlling weight could help them to control their life is something I fully agree with. I tended to overeat a lot as I get stressed easily and I felt the only way to combat that was eating and eating more. Another reason why I overate was the need to avoid facing some of the tough situations in my life.

Reading this book has made me realize that there is no way that I could escape from the harsh realities of life. Reading this book has helped me to see myself in the mirror and take control of my life. Though it tends to get a bit repetitive, all in all, it is a book worth rereading. Thank you, Geneen Roth, for this wonderful book.


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I loved this book. This book talks about the ways to prevent some of the worst habitual sins that a person can commit – drugs, food, etc. When compared to Tribole (Intuitive Eating) and Hansen (7 Secrets of Slim People), I liked Roth’s approach. She tries to address the reason why one has a compulsive behavior and how can we avoid it.

Anyway, I could say that this is one of the best books that I have read. It tries to explain how one should live in the present. This book has been my guide during my various mood swings, and instead of munching down on chocolates or hot dogs, I now read this book. I have realized that all my mood swings disappear within an hour, and if I can keep myself in control during that period, then I could overcome all the problems that I face in life.


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I cannot understand why I went ahead and bought this book. I was not drunk and was completely sober and in sane mind…..you get the gist. I should say purchasing this book was the biggest mistake in my life. I am a religious person, and I feel that the title which had “and God” was a wrong title. There was no mention of God in the entire book. If you are not planning to attribute anything to God, then you cannot use the word in the title. Period.

Coming to the book, the book needed the services of a professional editor. The language was very lofty, preachy and very difficult to understand. I think somebody needed to knock some common sense into the author’s head about the need to have a distinct pattern or method when it comes to presenting an idea. While reading the book, I felt as if Roth wanted us to be impressed by her flowery language and understand every damn thing that she was saying.

I genuinely appreciate the efforts put by the author to offer a better alternative to diet plans, but she needed to present it in a better manner than what she has done in this book.


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I read 75 pages of this book and kept it down. This was way back in 2012. After a long gap of nearly five years, I tried rereading it, but could not go beyond 55 pages. The main reason for it is the fact that the book is not what it should have been. It talks about God in the title, but I could not find anything about it in the pages that I read. I thought the book would be including religious teachings to help a woman who is struggling with weight issues.

I also felt that Roth does not have a clear idea of who God is. If one is to go by what she said in the book, then God would be someone or a supreme deity, or feelings or power that one believes in. A noble thought but it does not come out clearly in the book.

The book itself is divided into Principles, Eating and Practices (not in that order). I started reading the Principles section but could not complete it. I tried reading the Practices section but felt it was not what I am looking for and more fit for the next gen. The only positive about the book is the beautiful and humorous tone of the author.


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Geneen Roth’s Women, Food and God, is a powerful book. Yes, the book has some flowery language, but if you have an open mind, then you can understand every single word written in this book. I first read this book in 2014 and reread it last month, and it still works. Open your heart and mind when you read this book, and you can see changes occurring without you realizing it. Not every person would be able to comprehend what has been said but trust me; you can see the changes happening. This book would allow you to stay in the present and be alive and kicking.


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I read Women, Food, and God and was positively affected by it. This was way back in 2010. I was lucky enough to reread this book last week, and I must say that the magic has still not faded. Thanks to the book, I was able to take control of my life and change it for good.

Highly recommend this excellent book to all


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My experience in reading this book was a sort of mixed bag. While the first half was a tough nut to crack and too much flowery for my liking, the second part was very insightful and hit me where it hurt me the most – my food habits. Though I have not changed my habits drastically after reading this book, I have made some changes which are having a good influence on my life.


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Trust me when I say this - Geneen Roth’s Women, Food and God, has the power to change the way you look at food. I had read this book along with Breaking Free from Emotional Eating, by the same author, and was completely blown away. I am making incremental changes to my lifestyle and am seeing positive changes in my life. Highly recommended.


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I was able to complete the book at my fourth attempt. Every time, I would read a few pages and would be put off by the language. I finally mustered courage and hunkered down to complete the whole book. Once I finished the book, I was amazed at the things that were mentioned in the book. I never knew some of the things mentioned in this book. The only way to understand this book is to read this with an open mind and most importantly be ready to change.


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They say never judge a book by its cover, and I made a mistake with this book. I fell for the book looking at the title and thought that it would be some theological commentary. Oh boy, was I hopelessly wrong? This book was nothing but a manual for overweight people. No offense meant, but the book talks about obese people, what factors are involved in increasing obesity rates, etc. Surprisingly, the author fails to consider the socio-economic factors that play a significant role in obesity. Through this book, Roth has established a fact, and that is – she is not qualified to talk about food and God.


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Women, Food and God, is an average read. What makes it a four star is the fact that the book and its ideas grow upon you very slowly and it would be months before you even realize that you have changed the way you are looking at life. I have experienced some positive changes after going through the book, and I am sure it will do the same to others.


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I have tried reading this book for years, and I could not understand what the author wants to say here. The only thing I got from this book is that one should not be distracted while eating. So no music, TV or magazines. Second, according to Roth, God is a female. Do not ask me how I came to this conclusion. Even the author did not explain in detail.


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This book is unexpectedly enlightening. Though it contains some stuff that is routine or obvious, it still helps us to deal with weight issues. I have read this book and have seen how it changes my life. I would recommend this book with one sincere advice - Don’t judge the book, just read it. It works.